February 28, 2003, 08:15 PM
Rajputro Bhai got me thinking in one of his posts....

Pilot wants to stand down after WC. But is there any one to fill his shoes?

I really can't think of any player besides him who is an automatic selection these days....sigh...WHATS GONNA HAPPEN?!?!?:(

Pilot standing down is not a bad idea...obviously his dedication and efforts have failed to rub on the rest of the fellows....question is...is it his fault?

anyways I digress...so yeah...who should be the next captain?!?!?!

Off the top of my head...

-Rokon (yess! I am sober... I have heard he was really enthusiastic as a stand-in captain)
-Sumon (may be it might help him over all?!)

I just can't think of anyone...help me out here?

February 28, 2003, 08:42 PM
how about instead of a captain they choose a 3 player committee. there will be one batsman, one bowler/allrounder and the wicketkeeper in the committee. they will make all decisions together including huddling between overs to select the next bowler. over time they will learn to be fast enough so we don't get penalized for slow overs...

tonight's 2 games provides a recoding dilemma on my recorder - the damn thing won't let me watch one channel while recording another !!

February 28, 2003, 09:08 PM
It should be someone who gets selected every game for just being a player rather than as captain.

I see only 2 options.


February 28, 2003, 10:11 PM
Yep - How about Javed Omar? He should be an automatic choice - with the temperament that he has.

Talent alone has not won us our match against Canada.

In addition, if you want one of the oldies as well as one player who is in the current world cup squad, like Monju or Rafique to take on the captancy role, why not Sujon?

So we got - these players as candidates-

1) Monju - according to others
2) Rafique - according to others
3) Sumon - others, but out of form now
4) Rokon - others, but out of form now
5) Javed Omar - my vote on him - another player like Pilot - temperamentally plus wants to stay at the crease just like Pilot
6) Sujon - my vote on him - at least for now - Besides Sujon is knwon to be a fighter - since Pilot failed to lead like he plays, why not try out Sujon? May be he can turn Bangladesh team into a fighting unit.

So you see, we have lots of choices.

By the way, who is our vice captain in this world cup squad? Nobody had mentioned about anybody being the vice captain - after Sumon's going out of form - until then Sumon was our vice captain.

My candidates for being the vice captain are:

1) Ashraful - for being enthusiastic
2) Alok Kapali - for being most consistent among the youngsters
3) Seejan - for being matured , but not yet an auomatic choice like Ashraful or Kapali
4) Tapash Baisya - Also not yet an automatic choice plus not in good form now

In addition, we have Sanwar Hossain who could be a captain - at least old enough to be a captain - and too old to be a vice captain now (if you look at the future now) - but he is also not as established as he and also we would like him to be.

Another important factor (about the vice captancy) - we have to groom a younger player to be the future captain. During the '99 world cup, Sujon was our vice captain, but he was never given the captancy role, on the other hand - first Durjoy and then Pilot was given captancy - without grooming them properly to be the captain of Bangladesh team.

So in terms of that, we need to see a future captain (vice captain) in our present squad.

March 1, 2003, 12:05 AM
At this point, who our vice captain is doesn't matter. If Pilot does stand down, we are going to need to pick a captain. Now lets start with the obvious, who are certainties in any Bangaldesh lineup? Apart from Mashud, the only three who are certainties are Kapali, Rafique and Monju. Rajputro is right, the captain should get into the team as a player. These three apart, the others go in and out. Javed Omar might have temperament, but he isn't even in the team. If he can get back in and cement a place, he would have a good case.

If I had to choose from between Rafique, Sumon and Kapali, I would definitely go with Kapali. Monju is not captaincy material. He is just not a leader of men. Rafique is the same. He has great committment and gives his best when he plays, but I don't think he can be a great strategist\tactician or inspire the team. Kapali on the other hand, is sensible and can be a good captain. The only reason that people aren't suggesting his name is because he is young and has not been in the team for too long. So what? We dont need to have an old player as captain. We need a captain who will lead from the front. Can any of you see Rokon or Sumon doing that?

Ideally, I hope Mashud holds on for another year or so and then I would let Kapali take over. If Rokon and Sumon can prove that they can be responsible within that time, then they would make a case. At this point, awarding them with captaincy is the LAST thing I would do.

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March 1, 2003, 12:47 AM
My opinion is dat Masud should stay as the Captain after the World Cup even...I don't think we have a better candidate than him who can replace the place of the Captain....Mausd is the best ever captain of Bangladesh....o dat certainly reminds me of a poll...

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