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  1. We are Lucky enough not to take "Washcorni Polash" in Current Series
  2. My lowest & highst expectation of Day Three: What are yours?
  3. Mush Rahim eventually is a 'Bolir Patha'
  4. Drop ash
  5. We should send the same team as BD-A in england for the England A tour in Jully
  6. Bring back the old guys!!!!!!!
  7. The sad part is it can get worse
  8. BC Member Sham mentioned in Andrew Miller's column on cricinfo
  9. What really happened to tigers
  10. British Media Bashing
  11. Pathetic performances and painfull memory
  12. Winning side is the best 11 for the 2nd test
  13. Bangladesh Players missing from the hotel, day 3 game cancelled
  14. Rafiq learning how to bat from H Basher!
  15. Fantasy cricket team names
  16. Positives and negitives
  17. New Captain for the next series
  18. A team selection for July - most of these guys should be back.
  19. If we had won the toss would have it been any different?
  20. More articles like this will appear..
  21. bangladesh avoided humilation by vaughan mercy
  22. ATN Bangla News: Whatmore doesn't think dropping experienced players is a reason
  23. Batthing pathetic, Bowling toothless, Fielding mediocre
  24. Good read: By BBC's Jonathan Agnew on Day Three
  25. Lord's was a letdown
  26. Why Bangladesh are Better Than Australia
  27. ZIMBABWE vs BANGLADESH: A Greater Contest than the Ashes
  28. Batting Order
  29. Who is the most overated player in the world?
  30. Irrational Hooking
  31. pilot can set example for our young team
  32. Who do you think might get the chance to play county cricket?
  34. BD vs IND ODI 2 full match DVD
  35. What went wrong in the Lord's
  36. Lack of Southpaw
  37. Remember Gavin Hamilton of Scotland? I do.
  38. Richie Benaud : Drop Bangladesh from the Test Cricket
  39. This is not the country to be playin poor in
  40. BD have gone from clueless to hopeless in 5 years
  41. We had drops on all 4 of their batsmen?
  42. All's not well with pakistan!
  43. What it means to be a hardcore BD supporter
  44. A level-headed appraisal of the situation by an English journalist.
  45. Practice and Seniority
  46. Fazal Mahmood passes away
  47. Bangladesh just hopeless
  48. Tactical planning for Chester le Street
  49. Is there any chance of play at Durham!!!!
  50. An Overview of Debutants
  51. Let them play there natural game.
  52. BBC Audio Link for 2nd Test and ODI
  53. Future 'not bright for Tendulkar'
  54. Richard McInness speaks with Rabeed Imam
  55. Request to BD fans in UK
  56. Pakistanies fight among themselves
  57. The Age Factor
  58. Man, ppl are pissed on BD team...
  59. i know when bangladesh will start getting better!!
  60. Pick up the pieces from Lords- Dave Whatmore
  61. Heart Broken
  62. Which associate team should we play more 3 day games with?
  63. Australia supporting Bangladesh and Zimbabwe
  64. Cricinfo twist:
  65. Tapash and Rajin: Chillin !!!
  66. Lets think positively
  67. Bangladesh pose testing questions
  68. Media pressure too much, says beleagured Bashar
  69. Lets move on..shall we?
  70. How international do you want cricket to be?
  71. Athar's Interview in Cracinfo
  72. I'll fight for Bangladesh until I drop dead' (Mashud Interview)
  73. Under-19 coach misquoted on Cricinfo
  74. External Item: School's out for Rahim [Sportinglife.com]
  75. Announcement: The etiquette of using quotes
  76. Prediction Contest!
  77. Can we do better than Zimbabwe in Riverside?
  78. Hoping for a better fight this time around
  79. External Item: Miandad wants Bangladesh review [BBC]
  80. good news or bad news
  81. Lets make a list of ex or current cricketers :(
  82. How important is field placement in test cricket?
  83. anyone know when our squad will be announced???
  84. West Indies v Pakistan
  85. England v Bangladesh
  86. Who are coming back after test series
  87. QH Bashar: Drop him from ODI series
  88. England v Bangladesh-2nd Test.
  89. What should we do to boost our performance?
  90. BD players @ Hotel Redworth,Durham
  91. Weather for Chester Le Street
  92. First two positions are ours
  93. Testing times for Mushfiqur Rahim
  94. Bangladesh will do better in 2nd test
  95. Alok Kapali....
  96. Team for one dayers
  97. External item: Testing Times for Mushfiqur Rahim[Cricinfo]
  98. BD facing injury problem before test
  99. Just one change for 2nd test
  100. Another quality column from Nas
  101. Bulbul answers the critics !!
  102. Good news : Tapash and Rajin both back in Second test
  103. Mashud can be the eighth in Natwest
  104. Bring Back Hannan Sarkar instead of Nafis Iqbal in the tests
  105. Manager MA Latif blames lack of sufficient batting pratice for our Lords debacle
  106. Our team physio thinks tapash is not match fit. So final XI is not decided yet.
  107. this one deserves its own thread
  108. How does the prediction contest work? How long will it be op;en?
  109. External Item : Flintoff's action [Roebuck column]
  110. Is he still the same person????
  111. Sujon thinking of retiring in October
  112. My superstition: Maybe BD will play better morning session today
  113. Live Program on Channe-I: BD cricket and Eng Tour
  114. External item: Happy Hookers [Cricinfo]
  115. Bangladesh faces an uphill task ...
  116. Same old story
  117. Rajin & Tapash will play worse than Rajib and Rahim ... time will tell
  118. We should drop Ash and Rajin ...
  119. Whatmore on BBC at lunch
  120. BD players are attacked by SSDS virus
  121. If you were BashEr ...
  122. Which Pacer should be dropped?
  123. why habibul bashar is so reluctant to use part time bowlers
  124. Enamul off to a curry competition....
  125. absolute mauling
  126. There will be Light in the end of the Tunnel!
  127. External item: Andrew Miller's verdict on today's play [Cricinfo]
  128. Well, this is easy
  129. Mashud should open with Omer
  130. How many runs will BD score in the 2nd innings?
  131. Need a break
  132. BD needs a bowling coach
  133. England is too good or BD is too bad?
  134. Hopeless
  135. Should Bangladeshlive.net Broadcast Any More Cricket?
  136. Mushfiqur, Enamul, Talha on their way back home
  137. BD need changes in Batting order for 2nd ings
  138. BD should withdraw from Test Cricket
  139. This could be a first?
  140. How the hell can Ashraful be our most talented batsmen and Bashar most experienced?
  141. After 37 tests, how did the 10 countries perform in thier test career
  142. few reasons why our test status should not be touched
  143. The Problem with Bangladesh and Her Fans
  144. What are the stats for losing inside 2 days?
  145. BD: All they need to do is to survive today in second innings loosing less than 5 wickts
  146. Tapash is bowling at 75 miles an hour or less
  147. What happened to our bowling??
  148. So Much For Pace Heavy Attack
  149. Do Jones Need to Cheat?
  150. Javed Omar - he deserve more threads than Rahim
  151. Felt sick in the stomach
  152. Why Ashraful Why????
  153. JO resolve
  154. Khaled Mahmud-We missed his leadership
  155. cant bashar play spin?
  156. Asraful gone! goes after one and ends up
  157. West Indies vs Pakistan Second test
  158. A Good Fight Undone By Umpires
  159. Can Bangladesh make England bat again TODAY??
  160. Small Things Make Such Big Differences!
  161. Bangladesh Won
  162. Semblence of fight at last
  163. Am I in sense????
  164. 2nd test records
  165. England is going to Lose the Ashes Badly!
  166. Talent shines through, finally
  167. If CricInfo was fair, what should be their title today?
  168. Calling all Bashar/JO critics
  169. aftab shot of the day
  170. Excellent!!!
  171. ODI Squad Talks: BD's Opening Pair due for a change in the coming Natwest series?
  172. Well Done Atahar Ali Khan!
  173. I am proud of The Bangladesh team
  174. Extarnal Item: Verdict by Andrew Miller, 2nd Day
  175. We Will Broadcast Bangladesh Batting Again
  176. Bangladesh thinking of Official Protest
  177. Jones 'cheating' allogations not conclusive
  178. ICC President Says : Test Status can't be withdrawn from any Country once they have it !!!
  179. Ashes sledging
  180. What did Boycott had to say about our batting yesterday?
  181. 2nd Test, 2nd Innings- What the batsmen did wrong
  182. External Item: Mismatch an insult to Test status [Telegraph]
  183. Remembering Monjurul Islam - the left arm pacer & our bowling
  184. Ashraful should be sent with the A team
  185. Umpire and Jones made for each other .....
  186. Bashar averages 54.6 at no. 5 position
  187. Get 48 runs and make England play..let them hurt
  188. Aftab Ahmed, The Rising Superstar of Bangladesh!
  189. One day Squad For Bangladesh
  190. I've Had It With This Board
  191. Should we have arranged a 3rd test to Prove Ourselves!
  192. Dream Commentary Teams
  193. All we need is a win in the Natwest one day series
  194. Two posts from my forum
  195. Ian Bell
  196. Will it be advantagous for us to bat first in ODI
  197. We needed to play 3 tests at least, then we could have done well in the 3rd.
  198. Bangladeshi player's batting average in the 2 tests against England
  199. A Question
  200. Barlow on Bangladesh
  201. A Quality Article
  202. Channel 7 will broadcast all Australian matches (ODI and 20-20)
  203. Match Referee Rejected Bangladesh’s Complain against Wicket-keeper Jones
  204. Natwest Prospect: Aftab, Javed , Bashar’s 2nd innings batting will Inspire BD?!
  205. 2 interesting points - Thank God for the Nafis catch!!!
  206. at last it made me feel proud that I am Bengali
  207. Prediction Contest Winner!
  208. British Media using Bashar the fool
  209. Mortaza's Batting
  210. whats eating Mohammed Ashraful??
  211. A question
  212. rafiq the new ball bowler
  213. Andrew Miller's article on Series summary - factual error?
  214. Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe Historical Test and ODI Broadcasting
  215. Fact or Fiction?
  216. Ashraful not guaranteed a spot on Natwest
  217. who are the best stroke makers?
  218. Fire Whatmore
  219. Video Clip: Nafees' out - Evidence never lie
  220. Man of The Series
  221. Test 2: Why it was Rafiq and not Enamul Jr
  222. Some prediction about the BD team (even though there are too much predictions for the moment)
  223. Aftab- 2nd innings video clip?
  224. Khaled Mahmud Sujon, will he shine in batting or bowling?
  225. ATTENTION: Posting allegations against players without proof or source
  226. Mission Impossible - A challenge to tigers
  227. Bangladesh Cricket ODI Ticket, Signed Bat & DVD on Ebay
  228. arrivals and departures
  229. Subject: Tushar Imran.
  230. National team will be smoking in Feb-April next year
  231. Asian XI vs World XI - Houston - June 15, 17 and 19
  232. Whatmore expects odd upset in Natwest Trophy
  233. Let's Beat England: Need Your Help
  234. Andrew Strauss' brain
  235. BD must improve bowling for Natwest Series
  236. Run rate
  237. Is Bangladesh really struggling?
  238. Video Clip : Aftab Ahmed Hits the 6
  239. Questions for Allister de Winter
  240. Sri Lanka to arrive on Feb 28
  241. What is JO doing here?
  242. Cricinfo: Shoaib to face Bangladesh on Worcestershire debut
  243. Aussies confirm Bangladesh tour
  244. Bangladesh up there with a county side - Simon Jones
  245. Video Clip : ENG vs. SA
  246. shoaib set to take on Bangladesh
  247. New Front Page Article: Bangladesh in England: Test report card
  248. In honour of Shep
  249. Realistic ODI expectations for this series
  250. WC 2011 bid: BCCI would prefer to go it alone