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February 26, 2003, 12:58 PM
ICC deny investigation into Kenya's
shock victory

Reports that Kenya's shock World Cup victory over Sri
Lanka is the subject of a match-fixing investigation have
been denied by the ICC.

In the biggest shock of the World Cup so far, Kenya
bowled 1996 winners and Group B leaders Sri Lanka for a
paltry 157 at Nairobi to win by 53 runs.

It was a dismal batting performance from the Sri Lankans,
who easily beat New Zealand and Bangladesh and then
bowled Canada out for 36, an all time low in international
one-day cricket.

While the Kenyans celebrated a victory that put them in
with a chance of reaching the Super Six stage, the Sri
Lankan loss raised eyebrows in the light of betting
scandals that stained the game in recent years.

One of them led to a life ban for the late South African
captain Hansie Cronje, who accepted money from Far
Eastern bookmakers in return for giving information on

The International Cricket Council said it had heard a news
report suggesting that Paul Condon, the former London
police commissioner and head of the Anti-Corruption
Unit, has asked for video tapes of the game to investigate
whether the Sri Lankans had deliberately lost it in a
betting scam.

"The ACU get the tapes of every game," said ICC
spokesman Brendan McClements. "All the games have to
be sent to them so there's nothing unusual about the fact
that the ACU has the tape of this particular match.

"It will go through the usual ACU procedure like all the
other matches."

The Sri Lankan team were not immediately available for
comment while the Kenyans were furious at the report.

"I have not heard about it," said Kenya Cricket Association
chairman Jimmy Rayani.

"What is the point of having a World Cup if everybody
knows the results of all the games? Don't insult us every
time we beat a big team."

Associated Press

February 26, 2003, 04:37 PM
It was probably a legit victory. :)
Kenyan play with heart - they have done so against Bangladesh so many times. Now, the only match that needs to be investigated is the Kenya - BD match - If Kenya wins that one, there should be an all out investigation. :)

You can bet one thing - the way our batsmen bat - the officials might ends up 'finding' that we threw our wickets away and dropped catches intentionally (in that case - we need Sumon in the match).

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