View Full Version : Future: Is cricket going to be isolated in Asia only

June 10, 2005, 04:46 AM
Australia, NZ, England- the younger generation are reluctant to play Cricket. If you see their U-19 teams, get the idea. Only few months ago BD beat Australian U-19 and the BD-A team went to Australia and beat the hell out of 8 or 9 Australian U-17 teams. Bigger percentage of people in these countries are not as interested as past. When i visited London, they had ICC tournament ongoing, hard to see this was happening in that city. In Sydney, i thought cricket can be seen in campuses, didnt see many. Cricket excitement is limited in these countries.
West indies cricket is also falling a part, when Lara retires, they will be regularly beaten by Bangladesh. ZIM cricket is crashed, Kenya ruined their chance with corruption and there is no other promising cricket nation on the horizon other than Bangladesh. Cricket is most popular in Bangladesh and India at this moment and probably Pakistan and Srilanka comes next. So my question, is Cricket going to be eventually isolated in south Asia only?

So for short sighted whiners who keeps saying drop BD from test, watch out, the future of cricket does not look good. Perhaps 20-20 format may help or not?:-/