View Full Version : 'I am the happiest man in the world' - Bashar

June 18, 2005, 01:43 PM
After the match, the victorious Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar and the bashful Man of the Match, Mohammad Ashraful,, shared a few words with Sky Sports

Habibul Bashar

Congratulations on a memorable win
I am probably the happiest man in the world today. After this match, people can look for us in the next games and we can do a lot of things.

Your batting has fallen apart before but you held on today Well, we batted hard and we worked hard.

Before you batted did you think chasing down 250 was realistic?We thought it was a bit too much. But when we were batting well and didn't lose many wickets at the top we thought we could do it. It's difficult for us - the victories don't come too often too much, so we will have to celebrate.

Mohammad Ashraful

You struck 100 from 101 deliveries. What a difference a day makes. On Thursday, it just took one ball and you were back in the pavilion.
Last innings I got out to a good ball. Today the wicket was better for us batting and ... what I can say?

Are you happy with your form?
The Test match I didn't score that much, and then I scored a duck in the first one-day match. It was pressure for me because in this team I have to score. But I haven't been scoring that much. I can't express it... It was a great, great day.


June 18, 2005, 01:46 PM
Immediately after the match Australia's defeated captain Ricky Ponting and his team-mate Mike Kasprowicz told Sky Sports how disappointed they were with their third consecutive defeat and how they could bounce back

Ricky Ponting
On losing three matches out of three at the start of their tour in England
It's not a great start for us, no doubt about that. I probably misinterpreted the wicket this morning. Bangladesh made the most of the conditions. We have a lot of thinking to do and it's going to be a long bus trip tonight.

On the match today
We were two down early on, so we couldn't just keep attacking. I thought Damien Martyn and Michael Clarke got us to a respectable total but, unfortunately, from then on we were outplayed by the Bangladesh batsmen. Our fielding was a bit better today although we dropped one at fine leg and I missed a run out late on, but we were a bit better today.

On what Australia will take into tomorrow's game against England
We will take a close look at the areas we can improve on. On the bus I will be sitting with the coach and having a lot of discussion at where we can improve. It's a big game for us tomorrow and hopefully we will be better.

On whether Australia are beginning to panic ahead of the Ashes
It's getting close, trust me!

Mike Kasprowicz

On the match
I suppose you could say cricket can be a funny game at some times - but not too much to smile about, there. They played exceptionally well.

Bangladesh came out fighting and you were flat in the field
Were we? Everyone was out there trying their best and it obv wasn't good enough but we will have to improve. There was some good energy out there -that's maybe an area we can work out. I suppose when you take wickets and when you get on top of sides that comes naturally. It's something we will have to work out.

On how Australia can now lift their spirits
We have got a very exciting bus trip back over the bridge planned, a good sleep tonight and we will come back fighting tomorrow. But once again we will have to sit again and talk it through and find out where we can improve.