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June 10, 2005, 05:00 AM
Cricket Inspiration

Bangladesh is a unique nation. We are neither developed, nor very much under developed. We have people who are one of the most unfortunate people in the planet, then we have people who live amazingly rich living in Bangladesh. We have a middle class who don't think Tk500 is money and same middle class will slap a poor rickshawpooler for asking an additional 2 taka in such hot weather. We have a unique caretaker govt system consist of supreme court judges and then we also have village 'salishi' where people gets beaten to death in cold head in this 20th century. When I was visiting Bangladesh in March, in one moment i was very happy to see improvement in so many aspects and then next moment was vehemently frustrated to see crappy system, corruptions, customs or attitudes. These have nothing to do with BD cricket, but i funnily find a huge similarity with our Cricket and state of our beloved country.

Bangladesh, facing England at Lords played so irresponsible, unstable and has been missing the basics of cricket that i had hard time find a good cause other than 'mental chaos' of our players. They were in shamble, that justified they got beaten by Canada. The game starts at 2:00 AM Seattle time, we bought the online video to watch our flag flying high at Lords and our young team facing the 2nd best team in the world with a pride. No one expected surprise but some level of fight is all we hoped for. Many of you already know the results of 3 innings, sporting mind was torned and it was so upsetting that hard to talk about cricket. My cricket league mate from England said, it must be the mind of the young, not the cricket basic as british media says. ' Look, my father was the cricket coach in my high school and myself and my brother were his students and we know cricket basics like an open book. But then do you see my scoring in league games?"

On the second test i was really hoping BD will turn around like many other times. After seeing the first innings, sad again. Yet, remained as supporter, i could not just walk out of BD and start supporting Mongolia. Anyway, around 4:00 AM, by then all my two cricket maniac friend left, when England decided to 'wrap' Bangladesh up in record 2 days, BD fought back! Finally! That is why i call it a unique nation. We always fight back, although usually late that cause lot of misery, but we DO fight back, we always did since 1952. This is not an emotional writing, this is just to glorify the innings Aftab, Bashar, Javed played, simply world class. Specially Aftab's innings will surpass any top class batsman in the world facing world's topmost aggressive bowlers. You have to see it to believe it. I saw how the tone of the commentators changed, how some of them like Ian Botham and Gower were shocked and David Lloyd said, " Imagine a 19 year old Bangladesh boy, who plays in a team that never wins, comes to England and hit our 4 top national bowlers so freely... England bowlers got a lot of work to do to face Ashes"

June 10, 2005, 05:19 AM
Well, don't give them all the credit yet! One innings spark out of four, is never a result which should be counted in a test series. As a result we lost both test in huge margin.

Anyway, it was a very late fight back and I agree with you "We always fight back, although usually late that cause lot of misery"

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