View Full Version : BD needs a John Davison

March 7, 2003, 05:18 AM
BD certainly needs a John Davison in the team. After Canada not likely to play any ODIs in the near future, We can apply to the ICC to have the hard-hitting Canadian all-rounder John Davison in our team for ODIs. If that happens, John Davison who can blast any attack in the first 15 overs will do the same.

If he were to play for BD, he will do the same and BD will score around 120 off the first 15 overs and with other batsmen, we can still score 130 off last 35 overs easily and run up totals off over 250 without any difficulty anytime and start winning matches. The other players in squad are far better bastmen than the other Canadian batsman. They couldn't score even 100 runs amongst themselves after his blazing start but our batsmen can score atleast 130 after his start.

He is also a decent off-spinner and can chip in with the ball too.

I think we need him or any other player like him. If that happens, we will start winning matches. With him, the Canadians seemed a great 1-man force !

March 8, 2003, 04:51 PM
I think Davison needs to have a Bangladeshi citizenship first and I don't think Canada will just let him go like that. He is actually an Australian immigrant who immigrated to Canada. And our country is filled with Davisons, its just that the BCB is corrupted and will do politics. We don't have any luck unless we cahnge the commity and kick these ba.stards out! :mad:

March 9, 2003, 12:00 PM
Is there any Bangladeshi born Australian out there? With him/them, we can certainly show something.

After all, when foreigners can play in Dhaka's prestigious premilier league club events, then why can't a foreigner or a Bangladeshi probashi come to Bangladesh and play for Bangladesh national team at the test level or One Day level?

March 9, 2003, 12:46 PM
Bangladesh won the ICC w/o foreign player & Bangladesh will win world cup w/o foreign platers as well.

Bangladesh will not be UAE, never .......all we need to fix our own mess thats all.

March 9, 2003, 02:36 PM
Exactly tpsultan,
Our country in filled with natural talent. Why should we even think of concidering bringing foreigners? The boys of our country are playing cricket with deuce ball without any guard and they are fearless. And a foreigner can'e even think without playing proper equipments. I, myself, live in Sweden and I am playing cricket here in many clubs. I have concidered going to Bangladesh and give a shot. But I am sure there are millions of people out there in BD who play better than me. We just need a good selector team. Thats all.

March 10, 2003, 03:36 AM

There is at least one John Davison already in our team, if you know how to recognise him. At the age of 17, the real John Davison did not have in his book a record of extraordinary performance.

Yes, I am talking about young Mohammad Ashraful. Please treat him well and he will take care of Bangladesh.

Why are we so much excited about foreigners when we always had/ have talented people in our own soil?

If there was a Mohammad Ashraful in England, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, there would have been a dozen books based on him already. And what have we given to Ashraful so far? On a world cup tournament, we have put him on the sideline with some serious excuses. Oh yeah. Poor country deserves these. For sure. A player/ artist of a poor country will always have to depend on DAAL and BHAT. Can't expect too much. After all, it's Bangladeshi standard. After all, it's made in Bangladesh. There is always a limit of Bangladeshi quality....................................

Forget about cricket. What did Zahir Raihan get? What did Khan Ataur Rahman get? What did Abdullah Al Mamoon get?
Mahmudun Nabi? Golam Mustafa? Sabina Yasmeen? Runa Laila -- yes, she achieved a little bit with her own creativity and self promotion skills..... lucky she was, as she discovered Bangladeshi people won't give much to her. She took a personal initiative to make it for herself.

What is Robi Chowdhury getting? Khalid Hossain Milu? Shakeela Zafar? Shubhro Deb? Dolly Shayontoni? Pronob Ghosh?

They will get something big, only to be received after their death. Traditionally, we have been very generous to talented people after they have passed away. Oh yeah.

Please recognise a talented person and give him/ her what he/ she deserves from life. PLEASE BE FAIR. THAT'S ALL I WOULD REQUEST.

[ A bit too emotional? I guess......that's how you can recognise a true Bangladeshi. ]

March 11, 2003, 05:20 AM
Ashraful can be our John Davison. We will always be 100% original. Even Ashraful is an explosive top-order batsman. He can also bowl off-spin. I agree with DOORBIN.