View Full Version : analyse Ashraful

June 19, 2005, 04:40 PM
i havent seen much of ash before. this is first time i saw his full innings. he is a very good stoker player and very talented as well no doubt. those little cheeky shots shows what a master he is.

but i noticed one thing, he is not that comfortable in defence. that is probably the reason he wants to attack early in his innings, because he is simply not the player who can survive 20 balls just defending. most good players in subcontinent like tendu, inzi are good in defence as well. to use ashraful or aftab talent fully i think Bd needs to hire a batting coach, who can show faults in their defence and help grow their temperment. what do you think?

June 19, 2005, 05:02 PM
Actually, he is pretty good in defence and can survive more than 20 balls just defending and has in the past. Yesterday when he came out, he was still low on confidence and his first few defensive shots just looked a little too careful. Basically, he was trying too hard not to get out in the first few balls.

Ashraful's problem as I see it is in playing the ball aimed at his head. He will hook a medium pacer all day, he will hook a fast bowler if the ball is aimed down the leg-side, but if you bowl quick and straight at his chest or head, he is very uncomfortable. The boy needs to learn to duck, instead of fending the ball away awkwardly and getting caught by Harmison at point!