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Hello all,

2nd phase ticket application is on from today. Since it's in doha, was wondering if anyone from this site who lives around there planning to attend any games or not.

I had a lot of fun in 2018 in Russia and was lucky enough to see both Argentina and Brazil in r16 games. Also France in group match (twice as other game was against arg). I actually enjoyed outside more being in Russia in that environment and sightseeing than inside the stadium.

Qatar has some unique challenges. Accomodations are non existent. November timing - kids with school, Flights are controlled by qatar airways and is super expensive.

But despite all that, I have managed to get some excellent tickets. I even carted finals but didn't buy because timing doesn't work out.
If anyone here lives in Qatar or planning to go, give a heads up.

I actually have 4 Netherland vs Ecuador game that I wont go to becuase USA and England match is on that day and i will be attending that. SO if anyone wants those ticket :p.

Wish the game was in a different (a bigger) middle eastern country than Qatar - or flights weren't so controlled - it restricts movement and actually touring the area.

The 2026 also don't excite me cuz it's in USA, MExico and canada. I already been in all three. Besides maybe mexico, I think world events in USA/Canada would be just an aftrthought as opposed to else where - when the whole country stops and eveyrthing is focused on football.
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