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Tigers_eye May 17, 2019 04:07 PM

Management has biggest bestest headache. Bowling side, to keep Abu Zayed or not. Batting side to keep Mosaddek-Liton or not.

I would keep Abu Zayed and not bring in Taskin. Taskin has futa hand. If he sees any time in the field, he may burn the team that way. Mosaddek and Liton both stays. Liton: Cover for Mushfiq. Mosaddek plays instead of Mithun since he can bowl.

Shingara May 17, 2019 04:30 PM

For a moment , I thought we were going to lose this one like all those teerey eshey nouka doobi moments like before. When wickets started to fall, I was most certain of it.

But, then came Mosaddek and played a magnificent ruthless innings and took us home in style.

Well done boys. Shuvechcha and lot of shingaras for the rest of us who waited years for a tr-nation series win.

WorldCup11 May 17, 2019 05:10 PM

Highlights of final match [url][/url]

Winning Moment [url][/url]

Modad May 17, 2019 06:32 PM

Proper highlights can be watched here


BengaliPagol May 17, 2019 07:24 PM

that lofted cover drive Mossa played vs. Roach was one of the best shots i've seen in a while. Top Class!!

Tausif May 17, 2019 07:55 PM

Mosaddek beast mode. That was some hitting. Loved watching every single bit of it.

adamnsu May 17, 2019 09:27 PM

[QUOTE=godzilla;2108255]You forgot to thank Anik. The biggest well wisher of BD cricket. When team is winning, Anik disappears. When Pakistan is loosing, he disappears aswell. Lol[/QUOTE]

Lolzzz Anik ofcourse! What a day it must be for him! Poor guy must be in some dark place right now wounded.

Shehwar May 17, 2019 09:52 PM

All good signs for the World Cup. I’ll be there in Oval vs SA Insha Allah.

Miraz May 18, 2019 01:39 AM

[QUOTE=NoName;2108155]Going to throw my laptop if this comes down to Mossadek at the slog overs :floor:[/QUOTE]
I hope your laptop is still intact. 😉

tiger1000 May 18, 2019 04:46 AM

[QUOTE=BengaliPagol;2108287]that lofted cover drive Mossa played vs. Roach was one of the best shots i've seen in a while. Top Class!![/QUOTE]

Ullah esque

SH Anik May 18, 2019 08:28 AM

[QUOTE=BD_TigerZ;2108085]Mossadek and Mithun with 200+ to get in 24 overs lol.[/QUOTE]

At the end, who won the game for Bangladesh!! Lol

You BC folks love to undermine certain players, in this case was Mossadek (previously were Imrul, Anamul). Your overrated ones didn't do it!!

Mosaddek was the hero of BD today, not your..chosen ones!! That's the biggest moral victory, I believe! :clap:

SH Anik May 18, 2019 08:41 AM

Hero of the match!!!

:clap: congrats Mosaddek and co. Congrats Bangladesh!! :flag: :flag:

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