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March 30, 2003, 05:54 AM
This forum (18-9-02)

This is a dry forum with 4-5 hyper active members who no nothing but how to muse over their own theories. Nothing but a bunch of whiners and day dreamers.

Army = 1975(21-10-02)

This is what scares Tehsin Mian.

Mr. Saber arrested by army. Who are u for now Tehsin.

[29-11-02)Tehsin must have deleted the post cos it was too offensive
[Edited on 29-11-2002 by tehsin]

Shubbho (4-12-02)

FO. Go hyde under HaseeNaas petty u bharat puja moron


abbe joi bengla komuna, to kee komu.
ar halai kissu bakee asee akhneth bolar

rafiq mia go test the toilot water in india, direct from gangar jal with the blessings of your loved sadhuu. Do it while you can before i make you drink the bnp water

Merry Christmas (25-12-02)

Shubbhooo mia why you not go and play the aindian anthem. Better yet wipe there rear

bam hosto dhonno koro. u might get rewarded for your genorisity with a night out with ms india

Are ee, pondit moshai, yui kare kee shikaite ashcheesh ! Kichhu shikhish na -

abbe, this place is full of aumee leagures and there peeteful sons.

Ja na, akdin gongae dub dia ae, then you will understand how dirty these malus are

Shubho is a blind aumee legar. this proves it. it also proves that as long as there are aumee legars, there will be no peace.

who ever said mujib was better then zia. only low life aumee legars. now that bnp has done the first decent thing, all of a sudden aumee legars dont give a toss. apples and oranges, what make you so presumptious.

and subbho, stop sending dirty persanal messages to me. it seems that u have a habit of making behind the back complaints

Shubbho & his indian funk babe Orpheus have a long history of bad mouthing anybody remotely anti aumee leegar

Frankly Shubbhos level of persistant bickering is disgusting just like his gongar peshab khaua anchestors.

and like his breetish pa chata golami grandfather, he wants to repeat the same collusion with the modarn shoiroshashok BUSH

March 30, 2003, 06:26 AM
Sort of adds spice to the monotony of life, doesn't he?

March 31, 2003, 10:05 PM
actually i don't know what prompted james to compile that list of infamous quotes from this lowlife scum (since he can't call any of us any worse names than he already has, who really cares if I call him low life scum?). My question to tehsin is why is he not banned from this board? the guy is an intellectual moron, a religious bigot, a political fascist and cannot spell if his petty little life depended on it. too bad for the bnp that he claims to be a supporter of that party, I am sure they wish they didn't have people like him.

shoikoth, why don't you go to iraq and blow yourself up in a suicide attack? take some of that ganga water you rant about all the time, put it in a flask - it's hot in the desert and getting hotter every day. :D

March 31, 2003, 10:29 PM
the guy is an intellectual moron
shoikoth, why don't you go to iraq and blow yourself up in a suicide attack? take some of that ganga water you rant about all the time
LOL again!

Despite being offensive to many - I must say, he is pretty funny. Shoikoth Keep it coming! Maybe one day Zia will laugh from the grave too!

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April 1, 2003, 02:51 AM
i am sure shoikoth must be an Indian.