View Full Version : This is really going from bad to worse!

June 16, 2005, 11:36 AM
:-/ Bangladesh displayed poor fielding in every respect of the game (NatWest: BD vs. ENG; Game 1). Even without the commentator's constant reminder, it was so obvious. There were gaps all over the field and it made the whole game look like child's play for the English side. Frankly, it would've been child's play for even any county side in England. The worst thing of all is Habibul's complete lack of concern. There is no attitude in most of the players (except for....maybe...Rafique and Mashud). To call anything in BD's performance an "attack" would be a gross overstatement. It's always a bad idea to bring in Mahmud against Trescothik at an early stage with the run rate so high. Rafique should've been brought out earlier too.
Watching Bangladesh's fielding made it feel like a dummy getting constantly hit in the head but keeps coming up for more without even his hands raised.

My personal opinion is that it is getting very hard to support Bangladesh's existence in tests or even these high-profile one dayers. There has been no trend to suggest that this team knows how to improve their game. I know this seems harsh, but it always feels good to see a spirited side at least making a few right decisions and showing that the fight is on. The Bangladesh side seems completely benign even after setting up a decent 1 day target (190) for England.

The whole team hardly takes the game seriously. Nobody pays the price for screwing up their own performance. The whole attitude is..."ki aar bhai...aste aste khalen...kono oshubidha nai" and this really sucks!! There is no attack!!! It would help the performance a lot of Habibul would get busy and yell out fielding changes or tell players to make corrections during the game.

Real shame!! For the sake of the sport (and a breather from the constant embarassing performances), it would seem to me like a good idea to show Bangladesh the back door from international cricket. Instead, we need to make real efforts in putting together a strong domestic infrastructure and more regional 1 day matches.

It doesn't help the game much if we always keep patting ourselves on the back and consoling our team every time we &$@# up..."It's okay baba..next time...eyshob hoy". If nobody pays the price for a bad performance and if the players just can't identify what they're doing wrong on the field and correct them, they really shouldn't be playing at this level.

June 16, 2005, 11:44 AM
As Whatmore has already admitted, no one really expecting our team to win anything. So, I can't blame the team for lack of motivation. All they can do now is strive for personal achievments, as Aftab did today. But as a team, all they are doing now is surviving a out of their class tournament without any goal.

June 16, 2005, 11:52 AM
I posted a topic earlier about Bangladesh's lack of effort being a result of Whatmore's constant..."we don't care about winning" excuse. Even if you're the worst team in the league, how can you compete with anyone without wanting to win? Winning is always the first goal. If you're told that you can't win...and you accept it...you wont win. You just won't put up the performance to win. If you atleast "try" to win, you can come close. If you don't even try, you lose hard.

I absolutely agree that this whole attitude from Whatmore is a total success-blocker.

June 16, 2005, 12:34 PM
I agree with you 200% bngali1on1. No one really pay the price of an awful performance by Bangladesh team. No player, no team management, no coach, no one. They dont want to win. They dont even try. If nobody pay the price of such poor, disgusting performance nobody will care. They will show this kind of performance and never will get their *** kicked. In this tough world you never get way with such performance. Even in a job or workplace if you perform poorly you will get your *** kicked straight way. Think about any sport, such poor performance will not be tolerated for long. Our team assumed that they will never get striped off their test status and it is their bapdadar sompotti. They will never get the humiliation as much we get as a nation. i myself consider our test status as the next best thing after our independance. I know i am getting emotional here but we as a nation cannot afford to lose our test status because of some players, some officials, team management or coach's negligency. This will be very very very humiliating. Either we get their *** kicked or we as a nation get our *** kicked. its simple. its very simple.