View Full Version : do u think that BD can beat India in the tri-series ?

April 2, 2003, 03:14 AM
i think that BD can beat India comfortably in the tri-series as they are sending a weakened team to BD without Tendulkar, Dravid, Srinath and Kumble. we would beat them comfortably.

see these facts -

1. BD scored 247 against India, the last time we played against them.
2. BD scored 400 in its 1st test match against India.
3. Holland bowled out India for 204 as recently as this world cup.
4. Kenya has beaten India twice already in ODIs.

it will be a foolishness to think that BD cannot beat India.

April 2, 2003, 11:00 AM
It is Shourav we have to beat. This guy is a wall against all weak teams. Look at his WC performence. He scored 3 centuries, all againts weak teams (kenya -2, Namibia). Specially against Kenya in the super six, they got Shachin and Rahul gone, and Shourav alone carried the win. Remember the BD test match? We scored 400, and he alone took the team passed that.

When it comes to beat India, its Shourav we gotta worry about, not shachin or Rahul. We somehow get Shachin / Rahul out cheaply.

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April 2, 2003, 12:12 PM
Also Bulbul is not playing. And Bulbul is our best player against India. (Bulbul is a nobody against other countries - compared to what he is against India).

About the points, Bangladesh could only get past 200 run mark against India the last time. In other times, Bangladesh could not even reach the 200 run mark. And the last time India played a few very inexperienced fast bowlers.

This time too, there are some very inexperienced fast bowlers for India, so we can at best hope for a 200 run mark total against India in the 2 matches. But that's it.

Ganguly is also a big factor like Rajputro said. He is a proven factor for India against Bangladesh just like Bulbul is for Bangladesh against India.

May be this time, we may get another Bulbul in probably Kapali or somebody else. We might also get another Indian player who will follow Ganguly - like Yuvraj, Kaif, and Sehwag.

Also, though we had managed to score 248 against India the last time, if you look at the scorecard, you'll see that our bowlers were very bad in that match. So, in the end it turned out to be a no-contest after all.

I would rather tell you to focus your attention to another match may be during 1998 match held in India (probably). In one of those matches, Bangladeshi bowlers could take as more as 6 Indian wickets while India were chasing a target. After watching that match I thought that if our batsman could score just a few more runs, then there might have been a chance for an upset.

But that didn't happen as Nayan Mongia - the Indian wicket keeper at the time had stayed cool and defended balls - it was a maiden in the 46th or 48th over. And then a set batsman on the other end could score the winning runs in the next over.

April 2, 2003, 12:18 PM
Our bowling and fielding is not as good as Holland's.

The Test match that you are talking about - India should have been all out for at best 350 or even just over 300 (instead of 429). But we lost that chance when our fielders lost too many opportunities. And hence, it was a no-contest in the end as well.

April 2, 2003, 01:49 PM
I miss the old days on this board. Even if one of us suggested that we would beat a team like India, which has just gone to the world cup finals while we lost to Canada, it would be made clear that the person was joking. But these guys are trying to back up with figures why we ought to beat the world cup finalists "comfortably". Tehsin bhai, no disrespect to you but reading the posts on this board is getting increasingly frustrating.

Shahid, it doesnt matter how much we scored against India the last time we played them. The "last time" NEVER matters. Bangladesh scored 247 against India, India got bowled out for 204 against Holland, and hence Bangladesh will beat India is a completely flawed argument. Canada beat us, we beat Pakistan, so should Canada think they will beat Pakistan "comfortably" the next time they play??

All that will matter is how we play on the day, and on the day, what happened before is totally irrelevant. They can't turn up at the ground and hope that the numbers will win the game for them. This is not logic, this is sport, and you have to play hard and fight hard to win. If you are hopeful that we will win, or atleast put up a good performance, hope and pray that our boys fight and play to their potential. If they can do that, even if we don't win, we will give India and South Africa a run for their money. We need to be competetive. After the way we played in the world cup and the state of BD cricket in general (off-field), I don't think we will beat anyone comfortably. But if we fight hard, we might pull off an upset. Who knows, isn't the thought of that what keeps us glued when BD plays?

April 2, 2003, 04:17 PM
Ehsan - there was no reason to add the following: Shahid I think you didn't read the confirmed news from ......

You did not have to point it out. He would find it eventually. What this does is create hostility among members and yes, if you haven't figured it out yet - it was you and shahid who started this mess. Just changed your tone. It does not have to be this way.

Shahid I think you didn't read the confirmed news from the Indian team which says only Sachin and Dravid are not coming.

As far as Indian Bowling is concerner...they are no good...we bowl better than them...their batting is the best thing. If we can tight up our batting, bowling and fielding I think we can beat them but not in all matches...may be 1 or 2

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April 3, 2003, 01:05 AM
Heres the scorecard about which everyone is talking about:

we scored 249 against them and ganguly proved to be the thorn. he just plays well against minnows. in this match too, he smashed a century to take india to a comfortable victory. even in the super-6 match against kenya when india were 24/3, he smashed a century and took india home. even in the test match against us, he samashed an 84 when we could have won our first ever test match. we got 400 and had india in trouble at 236/6 and could have bowled them out for under 300. Thwn he samshed that 84 to get india up to 429 and give india a chance of victory.

ODI # 1597
Asia Cup, 1999/00, 2nd Match
Bangladesh v India
Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka (day/night)
30,31 May 2000 (50-over match)

Result: India won by 8 wickets
Points: Bangladesh 0, India 2

Toss: Bangladesh
Umpires: BC Cooray (SL) and Mohammad Nazir (PAK)
TV Umpire: Syed Mahabubullah
Match Referee: JR Reid (NZ)
ODI Debuts: HK Badani (Ind); Mushfiqur Rahman (Bdesh).
Man of the Match: SC Ganguly

Close of Play:

Day 1: Bangladesh 98/2 (Habibul Bashar 45*, Aminul Islam 32*; 25.2 overs)
Bangladesh innings (50 overs maximum) R M B 4 6
Shahriar Hossain c Joshi b Kumaran 11 46 34 2 0
Javed Omar b Kumaran 1 17 6 0 0
Habibul Bashar c Azharuddin b Tendulkar 57 133 96 3 1
*Aminul Islam c Kumble b Tendulkar 47 109 72 2 0
Akram Khan c Badani b Agarkar 64 73 52 8 1
Naimur Rahman not out 39 74 38 2 1
Mohammad Rafique b Kumaran 8 5 5 0 1
Enamul Haque not out 5 5 3 0 0
Extras (lb 8, w 3, nb 6) 17
Total (6 wickets, 50 overs, 224 mins) 249

DNB: +Khaled Mashud, Mushfiqur Rahman, Manjural Islam.

FoW: 1-2 (Javed Omar, 3.2 ov), 2-30 (Shahriar Hossain, 9.5 ov),
3-124 (Habibul Bashar, 32.4 ov), 4-131 (Aminul Islam, 34.4 ov),
5-234 (Akram Khan, 48.2 ov), 6-243 (Mohammad Rafique, 49.2 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Agarkar 10 2 37 1 (2nb)
Kumaran 9 0 54 3 (1nb, 1w)
Ganguly 4 0 35 0 (3nb)
Kumble 9 0 43 0 (1w)
Joshi 7 0 31 0
Badani 1 0 6 0
Singh 4 0 11 0
Tendulkar 6 0 24 2

India innings (target: 250 runs from 50 overs) R M B 4 6
*SC Ganguly not out 135 124 6 7
SR Tendulkar c Habibul Bashar b Mushfiqur Ra36 55 25 4 2
HK Badani c Aminul Islam b Enamul Haque35 51 3 0
M Azharuddin not out 35 43 4 0
Extras (lb 4, w 5, nb 2) 11
Total (2 wickets, 40.1 overs) 252

DNB: R Dravid, RR Singh, A Kumble, AB Agarkar, +SS Karim,
T Kumaran, SB Joshi.

FoW: 1-85 (Tendulkar, 11.1 ov), 2-152 (Badani, 24.5 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Manjural Islam 7 0 54 0 (2nb, 2w)
Mohammad Rafique 7 0 48 0
Mushfiqur Rahman 9.1 0 59 1 (1w)
Naimur Rahman 10 0 45 0 (1w)
Enamul Haque 5 0 28 1 (1w)
Habibul Bashar 2 0 14 0

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