View Full Version : Bangladesh team is just ridiculous!

March 2, 2003, 08:21 AM
Bangladesh team is just ridiculous! There's no point of them playing if they aren't confident enough to face the other teams in the World Cup. They should practice more to improve their skills and build more confidence before entering a tournament like World Cup. The way they play is just too disappointing for the Bangladeshis all around the world to watch. I personally feel very embarrassed and angry when i hear people making comments on the Bangladeshi team because what they say are the truth, and therefore I donít have anything to say to them to defend our ďso calledĒ Bangladeshi Cricket Team. A lot of people make jokes about the team and believe me it is extremely humiliating at times. I personally believe that the team is weak because they donít have confidence about themselves due to lack of training and experience. Also I think that the team has no intentions to improve their performance so that they are capable enough to face teams like Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand etc. Itís about time they take the initiative to improve their performance to make us Bangladeshis proud once in a while and if they donít believe in themselves they will never be able to improve their performance. All the team members look very relaxed and they donít feel any shame for loosing every single match they played at the World Cup. If they are not able to improve their performance and confidence they should be stripped off the Test Status as a punishment. Like other nationalities, I as a Bangladeshi want to see my team win once in a while. No one is expecting them to win every single match like the Australian team, because they are still learning the game and still considered as amateurs, all they are asked to do is to take the sport seriously and try to do better and win a match once in a while so that we can also stand with our head up!