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March 12, 2003, 12:38 PM
My BD team :

** Akram Khan (Captain)-- I think he is the best captain in bangladesh right now.

**habibul bashar-- Bd needs him...

** Golla-- The best opener in bangladesh.

** Aminul Islam---- He is also needed for his experience.

** Ashraful..

** Pilot

** Rafiq

** Manjarul

** Mashrafe

** Talha

** Khaled Mahmud

** Talha.....

Give your opinion.........

March 14, 2003, 07:11 AM
One Day series:

1) Ashraful
2) Javed Omar
3) Tushar Imran (I know - Tushar batting at three will raise eyebrows - but he played sensibly against Kenya at this position - I would not want to change his batting position)
4) Akram Khan
5) Khaled Mashud (Whether he has some allergies in this position - we will have to wait and see)
6) Kapali
7) Sanwar (Seejan or Durjoy can take this position)
8) Sujon
9) Rafique
10) Tapash
11) Monju

12) Seejan
13) Durjoy (Durjoy replaces a fast bowler - namely Mashrafee - because of the conditions - nothing else)
14) Hannan
15) a) Sumon - out of form, so out of the first eleven
b) Anwar Hossain - yes, just to give Pilot a knock on the door i.e., if Pilot remains the captain
c) Fahim Muntasir - if we need a specialist off spinner in the side other than Rafique, Durjoy or Sanwar

Test series:

1) Rokon - yep, even after he flopped so badly in the world cup - because we do not want to make too many changes, also he is a test specialist batsman now for his stats
2) Hannan
3) Javed Omar - depends on how he performs in the one dayers - in that case, Sumon will bat here
4) Bulbul - if Akram has 4 fifties in the 4 one day matches against both India and South Africa, then Akram can play test matches, but I don't think it to be a good idea
5) Ashraful
6) Kapali
7) Pilot / Anwar - depends on how Pilot does with the bat - and whether Pilot remains the captain
8) Moni
9) Tapash
10) Monju
11) Talha

12) Fahim
13) Sumon
14) Sanwar
15) Somebody new or Seejan

March 14, 2003, 05:44 PM
When did Habibul Bashar's downfall begin - after Khaled Mashud took over ?

Was Bashar the VC to Durjoy too, I don't remember ? If so, for some reason he may then have been negatively impacted by Khaled M. This may corroborate some of the media inklings on Mashud being an authoritarian !!

Regardless, his change in form is probably an even greater mystery than why the BD team combined can hardly perform in accruing runs.

March 14, 2003, 10:26 PM
Pilot was the vice captain when Durjoy was captaining.

And Sumon was vice captain when Pilot started skippering.

But Sumon's form began to go down, I suspect in the year 2001, even though he has some pretty magnificient scores in that year - with the hundred in CTG vs Zim. Actually in the 2001 Asian Test championship, he was either scoring fifties or scoring ducks. It also may have happened in the early 2002 when he played against Pakistan (that is, scoring either fifties or ducks).

We just didn't see it coming.

And Pilot took over the captancy in New Zealand tour in late 2001 - where Sumon was not totally off form, but he was also not very good.

There is also the Zimbabwe factor. You know that our batsman do better than average against Zimbabwe. Why even Sanwar and Sujon have one day fifties against Zimbabwe.

So may be, the quality of the opposition (NZ, Aus - in the ICC knockout, NZ tour, Pakistan, SL, South Africa - compared to Zimbabwe), desire to better performance (he has scored more fifties than anybody else in a single year for Bangladesh, including a test hundred) and the low-in-confidence may also have been affected - included what you said about Pilot's bad influence.

But you'd remember that even in South Africa, against South Africa - Sumon has scored a smashing fifty with a strike rate of may be 85 to 90 percent?

March 18, 2003, 04:51 AM
Sumon's downfall happened in these 2 dramaic moments in history

1)He got a son
2)Habibul_fan entered the board


Masri (he should recover mid tournament?)
Am i missing anyone?

March 18, 2003, 03:22 PM
I would list the same team as James90 but I'll do a modification...instead of Sanwar we should take Naimur Rahman Durjoy or Ehsanul Hque.. as they both are into bat and bowl......

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