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June 18, 2005, 11:44 PM
Here are some encouraging and interesting comments taken from other forums:

Mister Wright
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Wow! That was a great much. I must say I anticipated the game to be over just in time for me to watch the whole Broncos game at 9:20pm on Fox, but as it turned out I had to switch between, but there was none of that after about the 18th over in Bangladesh's 2nd innings. You could start to feel the momentum switch and it is one of the best 2nd innings chases I have seen in a long time.

Ponting needs some captaincy lessons that is for sure. Any plans Australia had of using Michael Clarke as an allrounder should quickly be disbanded, as should Hogg's place in the side.

In all this euphoria of Bangladesh's win, it should be remembered that Australia had their chances to win the game, had Gillespie not botched the chance to get Ashraful (sp) caught off Kaspa and if Gilly hadn't of missed the simple stumping off Clarke's bowling it could have been a different story.

But, as TEC said, Bangaladesh out played Australia in every effort, and I was riding them home to win in the last 15 overs, truely amazing stuff.

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Honestly i am glad i missed it


Mister Wright
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You're only saying that because you are an Aussie fan, and not a cricket fan. Seriously, it was one of the best paced innings ever, keeping wickets and hand and putting the foot on the pedal at exactly the right moment, the batsman showing composure beyond their years and a so called good captain getting 'frazeled' with every delivery.


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Brilliant! Aftab Ahmed's six must surely be one of the most significant shots in Bangladesh's history. Incredible, impossible to see this as anything other than a massive turning point in Bangladesh's cricketing life. Thoroughly deserved, completely outplayed Australia today.


Congratulations. Hopefully this quietens the doubters.

Waiting for match fixing quip from disbelieving Aussie in 5..4..3...

Mohammad Ashraful MotM with 96% of the vote. Michael Holding: "the only thing i can think to say is, why didn't he get 100%?" Rather culturally insensitive to present him with alcohol as the award... don't think he will care though.


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this will go down as the most hilarious i have ever seen.....i mean EVER! how in the world bangladesh managed to come up with such a professional performance after being thrashed by england only 2 days ago i dont know. but i do know that they outbatted, out bowlers and out fielded australia. australia may have had the worser of the conditions to bat on, the ball moved off the seam for the first 15 overs, but surely thats no excuse for losing to bangladesh. for bangladesh, it was the best structured chase that i will probably ever see. kept wickets in hand early on, attacked the 4th and 5th bowler, took the singles comfortably without taking any risks and in the end it really was a bevanesque lesson of how to chase a target in ODI cricket


That surely has to be one of the most exciting chases I've ever seen, not only because it was Bangladesh beating Australia, but because of the way they planned the innings; at one stage the RRR was 7.5+, but Bangladesh always looked like they had a genuine chance. It will be VERY interesting to see how the Australian players conduct themselves tomorrow, and indeed in their next game against Bangladesh.

June 19, 2005, 12:12 AM
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