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June 21, 2005, 01:36 AM
Rabeed Imam

Normally, you would not entertain the idea of a profusely sweating youngster getting into a celebratory embrace with you on a hot summer evening or a bunch of street louts spraying dirty paint all over your precious little Toyota. But even those gestures could mean the world if you get occasions like the one the Tigers presented last night.

"Mashrafee Bhai gave me this jersey. I can't say anything more," a weeping teenager sporting a Bangladesh ODI shirt somehow blurted out before hugging yet another stranger on the Dhaka University campus, the focal point of celebrations after every Bangladeshi sporting achievement in recent times, and there have some. For the record, it was the Tigers' fifth win in their last nine one-day internationals and there has been a maiden Test series victory in between.

Perhaps it was also poetic justice that the team on the receiving end was Australia.

"This is our reply to all the craps Richie Benaud, Shane Warne and Kim Hughes had been saying about us. We are the new world champions," screamed a motor-cycle riding youth as he sped towards an impromptu procession arranged by fellow unknown bikers.

A group of youngsters, stripped to the waist, had assembled on the road just 10 yards from the Tejgaon police station armed with buckets and mugs with coloured water as ammo. Every passing vehicle even at this late hour came under attack. "Please don't mind brother, we don't do this everyday," said one of the 'jolly miscreants' brandishing the full set of his shiny teeth. Even the policemen were prepared to look the other way for a change.

And what about the newspaper office that went loco after the Aussie conquest? Two sacrificial goats were brought in smack inside the news room of The Daily Star as sleepless journalists prepared for a feast on them on the night that would not end.

Source: DS 19 June


Read the last para.....................ha, ha, ha

June 21, 2005, 01:42 AM
Very goood! I start missing BD. I was lucky to be there in ICC win (1997?). I went to TSC straight to enjoy the show. Ppl gone crazy. It was awesome celebration. Missed this one :(

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