View Full Version : Why is Sanwar still in the team?

February 26, 2003, 03:47 PM
Why is Sanwar still in the team, this guy is supposed to be a middle order batsman but he's average(12.23) suggests he's a tail ender. I've been patient with him but after 19 ODI's he hasn't yet proved to be a capable batsman and how many more chances can you give to him. He is very prone to LBW as he shuffles across too much and today he had a big space between bat and pad to be bowled. Players such as Tushar, Mehrab, Aminul and even Naimur are better batsmen then him.

One question about Tapash, where did he get that extra 4/5 mph from as he was consistently bowling around the 85/86 mph mark. Apart from one over where he went for around 20, he bowled well. He's line was very good but he needs to improve on length a bit.