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July 23, 2002, 11:45 PM
1) Hannan
2) Rokon
3) Seejan
4) Tushar Imran
5) Ashraful
6) Pilot
7) Moni
8) Sumit
9) Taposh Kumar Boishyo /
10) Talha / Alok Kapali
11) Monju /

- Bulbul, Akram not included (as the coach is angry at them, though Pilot looked sympathetic towards them - when I heard Pilot telling to Ekushey TV that senior players are not performing upto their potential because of fear for not being chosen in the next match)
- Alok Kapali, Taposh Kumar, Sumit and Ashraful playing (as indirectly stated in Daily Star)
- Tareq Aziz definitely not playing (as he is injured, and has no chance for a recovery)

July 24, 2002, 02:45 AM
I am very very sympathetic to players like Akram and Bulbul because i think they haven't played to their full potential. Still, I think we have given them way too mamny chances. If they haven't managed to give us a reason after so many chances, what's the point of stading by them ? We'd rather get the new guys out there, who won't be afraid of 'getting kicked out' of the team and playing badly 'out of fear'. We want brave new kids coming along who would boost their self belief by playing more and more games against quality opponents.

With Murali out of the way, I was expecting big things but Chandana is probably going to lick his paws thinkings of the sculps he'll get .............

Other then that, Sri Lanka is fielding a much weaker team then the first match. It was Murali, Jayasuriya and De Silva who beat us, the rest were almost at par with us.

July 24, 2002, 06:27 AM
Don't forget Thilan Samaraweera - though he did not get the chance to play in too many international matches, but if he is SriLankan that I think - the offspinner who bowled during the Natwest Series against India and England - he is pretty experienced.

And if he is not an offspinner, a specialist batsman, then according to one SriLankan commentator, he has the batting average of 87.00.

Lets just hope that we can force a draw in this match - BY PLAYING IT FOR FULL 5 DAYS.

July 24, 2002, 09:57 AM
I dont see Sumon in your list. How come? Did I miss something?

July 24, 2002, 10:29 AM
My mistake, Sumon must be there somewhere.

Also, I don't see any logic in not getting at least one of the oldies (either Bulbul or Akram) in the side now, maybe I was not thinking right at the time of posting my first messege under this topic.

Now if I come to think of it, do the team management / selectors want to try everyone out? If that is the case then the following lineup should be the almost perfect one upto this point unless and until somebody else gives me any other ideas:

1) Hannan - who may be injured So / Seejan
2) Rokon
3) Sumon
4) Bulbul / Tushar Imran - if Tushar Imran is chosen, in place of Bulbul, then I would say that it is a huge move, not sure if he would be chosen over Bulbul
5) Ashraful
6) Pilot
7) Alok Kapali
8) Moni
9) Sumit
10) Taposh Kumar Boishyo / Talha Jubair
11) Monju

This could be a really balanced side in the bowling department - one specialist but yet unseen and untested leg spinner Alok Kapali, A specialist relatively new off spinner in Sumit, The experienced left arm spinner Moni, two new ball bowlers - Monju and either untested Taposh Kumar or already one match playing Talha Jubair.

And in the batting department, we will have one half centurian in the tour and experienced opener Rokon, either an injured half centurian of the tour in Hannan or Seejan - tested but failed against the bounce of the first test's SriLankan pacemen, the experienced and most successful Habibul Bashar, either the second most successful experienced batsman or a huge potential specialist batsman in Tushar Imran who already has a fifty against a team like Pakistan on batting wicket in the ODIs, an out of form Ashraful but the most well-respected batsman in the side by the opposition, Pilot already a proven and successful captain as an individual on the tour, Alok Kapali who is stated to be an allrounder - maybe in the one dayers yet untested with the bat in tests, Moni another allrounder but can do a world of good if gives more attention to his batting, Sumit already proved that he can hit some boundaries if he puts his head in, either Talha Jubair who can bat with patience or an untested tail end batsman Taposh Kumar and last of all, Monju - the experienced tail ender who can also bat with patience.

What do you say about this lineup?

July 24, 2002, 11:00 AM
Bowling will be very strong. Batting looks good too. I like it.

July 24, 2002, 02:56 PM
1/2 - Hanna/Rokon/Seezan
3 - Sumon
4 - Bulbul/Akram/Tusher
5 - Tusher/Ashraful
6 - Ashraful/Akram
7- Pilot
8 - Moni
9 - Kapali/Sumit
10 - Taposh/Talha
11 - Manju

Ash and Sumon can bowl as the5th change bowler to give the others a rest. Frankly, won't be much difference if we play a 5th specialist bowler or one of the part-timers. Sumon almost had a wicket in the last match.
I would urge BCB to help Ash get a little practice (maybe his guru - Ghani? uncle can help him personally) on his bowling. That way he will have the potential to be like Jayasuria.
With Moni, Kapali/Sumit, Manju and Talha/Taposh, we'll have a decent bowling attack. Wish we had Masri (and his 200% batting strike rate, khek).

July 24, 2002, 03:15 PM
Kapali and Baishsha haven't played in A team yet. What justifies their inclusion in the team?

July 24, 2002, 04:33 PM

1. Hannan
2. Rokon
3. Sumon
4. Ashraful
5. Tusher
6. Bulbul

w/k :Pilot


Manju - sigh, he just isn't good (enough)

Sumit needs to be sent to some kind of a spinners training camp in INDIA.

So, we have 4 full time bowlers + Ashraful

Question - How effective is Rafique really after his bowling modification ??????


Sumon, Kowshik, K. Mashud, Javed

July 24, 2002, 05:49 PM
And two of them are INJURED, GRRRRRRRRRR.

I guess the only option we have is to keep these players cryogonically (sp) frozen between tours so they don't get injured. Ekhon emon obostha, money hoi oder dikey keo baka kore dekhlei ora hoi pichle porey, noi rog e taan khai or goralite chot paai. *sigh*

July 24, 2002, 05:53 PM
Were both in the A team for malaysia. I still don't know why rafique wasn't included and I am pretty sure his style ahs anything to do with it. I wish theslectors could fix their personal vendetta against certain players. I could care less about what problem they have against which players. We can replace 90% of the board but it's harder to replace quality players.

- you can find the news on the Malaysia tour there.

July 24, 2002, 07:46 PM
I was unwilling to consider 'alayasia' tour a real 'tour'. Playing against associate team wont prove anything.

July 24, 2002, 11:03 PM
I bet the results wouldn't be that different...our lower order seem to survive more balls anyways....

July 25, 2002, 12:54 AM
You guys want everybody!! You want Nannu, Rafique and then give ashraful another chance because of his potential. Also Bulbul for experience. And probable "all rounder" kopali. Oh yeah, forgot the injured - You want Mortaza, Javed. It is evident that BCB has real bad problems. Some of you here sound very educated about Bangladesh cricket - good. But don't just name names to criticize the selectors. You can only have a balanced team of 11. not 21.
Nannu..for that you can criticize all you want.

July 25, 2002, 08:39 AM
Yes Orpheus - you are absolutely correct.

I guess it doesn't cost anything to talk, especially with one's face hidden behind a monitor.

Kids - yes, some of you/we are ! In 5-10 years time when most of you will be working (yeah, in the so called real world), you'll discover day dreaming to be one of the easier things in life.

Nannu's smiley medium pacers won't work a crud in the sub-continental dust bowls, and unless you boys think he's going to maintain a 20+ average in test cricket (and given his age, that won't last for 3 years either), there's no point wasting time behind the so called big brothers.

July 25, 2002, 10:12 AM
guys take a chill pill...
this is a discussion forum where everyone has the right to their opinion...if everyone was making the same perfect statement based on perfect knowledge of every variable that is involved...and had the exact same thought pattern then it would be boring and pointless. We are the fans here and it is our right to critisize and praise whoever we wish..sometimes its right on the money and sometime its not, and if you were around a little longer you would know that its not always negative...so perhaps it would be a good idea not to personally attack anyone for their opinions, and jump to conclusions about their current stations in life, and just stick to expressing your own.
Thank you!

July 25, 2002, 01:27 PM
This is really funny. Specially this bit:

"I guess it doesn't cost anything to talk, especially with one's face hidden behind a monitor."

I guess ALL the teams and managers in the world need to stop making a team out of 15-21 players. Heck, why call 20-30 players for conditioning and have them play practice matches so the selectors can have a last look at who is in form and who is fit.
Just pick 11 players, send them over and forget the rest of the players. Who needs options anyway.
The reason Nannu gets a mention is DUH, didn't he just score 1000 runs in the national league ? I don't think anyone here thinks nannu can play beyond 2003, that is, if he can get a spot. My beef is, he has been kept out of the team for personal reasons, not his ability.
So, instead of HACKING at us innocent fans, I would suggest you deal your own personal problems with a shrink and stop giving us advices. We would really appreciate it.
If this sounds rude to you, please read your own posts first and see how sweet they sound. :)

July 25, 2002, 02:03 PM
In a stunning fashion without any precedence whatsoever, some long-forgotten Greek and Roman legendary characters of the past have shown sudden interest in, get this, protecting the Bangladesh cricket's selectors for the national team. Their primary target seem to be a few exiled, innocuous Bangladeshis speaking fervently about the team selection on an internet messageoard whose member number hasn't even reached 20 yet. The profound fondness of and therefore justifiable expectation from their national team spur these cricket-connoisseurs to engage in healthy debates on issues concerning the future of Bangladesh cricket. The Greko-Roman legends, however, seem to be utterly flustered with such wish-washy speculations and have already accused the poor members of the mesageboard of hiding behind their monitors, started addressing them (rightfully so, since they are the only thousand-year- old legends here....NOT!!) as "kids" and the worst, as it seems, is yet to come. Longtime frequenters of the board seem a little nonplused at the moment, some opting to lash out, some hoping that the almighty legends temporarily give up their condescending attitude and come down to earth for a while to observe what it is like to be in the shoes of a layman, thuri layFAN. :P

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July 25, 2002, 02:11 PM
Errrrrrrrrr, delete korlaam. The field is all yours now. :)

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July 25, 2002, 02:13 PM
Dilen to mojata mati koira. Shobjantader ektu shantimoto bash-o dite parumna naki?

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July 25, 2002, 02:16 PM
Akhon thik aache ?

July 25, 2002, 02:18 PM
Amar ja bolar boila felsi. Ekhon shorbogyanider uttorer opekkhai. :)

July 25, 2002, 10:04 PM
Ekhane Uttorer Kichu Nai.
No one here is defending the selectors. Just trying to say don't blame everything on one. It became our habit that whenever Bangladesh lose embarrassly, We blame the selectors and the coaches - obviously because they run the team. But did it ever occur to anyone that Bangladesh just don't have quality players. We believe in the "what if". We did see many combinations but the end result is embarrassment. For example, the choice of Akram over Ashraful. When Akram failed, we blamed the authority - Why didn't they choose Ashraful?? - he is the centurian. But before the game, we wanted experienced because Ashraful is in bad form. It would be vice versa when he would fail.

Tehsin Bhai, you are right. We should get all the players and put them in practice and choose the elite 11. The problem with that is consistency. There are no consistent batsman in Bangladesh. Thus the best 11 would be just best of that particular game. They will not necessarily be successful. For example : Ehsanul Houque, Aminul Islam. Moreover, with these practices, you risk the team of having more players on the injured/fatigue/overworked list. Anyways you are the expert.

Arnab, Talk about being in the shoes of a real fan. Well, you are saying the same thing as Max but ofcourse with more 'maturity'. I am not totally sure what Max's intention was but as far as I understood, He tried to say - It's easy said than done. When you are on the selectors' shoes - you will feel the pressure. His words were not suitable - that's all. The pressure is more intensified by the politics. Selectors - they do want victories but if they don't consider the boss' options, their jobs are in jeopardy. They are not less patriotic than you and I ( maybe they are) but if they go by their will and think what's right (from patriotism that is), it will have no value because there will be a replacement. He just lost his job. Anyways, this is totally different topic and I am ignorant of the current position.

Anyways enough Gibberish. You are right on one thing that Our discussion will have no importance in making the team. There is no need to have attacks and counterattacks on such childish matters.


July 26, 2002, 12:49 AM
Well, you are saying the same thing as Max but ofcourse with more 'maturity'.

It was not 'maturity', just pure unadulterated sarcasm. I didn't like the tone in your or max's post...hence the verbose jab.

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July 27, 2002, 10:39 AM
...you (Arnab) don't like my "tone." But what can you do about it, really !!!

I guess that's been my point all along.

July 27, 2002, 11:34 PM
that you have a tone which is not going to be liked by a majority of the posters on this board? :P

July 28, 2002, 12:15 AM
Aww...this coming from someone with a legacy of bickering and arrogance !

July 28, 2002, 09:41 AM
Umm...yeah whatever dude.

"a legacy of bickering and arrogance"...
Whaaaaaaa? Come again? That just made my day. I shoulda known that coming tho...after all, I am dealing with an all-knowing legend here, although he seems to be more prone to making up crap than the usual benign deities. :P

Anyway, I got my point across and don't want to furthter participate in this futile charade.