View Full Version : Kenya on course for semi final!

March 12, 2003, 09:11 AM
As of now, Ken 87-3 21.0 ovs Zim 133all out!!!
Kenya are likley to win this match and go though!

Zimbabwe sucks big time. Never thought they'd reach this low

March 12, 2003, 10:17 AM
To all Kenya related protagonists out their -

I've said this before, and will say it again -results is the only thing that matters. Those who prevail at the end of the day will rub your nose in the mud of theory, philosophy, who-was-meant-to-be-better, they were lucky etc.

Keep on fighting over your Mujib vs Zia hysteria....everybody is laughing or glossing over their achievements - boo, hooo !!!


March 12, 2003, 10:40 AM
Won't be surprised if Kenya plays the final. I don't what to say. Now big guys are scared to play kenya.

March 12, 2003, 11:05 AM
I am firmly supporting Kenya against India in the semi-fnal match.
I think Kenya deserve their place in the semis. I would be more than happy to see India NOT play in the finals.

March 12, 2003, 11:42 AM
One win is a fluke - two makes a big difference. Couple that with wins over Bangladesh, good fight against India (who won all but one match in this tournament).

I feel sorry for ICC, they were going to make kenya wait 2 more years but guess what - I would give kenya test status this summer (they only meet on that issue during that time) because god knows, those boys are HUNGRY for it.

As for Zimbabwe - they are not a stable country. Andy Flower will have to leave the country and become an English or Australian for his on field protest against his governments atrocities. Yet, he was the only man standing. Zimbabwean politics will destroy their cricket.

This should be known as kenya's tournament, they rode their LUCK (Pundit bhai) to get in the Super Sixes and they knew that they had to STOP people from questioning their place in here - they faced it the only way they knew - to shut their opposition. You've got to have heart and you've got to have self-respect. When people talk down on BD players, they go out there to prove those people right, when they do it with the African lions - the lions fight back.

*sigh* why were we left with such a sorry bunch of clowns while teams like Kenya, Holland, and Namibia fought the best way they could ? Kenya didn't even need Steve Tikolo to get here.

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March 12, 2003, 02:06 PM
I know that you are a lot older than I am, actually you are in your buira age comparing to mine :P but one word of "advice" (notice the word is in quote).... change the way you disagree with others...and do not take anything personally. This phrase:

"Keep on fighting over your Mujib vs Zia hysteria....everybody is laughing or glossing over their achievements - boo, hooo"

shows how personally you took the replies of others after your post in 71 thread.

I completely agree with you on Kenya but you should change your style of criticism. It's not really what you say that gets the ppl pissed but how you say it. You DEFINITELY have the talent to criticize constructively... your opinions will be taken very seriously because I am very aware of your open-mindness on various subjects but that "open-mindness" become questionable when you take things very very personally.

With this post, I made myself vulnerable to you to attack me in the "worst possible" way. It's all up to you!!

My worthless opinion part II: I think three people from this board who can be some sort of "role models" for us on how to reply are Tehsin, fwullah and Sham. (T, S, F) - don't get too excited just yet :D

Tehsin : Gets into everything - galagali, maramari, constructive, whatever --- In the end talks to you as if nothing had happened.

Fwullah : Talks only about cricket and that's it .... no crappy replies like this one.

Sham : Choose subjects carefully (ofcourse he is not aware of it:)) to participate - does not reply with "bickering sense" but rather intelectually.

Alright I gotta get to class....and try to picture professor Nicolaou naked...


March 12, 2003, 02:42 PM
Hope it's not a he.
I feel very disturbed just to think about it. :)

And with that, I remain innocent. :)

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March 12, 2003, 04:46 PM
To Orpheus,

What can I say, I'm not sure if I ought to be embarrased by your public admonition of me, or simply disregard you with contempt. Atleast, unlike someone else writing to me through the U2U on this topic of politics, you have admirably chosen to un-wrong me via this resourceful forum (cricket or not). For that I say to you - Thank You.

I will say two things to you (why not, it will cost me only 5 minutes), however-

1) There are numerous examples of other folks using vulgarities in their language when writing about something. Against those, I should think that my offense pales in comparison. You are a student, and I myself was one not too long ago. Soon in life you will discover that the only way to succeed is to be able to actually get things done. That philosophy worked well, as you may find out yourself, for someone who is a manager already, before turning 30 in a highly technically advanced field. Oh my God, do I have superiority complex as Rafiq once mentioned.

2) Being the imbecile Bengali I am (cursing my roots, am I ?), I do have flaws. Sigh. However, I could not help but wonder why taking a NEUTRAL stance on a historically explosive subject, forced me to incur yours and others wrath ? Can I even begin to imagine what may have been in store for me had I actually taken the side against you ?? Is that what was actually bothering you ?? I know it deeply bothered one other individual on this board, and my deep suspicion is that both you and he share the same conviction.

Finally, unless I get censured here for my brash gung-go style, all my detractors can do is send childish U2Us and post public rebukes.

Ok, enough said. Thanks for letting me write.

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March 12, 2003, 05:54 PM
I came here to give Kenya a big cheer for winning in style today, but looks like it's the pundit vs orpheus debate part 15. hate to see my name taken in vain.... pundit, congrats for making manager before you hit 30! Of course when you hit your 30s, 40s, 50s, there are many more lessons life will have waiting for all of us, and it's possible that being right all the time may not be the most important criteria for success... but that is a different discussion.

getting back to kenya, you guys may have noticed that the only people who talk about kenya beating 3 test teams on the field are us. everyone else only mentions kenya beat SL and now Zimbabwe, the win over Bangladesh is not even worthy of mention anymore. Kenya has moved on, what will happen to us will be interesting to watch.

March 12, 2003, 05:57 PM
Strange isn't it so many topics evetually end up in a discussion of Mujib-Zia or some related issue.
Are Bengalis the only people who do this??

P.s. I think Pundit rightly mentioned that we Bengalis are STILL fighting over historical events while
others like Kenyans are going far ahead
in the world. It is indeed very sad.

March 12, 2003, 07:03 PM
Pundit bhai, thank you for replying...and that was very well-written. To tell you the truth, you are right and you made me feel guilty. Sincerely speaking I like your writing style and I guess that what makes you unique.. your writing is indeed powerful as they infuriate some of the members of this board....(and yes vulgarities weren't used)

Your "stand on neutral side" is my mentioning of "open-mindedness", my complaint was the language - but you are right!

I was actually going to answer your post line by line and was thinking before writing for the first time on what is the perfect thing to say but then when I logged back in, I see rafiq's and piranha's post - which basically killed it.

So, therefore - I must end this jargon (I call it "Oprah Moment") by requesting you to participate more on this board. (your topic in bold got me concerned). We, atleast I certainly don't want to see the demise of pundit.


Now, Tehsin Bhai - Only you would think about a 'he' nude person...;) It is a "she" and ooohoooo..:D

Rafiq - Pundit v Orpheus Debate part 15, NO not a debate..

Piranha - If you wouldn't have replied writing all those things...then there would have been one less post of "Bengalis". Please don't participate if it doesn't interest you - simple as that. Whatever "Bengalis" do are always wrong and "Others" are always right. right?

Discussing about cricket is gonna make us WC champs right? Again I too agree with pundit that DO more - TALK less but the problem is this is a discussion forum, where ppl talk...talk and talk more... there is nothing to DO. :)


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March 12, 2003, 07:45 PM
Since I am not aware that I choose my topics well, I'll just take my chances with this one.

Pundit bhai, in a message board that currently boasts over a hundred members, it is natural that we take some people's posts and comments more seriously than others'. I am sure all of us do this. Its not because the others don't contribute, everyone contributes, but some members through their posts over a period of time have gained a certain credibility and the respect of the other members. For me, you are one of those members that I take seriously.

Having said that, I have to say that I agree with Orpheus (even though he has retracted his earlier point). I understand the point you were trying to make regarding Kenya, but the reference to Mujib-Zia was absolutely unecessary and I would have thought that you would know that such a comment would bring nothing but public rebuke. I am honestly surprised that you made the comment regardless.

Another thing, I don't think that you have incurred wrath because of neutrality. I think you have incurred wrath because of the way you came down on those who choose to take a stance on the issue, one way or another. As far as I am concerned, you have the right to your opinions, and you have the right to express them, and hence, you have not incurred any wrath from me. However, I DID take the stance against some of the more vocal people on the the issue, even indicated my preference for a party that is opposed to theirs (whether they like to admit their preference or not), I have not incurred any wrath from them, which proves to me atleast that when you keep discussions constructive and focus on the issues rather than on persons, Bangladeshis can engage in discourse. I don't know who has been sending you u2u's but I think perhaps you are being a little harsh on some of the members, including Orpheus.

March 12, 2003, 07:58 PM
Orpheus ... Looks like you slept through the world cup. I would urge you to go through the papers from the last couple of months and follow all the TALK by Pilot and Mohsin kamal. After reading those (forget the actualt results), come back and we'll see if you still think that Bangladesh is not superior to Canada (khek) and Kenya (not a test nation) ?

(Ps. I believe some other members - me being at the forefront - have been gullible enough to buy into Kamal and Pilot's TALK about Bangladesh having a whole load of Talented (goo?) players in the team)

March 12, 2003, 08:01 PM
I would seriously urge you to let me know when you get those u2u. Sounds like everyone gets more u2u then I do. :)

If you feel like it, please u2u the nick of the culprit o I can do something about it. You don't have to go through that here.

Same goes for others who have faced the same issue.

March 13, 2003, 02:09 AM

March 13, 2003, 02:27 AM

March 14, 2003, 06:57 AM
I must be a very boring person (to everybody who does not like cricket) only to talk about cricket and cricket.

March 14, 2003, 11:42 AM
If that is indeed the case, then I'm gobsmacked.
I didn't realise I was sending any uncalled-for
U2Us, Mr Pundit.

In fact, I thought rather than continue mud-slinging
in public, I would end the matter on a personal and
bilateral basis. Obviously, you being who you are,
have chosen to spark controversy again.

For the benefit of Tehsin bhai, who intends to find
the culprit, I have attached a copy of the U2U sent
to Mr Pundit below. That should help clarify who is
in the habit of spreading lies...

Subject: if you can't stand the heat...
17-2-2003 at 12:20
...get out of the kitchen.

i said what i said on the 1971 War thread, and i stand by it. you could have
contributed constructively, but you didn't. quit making personal attacks, i don't have
time to defend myself.

aside from that, i give up on that thread, because far from the problem being that
we're bogged down in the past, it seems some of us are bogged down in trying expose
others as frauds, or self-righteous "intellectuals", etc.

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March 14, 2003, 01:07 PM
Alright. This needs to stop right here. Shubho and Pundit, I don't think none of your reputation is at stake here. This is just an internet messageboard. I like both of your inputs on cricket and other matters as well, EXCLUDING the ones that involve your personal interactions with each other.

March 14, 2003, 01:25 PM
...and for trying I was belittled as a childish wimp.

What am I supposed to do? Get down on all fours and crawl to him in submission? I don't think so, mate.

He may be a successful manager in a highly technical field at under 30 years of age, but I am appalled that this Pundit character has the gall to talk down at people, and lie on top of it!

I'm sorry, but I cannot be expected to sit back and take abuse from people who have no respect for the next man.

[Edited on 14-3-2003 by Shubho]

March 14, 2003, 03:13 PM

Both of you are taking all this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY it seems. Nobody's trying to reduce Shubho to a "childish wimp" here nor is anybody trying to "embarrass" pundit by "public admonition." Seriously, what is at stake here? Your "reputation" on a firggin internet messageboard? I seriously don't understand all this humdrum about "Pundit's Demise" or Shubho's "Getting down on all fours and crawl to him in submission." Well I have news for you two (or three: orpheus included), nobody gives a **** about your little internet drama. :) Get over yourselves and start posting interesting posts like you guys used to do.

March 14, 2003, 04:16 PM
...whatever you say.

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March 20, 2003, 01:50 AM
This is where Kenya suppose to be after their struggle and moreover luck is also with them