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Skipper Craig Wright is reported to be again doubtful because of that injured knee. Ian Stanger has been drafted into the squad for cover. Without Hoffy today it will be interesting to see who they turn to open the bowling.

Nel came on early to replace Butt after he got some stick, started with a maiden and then went for 13 in his next over before being taken off, never to return. No Wright at first change that day and only four overs from him. Gordon Goudie, just turned seventeen, will be a brave choice as the replacement bowler in the side.

Will Coetzer swap with Coles again? This despite another encouraging prolonged stay at the crease in a 40 odd partnership after being dropped in it (again) at 70 odd for 5. Admittedly a meagre 13 but it was terminated by a daft run out and he had produced the largest partership in a low scoring innings.

Apparently the fielding also went down a notch despite Gregor Maiden being credited with two run-outs. So Stanger's all-round contribution may be sought.

Dougie Brown's 5 wicket haul for Warwickshire would have been useful. Nor any sign of John Blain or Kyle Coetzer summoned in a late dash up the A1.

Anyway we will see. Nearly the last game of a long season. 36 days of Scotland on the pitch nearly completed. A last effort? Oops, forgot about Dubai in November.

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