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June 15, 2005, 07:45 PM
I don't like when our national coach wants an escape clause in his contract. I don't like it when he says that we can't blame him for wanting the coache's job of our opponent. He is yet to rebutt the complaints that have recently been made of him. Is it time to look beyond Dav?

Y'know we actually HAD a coach that had his "finger on the pulse" of his players. This guy produced and supplied a surprising number of good players in a very short time. He also delivered with actual wins with his talent. He predicted success and openly commented about our stars well before they became stars. He taught some very young people to have high level of self confidence. He also showed free thinking with his experimentation with "Ice Therapy" and imported Gatorade. He took criticism for being tough on training but did not back off.

Why or how did we just let him go?

Would it be too wrong to think that he could have taken over our national team?

He knows all the up and coming stars very well.

His work ethics are unquestionable.

His appointment is bound to save us some money.

May be, just may be, an ideal solution had always been staring at our face that we failed to see. May be its not too late.

Why not give it some thoughts guys?

June 15, 2005, 07:54 PM
I believe you are talking about McInnes ... and this was discussed pretty seriously when he made the decision to leave.

The position he got in Australia is a tremendous boost for his career. So he is very justified in taking this up, especially in absence of a solid offer from BCB.

I am hopeful that he would be open to a come back as the National coach in a couple years' time when most of the national team members are his original charges. I just hope that BCB has enough of common sense to extend a great offer to McInnes when the time comes.

June 15, 2005, 07:55 PM
i think you're being hard on Dav, He's the only source of credibility to the media that this team has.

June 15, 2005, 08:05 PM
McInnes admitted to Rabeed Imam that not getting a renewal from BCB was not his reason to leave us, rather it is the lucrative nature of his current job. He also mentioned few other occasions how stressful it is to work with BCB. So, I don't think he is looking forward to come back so soon.

This is what he said-
Rabeed Imam (RI): Are you leaving because your contract is about to expire?

RICHARD MCINNESS (RM): The contract wasn't supposed to expire until September, so I'm definitely leaving on my terms. I was offered a very good position with the BCB but in Australia if you don't take the kind of offer I had received from Crickat Australia, the next chance might not come in another three years.
Source (http://www.thedailystar.net/2005/05/31/d50531040428.htm)

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June 15, 2005, 08:27 PM
There are a few things about Dav we often tend to overlook. He is a great motivator, but has not done much in terms of technical improvement of our players. We talk of mental lapses of our players and difficulty against short pitched deliveries. However they still play the same shots they played yesterday. But yes, they may have more experience at playing those shots. But in my view thats not enough. As a player matures, he develops techniques that suits his style of batting, maybe modify his footwork, batting stance etc. all the time striving to improve his game and the coach helps him achieve that. Havent seen much of that in the tenure of Dav. Whereas McInnes did that from the word go. I havent seen any other spin bowler other than Enamul Jr. (exclude Rafiq here) from BD vary his line and length by varying his runup to the wicket. Others tried to vary the flight and trajectory of the ball. This sort of idea definitely was infused by McInnes. Shahadat bowls fast, yet Dav hasnt been able to show him how to swing the ball significantly. Wouldnt he atleast should have taught him so? Well, I dont know if he has done that yet or not. But by the looks of it, it doesnt seem like so. Its fine to say that Dav cant be blamed for all of our failures, I agree. But has anyone seen any significant technical improvement in the batting style of our batsmen under Dav? Experience is as much important as technical improvement. And this is where McInnes was so important to our young cricketers. He acted as a mentor rather than coach of the team. if Ashraful was his charge, he would have raked his brian to find ways to make this kid perform consistently.

A few points about McInnes. He has a very good job now and good prospect of better things. And he is near his family too. Those are important things to a family man. But when his current contract nears its end (in a few years), BD should seriously think of bringing him on board. In addition what they can do is have him as an advisor. He will come here and conduct training courses for our local coaches and the upcoming players. Every charge of McInnes has admitted that his training method eventually benefited them. And McInnes himself admitted that the local coaches have attained his training method. So why break something thats been successful? I dont know if McInnes can work as a part-time consultant for our board (it may conflict with his current contract). But considering his insight into BD cricket, I would seriously consider him to be a consultant for our board where he could come to BD and participate in the talent search program or some other form of talent hunt, or advise on the way the new players should be groomed.

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June 15, 2005, 08:31 PM
I agree with you Billah. I am not going to talk about Dav anymore because I am done with this matter a long ago. I think Dav's coaching policy had a positive impact on our team and we got improved since then, but I doubt whether it will help us to improve next level. May be our players and management got too used and become loose with Dav's policy and manner. It always happen in any kind of organization, that's why couple of change in management level always useful to bring new atmosphere and new thoughts for tighten up the team spirit and achieve a goal. I think it's time for us to reconsider our coaching policy as well as coach to keep our curve up.

Considering more than half of our national talented players has been produced by former U-19 coach McInnes, and there are more to come, He must be the perfect person we should looking for. And I strongly believe he will be able to take our team to next level and keep our curve up with his boys and his coaching skill, which he proved that it match ( suit ) with our boys.

June 15, 2005, 09:02 PM
Billah has always been one of my favourite posters on this board and he has once again proved that. I say, if Dav really wants to go, let him go. He has done a great deal for the team and we certainly appreciate that. Someone mentioned about credibility and media in the same sentence here. In my opinion, we need credibility reflected in the field.

June 16, 2005, 12:39 AM
I've been saying this ever since the Dav to India fiasco started.

June 16, 2005, 01:09 AM
Dav has his hands full of players knocking for inclusion in the playing XI. This is why is feels less bothered to shaping the skills of currnent XI. He needs an assistant and McInnes was doing the job without getting consulted by Dav. It's time Dav not only put certain targets of runs and wickets but also targets of improving their skills or changing their mental approach for players. It could very well be that he is doing that one way or another, because you can't change things drastically in the middle of a series.

June 16, 2005, 02:56 AM
Originally posted by billah
I don't like when our national coach wants an escape clause in his contract. I don't like it when he says that we can't blame him for wanting the coache's job of our opponent. He is yet to rebutt the complaints that have recently been made of him. Is it time to look beyond Dav?

Yes I think so. Everybody ie replaceable. I want a coach who might has lower pedigree than Mr. Whatmore but more heart in Bangladesh Job. Mr. Whatmore is just becoming Mr What More (money?). I just fail to understand why his name is spring up whenever there is a vacancy anywhere in the world? So please let him go. Lets hope for a new beginning.

June 16, 2005, 07:59 AM
Face the fact guys...!
No great coach will be wanting to push a struggling team like BD for two long and destroy his own career. Bangladesh may want a 'Spiritual Coach' in whatmore or anyone else.. but if the BD team doesn't back it up with their performance... no coach will consider it to be a good career to train BD... irrespective of the money we pay. Best coaches never just go after money... they go after Success+Money!

You can give Whatmore like a mountain of blames... but lets just face the fact now!!

June 16, 2005, 11:02 AM
What More whatmore?

I think we should let him go. Go where he can get a better career. He is certainly not enjoying coaching Bangladesh team. He has no goals, expectations for this Bangladesh team. He ran out of ideas for Bangladesh team. We should seriously consider Mcinnes as our next coach. Everytime a opportunity rises anywhere around the cricketing world for a coaching job he make himself available there. This is not respectful for our team. I would definitely say that this is demoralising our team's spirit and we are losing respect from the cricketing world. He had linked with india, england and now worcestershire. He had given up hope to get a coaching job of any country rather he is considering any english county side!! I think he should try to get a job with zimbabwe. India did not even call him for an interview, england cricket board had a mockery of him. Now he is linked with worcestershire. I dont know if he secretly tried any other countries in that time. That enough. And enough is enough Mr. whatmore.