View Full Version : Australia should loose test status.

June 18, 2005, 02:36 PM
Afterbeing humialated by our Bangladesh U-19 team, after receiving a thrashing from England in Twenty20, getting defeated by a club side Somerset; which in turn loss against an associate member Scotland, and then facing the biggest shame in the 128 years of cricket history by loosing to a team which they themselves called for being stripped off from international cricket, I thereby call for Australia to loose test status. I think it's time, we've had enough, and now we have to compensate for every criticism we've faced and reply them rhetorically. What else can they proof. Their U-19 team wasn't even able to qualify fot the super league and went on to loose the plate final against Bangladesh U-19 team. There is no future. Its all over; Australia is finished. I also call for England to whitewash the Aussies in the Ashes and make them loose in a day which is very possible. For the next match, I implore any Babgla add company to make a commercial in which an Australian batsman comes at the crease, showing how much afraid he is of Mashrafe, and then knocked out by him, showing his incapability of facing Bangladesh. We've been quiet for a long time, and its time to strike deeper in their wounds, letting them realize the real pain Bangladeshis have had and bared with patience.