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  1. Rina Apu
  2. 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia - East Coast United States
  3. Anyone from Italy?
  4. প্রচলিত কুসংস্কার (Superstitions)
  5. Hurricane Irene
  6. Sit in at Shaheed Minar on Eid Day
  7. Eid-ul-Fitr - 2011
  8. Eid mubarak
  9. Why do you love BC and think that this is unarguably the greatest website that ever existed in the history of universe?
  10. Long Awaited Expectation from the Next Generation BD Politicians
  11. A 9/11 Widow's story
  12. Good home theater sound
  13. Funny Quotes from BC members
  14. Kaiser Hamid & Emeka Arrested in Dhaka
  15. Who will play the role for villain Tutul the Mastan?
  16. Talks with Manmohan Singh Fail...Bangladesh to Retain Sovereignty For Now
  17. Official BC sycophancy and tel mara mari of the above user thread
  18. What is the most fuel efficient Non-hybrid car on the market?
  19. Indian embassy website hacked by BD hacktivist!
  20. Help with choosing a laptop!
  21. Cheaper laptops await PM's nod
  22. Portion of Khilgaon flyover subsides
  23. Our Other Border: Monitoring the delimitation of our maritime boundary with Myanmar
  24. Remembering 9/11 (10 years later)
  25. Pick up lines that work (or don't work)?
  26. Target Bangladesh? Israel offers counter terrorism help to West Bengal
  27. The decline & fall of american empire-4 scenarios
  28. Blackberry prepaid sim Bangladesh
  29. Joblessness/Unemployment and Your Mental Health
  30. Bangladesh out from US Diveristy Visa 2013
  31. ২ কোটি ডলার হাতিয়ে নিয়ে কানাডা ছেড়েছেন এক বাংলাদেশি !
  32. 6.8 magnitude earthquake felt in Bangadedesh
  33. What to do during an EARTH QUAKE
  34. আসুন, ভারতকে এই একটা ক্ষেত্রে অনুসরণ করি
  35. Your most futile love story (Bertho Prem)!
  36. First things u will grab when the next earthquake hits BD (humour thread)
  37. Independent Palestinian Statehood and American Veto
  38. Einstein's Theory of Relativity Under Microscope
  39. Bangla Should be Declared As Official UN Language: Hasina
  40. Simon Sez...
  41. Hidden Cameras in Fitting rooms !
  42. BC Potheads Chit-Chat (pronounced sheesha)
  43. You gotta be s-----ing me.....voodoo synchronicity? coincidence?
  44. Breaking News: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56 !
  45. Give the above BC member a self BC title!
  46. BGB Arrests BSF Intruders In Benapole
  47. Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas
  48. Shubho Bijaya Banglacricket 2011
  49. আট বাংলাদেশির শিরশ্ছেদ
  50. Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh dies !
  51. Crazy for Cricket?
  52. নিজের দোষ অন্যের উপর চাপানো ঠিক নয়: মশিউর রহমান
  53. Majically Similar Auto-Signatures
  54. iPod Touch assistance
  55. স্কাই সিটি
  56. Whos Blind fan are you?
  57. Common desi items, Uncommon facts
  58. Ayub Bachchu song help
  59. Dhaka set to split into two
  60. What's your phobia?
  61. You've learned everything about BC if...
  62. :D :D :D Official BK Impersonation Thread :D :D :D
  63. *****Official BK Impersonation Thread*****
  64. Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'
  65. Touching Short Story
  66. 18 Rare Royal Bengal Tigers killed in Ohio
  67. The dark side of Dubai
  68. Banglaguy's Collection of Short stories.
  69. What it takes to be the top 1% in America,
  70. Bargains from Bangladesh
  71. Titkiri for Dummies
  72. Creative Writing Thread
  73. List 10!
  74. Emergency help on iPhone
  75. NCC Elections and Dr Selina Hayat Ivy
  76. ~ EID-AL-ADHA ALBUM ~ Sajid Feat. VA ShihoroN
  77. Kurbanir Chobi
  78. Abdur Razzak's mother passes away
  79. আপনি কি সুতা খুলতে আগ্রহী?
  80. Dhaka, Moscow set to ink nuke energy deal
  81. Favorite renditions of "Amar Shonar Bangla"
  82. eid Mubarak! Eid-ul-Adha - 2011
  83. Hottttnesss you have done so far!
  84. We are always on news.....for bad things!!
  85. Bangladesh blocks EU package for Pakistan at WTO
  86. I am the first Bangladeshi to...
  87. Need your advice on English Medium Schools in Dhaka!
  88. Maldives and Korbani - 2011
  89. Funny Pictures (Non-Cricket)!!!!!
  90. Six Degrees of Humayun Faridi!!
  91. How much would you sell yourself for?
  92. Reversepedia: Checking off 5700+ Entries
  93. Advice on Tablet PC
  94. Al Hayat Ad-Dunya (The Life of This World)
  95. Follow Up Thread: Tipai Dam
  96. বিজয়ের মাসে বাংলাদেশের প্রেক্ষাগৃহে চলবে ভারতীয় ছবি
  97. Rate the above member's cricket knowledge!
  98. Martial arts thread
  99. Pak Series Is Coming....Is BC Ready And Prepared?
  100. Is this an alien skull?----hoax or reality?
  101. Vestige from Our Colonial Past
  102. Clean Jokes
  103. একাত্তরের রবিনহুড (the Robin Hood of '71)
  104. Foreign National those who supported Bangladesh in '71
  105. Abul Fateh: First Foreign Secretary Of Bangladesh
  106. What Are You Smoking Now?
  107. Zunaid can divide by zero
  108. Insane Sylum: A Photographic Memoire, An Architectural Survey
  109. Birthday gift ideas
  110. The story behind your BanglaCricket nick
  111. Story of our freedom fighters!
  112. World's Top Ten Cities And Dhaka
  113. Please Help: I need some ping data for my thesis
  114. Who Is This Unlownnef?
  115. Learning Spanish
  116. The best STREET in the world according to you..
  117. On The Victory Day of Bangladesh.
  118. Discussion of obscure origins of Bangla words or phrases
  119. How to say 'no' to gorgeous Bengali "females" who keep hitting on you without making her an emotional wreck?
  120. 30 Things to "Stop Doing to Yourself"
  121. How to ask gorgeous bengali females out without being rejected.
  122. 16th December Google Doodle
  123. Where are we after 40 years? What can we do to make it better?
  124. External News Item: Bangladesh war - The article that changed history
  125. 'Victory' Bangla things you did today on the 16th Dec.
  126. Work Christmas Parties
  127. Season's Greetings: Merry Christmas – 2011.
  128. This Made Me Sad (Stories/Pictures)
  129. Bangladesh becoming battleground for Indo-Pak Intelligence wars?
  130. How do you stay awake?
  131. The shadow of 1971 - A View from Pakistan news
  132. Gullee - Part Two
  133. Jadoo TV
  134. One Hit Wonder: What would BC do for a billion dollars? (2011)
  135. An All Cat Thread
  136. Stop Bollywoodization; Create Dream Bangla Channel
  137. Happy New Year – 2012
  138. Sponsor a Child (JAAGO Foundation)
  139. ইত্তেফাক: বিষমুক্ত বেগুন চাষে অভাবনীয় সাফল্য
  140. Bangladesh-India Relations: How to Best Ensure Viability
  141. প্রথম আলো: ইন্টারনেটে বিয়ে, ১০০ দিন পর দেখা
  142. জ্বালানি তেলের দাম আবারও ৫ টাকা বাড়ল
  143. Read the Quran
  144. a Muslims' response to draw Prophet Mohammad(SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam) Day
  145. ক্রিকেট ও ব্রিটেনে বাংলাদেশি তরুণের অধিকার
  146. Autosuggestions
  147. Where are we heading?
  148. Bangladesh man given jail term for PM Hasina Facebook post
  149. Abdullah ibn Saad and the Qur'an's Divinity
  150. Help Save Tarik - Please Donate
  151. The Bangladesh Files
  152. Why am I a perv?
  153. 10 recipes every Bangladeshi must know ...
  154. How much of a geek are you?
  155. Habib Wahid's Official FB fan page!
  156. Pakistan did not learn anything from 1971- Imran Khan
  157. VIDEO On Bangladesh
  158. Hardware support needed: Laptop post-CPU upgrade problems; keyboard and touchpad issues!
  159. Golden Globe Awards 2012
  160. Wikipedia to be shut down in protest of US anti-piracy bills
  161. This is appalling.
  162. Our loveless life and Cricket
  163. Foiled coup attempt in Bangladesh
  164. Your top 10 Bengali literature recommendations?
  165. Anybody from Adelaide, Australia
  166. A sticky of stickies
  167. Picture Encyclopedia of Cars I Drove
  168. New Sustainable City in Bangladesh
  169. Airline tickets during Easter
  170. Oscars – 2012
  171. Creative Minds of BC & the Odes!
  172. Sajid Ft. Shihoron - ABC Radio Interview
  173. AB De Villers' Perfect Pitch!
  174. British Bangladeshi Power 100
  175. How to pass with straight As without studying a bit?
  176. Where in the world ....
  177. Job(s) you wouldn’t do, if you were in Bangladesh
  178. পুষ্টিবিদ সিদ্দিকা কবীর আর নেই
  179. Facebook timeline --- your reaction
  180. BD youths hack 56 Indian sites protesting border killings!!!
  181. What do you do when you are bored?
  182. TCB's website is hacked by Indian hackers
  183. Secret Formula for Coke Revealed
  184. For My Brothers
  185. Help on homework please
  186. Your thoughts about Young politicians/leaders of BD.
  187. Apple and Orange! Still answer, specially if there is a female
  188. Good custom-made shoes
  189. Your "House Party"?
  190. Murder of journalist couple
  191. World's fattest countries
  192. Bangkok 5 days
  193. হুমায়ুন ফরিদী আর নেই
  194. Omor Ekushey February: February 21st - My Language, My Pride
  195. Saudi blogger Hamza Kashgari jailed, may face execution after tweets about Muhammad
  196. Read This First: Useful Threads
  197. Man with 39 wives
  198. Cinema Halls are shutting down in BD?
  199. Breaking News: Bangladesh Bans 'Banglish'
  200. Off with their heads - Deshi Killers
  201. Police violence in Bangladesh
  202. Age and the Bengali (a slightly nostalgic poll/quiz)
  203. How to tame the Ego?
  204. ভাষা আন্দোলনের দিনপন্জী (১৯৪৭-৫৬)
  205. February 21st
  206. Syrian Atrocities
  207. Dhaka school of Economics sets off
  208. Is it a change of heart or a mockery?
  209. Sahara India creating New Dhaka
  210. যে ক্ষত আজও পোড়ায়
  211. Bangladesh Military Thread.
  212. The remix versions of Tagore songs
  213. Help/Advice Required
  214. The Inventors' Square
  215. Articles that made me laugh
  216. Sarkozy demonizing Muslims to win another election
  217. Putin Wins Russia's Presidential Election – 2012
  218. The Meme thread
  219. For sale - Bangladesh(after Eid specials!!!!)
  220. Cool Gadgets
  221. Friday Night BC Zee Horror Show (with terribly butchered Bangla)
  222. When was your recent Cardiff Index?
  223. Florida to New York
  224. UN maritime tribunal rules in favour of Bangladesh
  225. Draw Something - BC version
  226. Satire: Cambridge chemist's shocking revelations about Shahid Afridi's age!
  227. Career Advice/Networking advice ?
  228. Tweet of the Day
  229. Hasina and Khaleda
  230. Shahid Afridi attacks fan at airport
  231. Rain in Bangladesh
  232. Need your help in compiling a list of deshattobodhok/shadhinota's gaan
  233. কালুরঘাট বেতারকেন্দ্র থেকে স্বাধীনতার ঘোষণা
  234. Song About Shakib Al Hassan
  235. জাতিসংঘের মিশনে কেক কাটলেন ২১ মুক্তিযোদ্ধা
  236. Anyone from Rome, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Swiss or Dubai?
  237. Organized Campaign to Protest Bangladesh-Indian Border Abuse!
  238. How to get rid of addiction?
  239. Refurbished Laptops
  240. মোবাইল ও কম্পিউটারে ফোনেটিক বাংলা,সাথে কিছু বাংলা টুলস
  241. the best $1 investment you will ever make: megamillion is worth more than half a billion dollars
  242. Progressive Muslims Launch Gay-Friendly, Women-Led Mosques In Attempt To Reform American Islam
  243. Bhoot FM
  244. Bengali Nationalism. Where do you stand?
  245. Breaking News: Aung San Suu Kyi Wins Myanmar Parliament Seat!
  246. Winning a Big Jackpot may not necessarily be a good thing
  247. Necessity of a non-party caretaker government
  248. Google Glasses
  249. Let's discuss art!
  250. Quick Rental Concept, Electricity Crisis and National Economy Problem: Share Your Thoughts