View Full Version : Natwest Series Stick Cricket

June 17, 2005, 06:29 PM
People a little update on the stickcricket head to head.

England vs Bangladesh is still going on and it is still pretty close
England - 13940
Bangladesh - 12326
The difference can be made up but I doubt there is enough people who are interested in it still unfortunately

Meanwhile a new head to head has started, Australia vs Bangladesh. So far the score is ( at the time of this post)
Bangladesh - 1853
Australia - 1169
It is still early stages but we are leading and we need as much people as possible to maintain this lead. We just broke 12,000 against England and so it is important to note that the Aussies scored 35,000 + in their last match against New Zealand!!!!! Theoritically we should crush them in terms of population but can we do it here??

Its your say:flag: