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April 2, 2003, 03:37 AM
Do not think that your team would be able to beat India. even without sachin, dravid, srinath, kumble and nehra, we have some other great players like sehwag, yuvraj, kaif, ganguly, zaheer, laxman and others. your team couldnt even beat teams like canada, 3rd placed ICC associate.

I am surprised to see that some members in this board think that Bangladesh can beat India. Also, i am surprised to see so much of support for Bangladesh despite your countries poor perfoemances after poor performances. Maybe we Indians could learn something from you guys.

April 2, 2003, 04:02 AM
Yeah we support our team no matter what

That's the way to do.

This time India will be beaten once in Dhaka. Oh yeah.
Once only. Not more than once.
One win is OK for now.

I won't tell you what will happen after 20 years.

Keep thinking!!!!

April 2, 2003, 04:46 AM
Unlike indian fans, we don't stone our cricketers when they fail. Afterall its just a game. We love cricket and we love our cricketers. It doesn't matter how badly they perform, they are still ours. We ocassionally do get mad at them but we still love'em. We just love cricket.

I won't comment on who can beat who, let the team speak for itselft.

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April 2, 2003, 05:40 AM
Nice post Nasif

April 2, 2003, 06:58 AM
WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ? DO not judge others by your own standards.


dont try to lift your posts up. i know you are also doing it too.

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April 2, 2003, 11:38 AM
Very well said Nasif! No one should lose touch with reality - this is only a game.

April 2, 2003, 02:16 PM
We certainly don't pray to our cricketers....they are no gods...they are fallible.....

Indians are funny in this respect...they have temples dedicated to some of their cricketers...do 'puja' to them...and at other times they burn their effigies :D...talk about extremes!

April 2, 2003, 02:43 PM
I think you ppl are absolutely rite. Specially I appreciate Nasif's comment. For amit we do loose in game but we don't loose our hope. You'll see one day will ( I'm sure it will be very soon) come when you ppl will get crash by our team. So, don't take the pride.

For our poor performance in the world cup I would say that our Bd team seriously lacked team work which resulted in a humiliation. Our poor performan or loosing a game doesn't never mean that we don't have the abililty to perform.

When our time comes we will beat India with Sachin, Dravid or anyone you would like to be included. Kapil may be??.:)

When did we start our WC? Just last year....so give us some time and we will show the world what we have!!!! Don't try to neglect our team...we made some world records too...

For about being tiger...Indians doesn't deserve to be called tigers (No offence just opinion..be easy)...We are the tigers the Royal Bengal Tigers.

And if you like you can many things from us not only something. ;)

We are this kind of creature that if you guys eat us then you'll die bcz of our poision. :D

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April 3, 2003, 04:19 AM
I once thought that i could convert you bangladeshi supporters into indian supporters. i am surprised to see so much of support for Bangladesh despite their poor performances. Most of all, you guys are quite optimistic. I have seen in this forum that some of you think that Bangladesh can beat India. I am telling one fact to you that your team would never ever be able to beat India.

Someone in this board said that Indians don't deserve to be called tigers whereas Bangladeshis are tigers. This is not correct. We Indians are, were and will be Tigers. We are BORN TIGERS. As for Bangladesh, you deserve to be called CATS. The only way you can be called tigers is when you beat test-playing nations on a regular basis.

I think that Bangladesh has the best support for any cricketing nation. You guys are too quiet. I have never heard of any Bangladeshi burning posters of their cricketers or even praying or worshipping cricketers like gods. I think you always support your team equally no matter what, they lose to Canada or beat Pakistan. I am sure that your team would be able to beat Pakistan this year. Maybe we Indians could learn something from you guys. I think more and more Indians should read the comments posted on this site and learn something about how to support their team.

I am sure that this support would one day make Bangladesh the 2nd Best team in cricket. The best team will be India ofcourse and you would never be able to beat us. I wish BANGLADESH GOOD LUCK against all teams except India. I wish Bangladesh BAD LUCK against India. I also wish Bangladesh Good luck to develop their cricket which is in such a bad situation. It can be possible with the support from you guys.

April 3, 2003, 06:36 AM
Shahid i really appreciated Nasif's post.....it was deep and i thought it was worth a rap so i gave it......is anything wrong with that


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April 3, 2003, 06:56 AM
yes, i agree with you James90. We should not try and disturb this board. No one should make any rubbish or useless posts. i didnt mean to write anything like that. i apologise to Tehsin bhai and James90 for doing it. even i appreciated Nasif's post.

April 3, 2003, 01:09 PM
Indians tigers?

is this the same india who conceded 359 runs against australia?
the same bowling attack that took only 2 wickets when even kenya took 5 against the aussies?

India might be better than bangladesh right now.
However, we still hope to win matches just like India hoped to beat australia even though they were trashed by them a number of times.

In the end australia showed the huge gulf in standard between them and india but will that stop india from hoping to win next time they play the aussies?

Admitted that Bangladesh has not won a test so far, dont forget that India has not won a test series outside india against a meaningful opposition for quite some time.

Not long ago most Indians and Pakistanis were confident that they would never lose against sri lanka. However Sri lanka has beaten both of them regularly in the past 7 years.

April 4, 2003, 08:28 AM
Why do you call yourself tigers even when your team hasn't won any sort of a match at the international level for 4 years now ? Bangladeshis are just CATS who cant even meow.

We Indians are BORN TIGERS and you should know this fact. This fight that who is a tiger and who is not would end over on 11th April when India take on Bangladesh at Dhaka. We would beat you and show you all that INDIANS ARE TIGERS. Our team is definitely far-far better than Australia. You guys are making fun of India just due to a bad match. Let me tell you that this was the 1st WC final for the Indian players as none of them are survivors of the 1983 squad. It was the 3rd final for some of the Australian players and they knew how it was like.

INDIA IS A FAR BETTER TEAM THAN AUSTRALIA and you would see this when India tour Australia this year. We would beat them 3-0 in tests and we wont lose even a single match in the VB Series.

If you really want to call yourself tigers, start beating test-playing nations on a regular-basis. If you are able to do that, only then you can call yourself tigers otherwise be satisfied by calling yourself CATS.

April 4, 2003, 10:48 AM
I am sorry but is the word TIGERS is a brand name bought by India? Because as far as I know, there is no copyright law as to Indians are tigers and so the other teams, especially Bangladesh can't be tigers.

I think this whole Tiger issue is a Bengali thing and since both India and Bangladesh have the same type of culture as well as Bengali, so everybody would think that the name Tiger belongs to them. - no matter what the nationality is.

We don't care about either Australia or India. We only care about Bangladesh and Bangladesh. Even when we - Bangladeshis are beaten all out by both the teams.

I am sure India will beat Bangladesh on 11th April and also (may be) later in the tournament - no question about it.

And about the last paragraph amit, I think we have the right to call ourselves and our team whatever we want, as long as we live.

April 6, 2003, 12:39 AM
For most of the BD team, this was thier first major tournament. Most have them barely played 0-20 first class match in their entire career so it is really sad for anyone to compare their team against Bangladesh. The only teams that can compare BD with them are Kenya (even though this was their THIRD cup, and yes, they had a horrible second world cup in 99. Also, more then half their team were playing their third cup as well when we only had a few), Holland, and maybe even Zimbabwe (long stretch but they are ninth Test team).

So, Amit, this is really pointless of you to come to a BD board and try to compare a 50+ year old team with a 3 year old. :)

April 6, 2003, 11:14 PM
The team who havent won any test outside their country for last 16yrs.... is saying that they are going a beat team like Australia who recently thrashed them......

YOU are TIGERESS in your own country.......AND PUSSY CATS OUTSIDE........

April 6, 2003, 11:47 PM
It is not only us, BBC and other news media also use the nick name Tiger for Bangladesh Cricket team. It is not for the strength of the team, but because Bangladesh is the home of Bengal tigers. Similarly, they also use Lion for Kenya, Kiwis for New Zeland, etc.

From this point of view, India can be called elephant, as elephant is one of the symbols of India and both India and elephant are big, fat, and slow.

April 6, 2003, 11:58 PM
Let's not give some useless comment more importance then it deserves. :)

Give us 2-5 years and we will beat India and hopefully /2 the other test nations, and as for Tigers and elephants - we got our name from the 1999 World cup. It also came from the Royal Bengal Tiger as someone pointed out. As Zakir points out, almost every nation has a nick name and as a young cricket nation - we are going to live upto our nick in a few years.

Everything takes time - as almost all the other test nations have found out in the last century.

I am not even worried about the TVS cup, just like million other BD fans becuse we know that we have not been playing test cricket for 40-50 years like the oher two teams.

Our job is to try to put up a brave face. The team spirit is down, we have a lot of young players with minimal experience and this will be a great chane for them to gain some experience. Now, if someone comes from outside and expects to pick a fight because their team have 50 year head start - all we can do is feel sorry for the individual. So, let's drop it. We do not have to step down to anyones level.

Let's focus on BD.

April 7, 2003, 12:28 AM
Well, I must give the example of football here. IN 1974 Abahani as a champion of Dhaka league went to play IFA Shield in India. They also took top players from other teams. So in practice Bangladesh national team went under the name of Abahani. That year they lost to East Bengal 0-7, Mohon Bagan 0-5, etc. After
about 15 years Bangladesh national team started beating Indian national team (let alone club teams or state teams). BD is the current South Asia champion after beating India in the final. So I think it will happen in cricket also. BD (once just half of an British Indian state) will beat India (with more than 20 states) in Football and cricket within 15 years.

Bangladeshi (or East Bengalis) are the nation who won the war against the Land lords, earned their independence after a glorious liberation war, earned the dignity of their language by giving away their lives, eaned the democracy after a long struggle. So, they are an optimistic and happy nation. So I have no doubt in my mind that our cricketers, with the support of our people will bring glory in cricket, in near future.

April 7, 2003, 03:59 PM
Hear! Hear!!

Excellent post Zakir.

April 7, 2003, 04:52 PM
Zakir, I just wanted to add to Rajputro's response and commend you on an excellent post. This is the sort of thing we need.

April 7, 2003, 07:01 PM
Bangladeshi (or East Bengalis) are the nation who won the war against the Land lords, earned their independence after a glorious liberation war, earned the dignity of their language by giving away their lives, eaned the democracy after a long struggle. So, they are an optimistic and happy nation. So I have no doubt in my mind that our cricketers, with the support of our people will bring glory in cricket, in near future.

Best patriotic speech in the history of this board. Ever. You just spoke my mind, Sir. Two thumbs up.

August 8, 2003, 12:15 AM
Guys, I am pulling out this post now. I dont want to restart this debate or call/ dont call anyone tigers but before saying anything, read these points.

1. If 2 teams are getting the same name, the better of the 2 teams should get the name. In this case, India is better than Bangladesh, so India gets the name. If ur team beats India, even i would post saying that Bangladeshis are tigers and if India beats ur team, u guys should post that Indians are tigers.

2. I have called ur team Tigers twice, after winning the match against NTCM and also after dominating Australia on the 1st day.

3. I never made any fun of Bangladesh after April and also started supporting Bangladesh whereas u guys have nothing else to do than over-rate Australia and make fun of India :mad:

4. INDIA IS A FAR BETTER TEAM THAN AUSTRALIA and the BEST TEST AND ODI TEAM AS WELL and u guys will c this when India beats Aus 4-0 in tests this year and also wins the VB series without losing a match. I said 3-0 win earlier, as i expected the series to be a 3 match one. When i came to know that it was a 4 match series, i have started saying a 4-0 win.

Whats the opinion of u guys, especially non Indians and non Bangladeshis.

August 8, 2003, 01:00 AM
Man I'm sick of this.
Amit, get this clearly into ur brain the titile of tigers belong to Bangladesh now. I don't care what people used to call India before. Currently the "Tigers" are Bangladesh, no matter if they lose or win, I hope you read pompous' post.
I don't care if you call us tigers or not but the fact is we are.

Can we stop talking about India Vs Australia, who is better and who is not. I don't give a **** to India or Australia, this is Bangladesh cricket forum so don't go off-topic. Look at how many times you started saying India is the best Test and ODI team, you feel insecure thats why you are repeating this again & again. If your team is the best then let them do the talking against the Aussies.

Amit, I'm reminding you again no one is here to make fun of India but if you feel like then its your problem brother.

August 8, 2003, 01:04 AM
Forgot to mention one thing. Amit look at name of the Topic "Indian TIgers will eat you up", if you support BD then won't say that ever. Our Moderators are too good that they didn't delete you post. Damit, try understanding you are in Bangladesh cricket forum, don't be offensive.

August 8, 2003, 01:46 AM
Forgot to mention one thing. Amit look at name of the Topic "Indian TIgers will eat you up", if you support BD then won't say that ever. Our Moderators are too good that they didn't delete you post. Damit, try understanding you are in Bangladesh cricket forum, don't be offensive.

Now, why u expect me to make fun of INDIA as well ?:o!?:o!?:o!?:o!?:o!?

I will always say Indians tigers as i am an Indian and also India had this name even before BD started playing cricket. I will support India over BD during an India-BD match or during and India-minnow match. i came over in april for the TVS cup then.

August 8, 2003, 03:39 AM
The topic should have been "Indian Pussy cats will eat you up."

Then it would look good.

August 8, 2003, 05:15 AM


:mad: U 5 guys r the sickest pieces of **** i have ever seen. Always make fun of India and me, no matter what. India will beat Australia 4-0 in tests this year and this only increases my belief. :mad:

:mad: I cant understand why u 5 guys hate me so much even when i have become a BD fan (just bcoz i wont support BD over India), let me tell u, everyone has a right to support their own team and call them anything they want. I do not get offended when u guys call BD tigers or say "BD will beat India", so why get offended when i call Indians tigers ??? :mad:

:mad: I came here to help u guys in developing ur cricket and i am NOT A BAD GUY/ VILLAIN :mad:

:mad:Tell me, how would u guys feel if u go to an Indian forum as an Indian fan and the guys make fun of u out there :mad: U guys would never feel good, so why make my fun here.:mad:

:)There is still 1 good thing is that there r a few good and nice guys as well like Doorbin, Tehsin bhai, Fwullah(girl), Rajputro, Zakir, etc, etc.:)

:mad: I might leave this forum now, i think. And if i do it, then please ban EHSAN, ARNAB, JAMES90/HABIBUL_FAN, POMPOUS AND NASIFKHAN. ****ers. :mad:


:mad:Also, when i wrote an article in Anilish style on Indian Cricket Fever about the 3rd ODI, that probably was the only report of that match which didnt make fun of Bangladesh and still u guys didnt like it. Let me tell u, Anil and almost all other Indian guys have appreciated my work and the Indian guys out there r far better than u guys. Making fun of that article means making fun of India and BANGLADESH as well. So let me ask the other 4 guys besides James90/Habibul_fan, that r u guys BANGLADESHIS ???

If there is anyone u guys should hate, Its Australia and Australians, not Indians. Its Indians only who r defending BDs rights, supporting BD and some of them even praying for BD win(the praying is only in Kolkata) also doing Sledging on BDs part. Making fun of India is also Making fun of BANGLADESH and now STOP MAKING FUN OF INDIA:mad:


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August 8, 2003, 08:31 AM

August 8, 2003, 08:40 AM
Hi Amit,

Let be begin with what the hell is ur problem?:mad:

U r now swearing at some of the members on this board.

Let me tell u this.

Tigers are the bangladeshi birth names.
Dont even dare to steel it from us!We are born tigers let be in cricket or and any other social activities in our life.Do i make my self clear?

I never posted ur reply because i realized
'dogs will never stop barking' and thus 'If u lay with dogs fleas are definetly to come'

What a waste ,to waste ur time to talk about india cricket in a bangladeshi forum.
It proves that how u r a fanatic ur about wining the game rather than having fun and observing the mistakes.Is i t about cricket ANYMORE or u want to win just to say we WON?

Who is making fun of who?Think logically!
This is bangladeshi cricket forum-We dont need to make fun of anybody.The cricket of bangladesh is spoken here.Other than that it is an off topic.

Please be sensible and talk bangladeshi cricket.PEACE

August 8, 2003, 08:53 AM

August 8, 2003, 09:10 AM
Amit, while I appreciate what India has done for BD cricket, like getting it test status, I would like to say Frigging get lost. I dont care about your articles which degrade Australia more than extol BD. No one here cares for Indian cricket because this isnt a forum for world cricket...it is BD centric. As for making fun of India goes, I guess no one is making fun of India yet but you sure are tempting me. Your inane and downright trashy posts are not contributing to the intelligent discussions here. Why dont you stick to your Indian forum and discuss indian issues there and let us discuss BD cricket without caring a fig about Ind,Pak or any other cricketing nation.

August 8, 2003, 09:32 AM
This guy amit is coming to a bangladeshi forum and destroing its peace.We are on the same page whether it is bangladesh or not(aussie ,Pakisani etc..)

Then this guy comes and and starts bashing about future predictions.Hell will he or i live to see the aussie-indian match who knows?

We respect your reserve on who support.
And it doesnt have bangladesh.This is a place to share and observe ur houghts and ideas and most of all to have a GOOD time!

Amits name should be changed to 'empty vessels make much noise'

Stop making noise!


August 8, 2003, 10:23 AM
Amit chill man! no need to hate anybody! No one chastises you for being patriotic...its justs that you often make irrational comments (e.g India will win against the Aussies in OZ 4-0!!!)...and bicker over petty things (e.g. why the Indians aren't known as the tigers?! etc..) In case you haven't noticed none of us here make wild comments about our team's chances, and try and be rational and constructive about our team's performance. So naturaly when you make comments which are perceived as irrational by the board members you will be singled out for some comments. It has nothing to do with your being an Indian or anything. We all love and care for cricket thats why we are here in the first place, in particular Bangladeshi cricket.
If you can maintain some sort of objectivity in your comments and not let your feelings overpower your judgement all the time, you will see that a lot of people will agree with you on this board.
And I am sorry if I sad something that hurt your feelings, it was not personal.

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August 8, 2003, 10:56 AM
Let's clear this up once and for all. Just talked to my colleagues at Wisden, and a couple of media acquaintances in Australia, England and New Zealand. NOT ONE can remember a time when the Indian team were called Tigers. In fact, India are one of the few teams not to have a steady nick name. Kapil's Devils in 1983 is the only nick most of these guys (who I must stress know more about cricket than Amit will in ten lifetimes) can remember an Indian team having.
And most of the posts here are absolutely right. Bangladesh are the Tigers, because the Royal Bengal Tiger is found in the Sunderbans delta which covers both West Bengal and Bangladesh (am I right?).
The Tiger is India's national animal, but the cricket team has never been called that. Some silly website, or forum, doesn't change that reality.
As for Bangladesh NEVER beating India, what a stupid thing to say. Never say never in sport. Senegal beat France at the last football World Cup, India beat West Indies in 1983.....a day will surely come when Bangladesh beat every Test playing nation.
Amit, to me, symbolised everything that is wrong with the shallow, jingoistic Indian fan...no real knowledge or understanding of the game, and he confuses bias and jingoism with patriotism. These are the sort of guys that give fans all over the world a bad name. At the end of the day, it's JUST A GAME. Enjoy it, but make sure your life doesn't revolve around it.

PS. Am doing a feature for the Khaleej Times on August 22 about the Pak-Bangladesh series. Can a couple of people here (preferably from the 20-30 age group) write in and tell me just how much this series means to Bangladesh? No hatred or bad language please. Will certainly give credit to the quotes I pick out in my article.


August 8, 2003, 12:12 PM
I think Amit's view is based on what they call it in India. It may be the case, where the locals in India call their team Tigers while the world dont.

Amit's world is very small where India is the world. Whatever the Indian's do or feel is the fact to him.

It will change as he matures.

August 8, 2003, 01:19 PM
Amit, I'm sorry to say that you are dick-head.

See if you are a true cricket fan then you shouldn't have a place for hatred in your heart. Cricket is the most peacefull & loveable game.

You are not a bad guy I know (but a little crazy abt India), I appreciated you sometimes when you deserved it.

Amit, tell me an occasion when I made fun India, do you really understand the meaning of the word 'fun'. I have been trying for quite a while to help you understand that no one here is making fun of India, infact you are annoying me by saying that again and again.

We don't want you to get off from this board, stay here with us but make sensible posst & be carefull the way you use your words. Stop personal attack Amit. Get Matured (You are about the same age as me).

Wisden-voice thanks for confirming that tiger thing. Hey I lived in Dubai for Six years, I know Khaleej Times well, used to read it everyday back 5-6 years ago. I feel sorry, I can't help you with your feature I don't fall in that age group (I'm 18) :P.

August 8, 2003, 01:22 PM
NZ are----> Kiwi
Aus are---> Kangaroo, Quala ...whatever
Chinese are ---> Dragon
BDs' are ----> RBT (You can't tk it away)

If INDIA wants to become--> RBT then, Logic is India is becoming our first COLONY
Wow!!!! I like that.

Guys do you want India to be our 20th province???????? Yes/No ????????
Having fun with you Amit

August 8, 2003, 01:40 PM
There were a 'CAT-FIGHT' tournament in the US.... just like Dogfight.

In the final, Two cat .... US Cat & BD Cat

After long arduous fight....like Ali/Frasier....
BD cat won......became Champion.

A sports journalist comes to BD cat, tell him...."Congrats Mr. Champion" ......today you really fought like a Royal Bengal Tiger (RBT). ............BD Cat replied in Bangla....

Haw Bhai,....AAseeLam BaagH, Kintu...Na Khete Peye,.........ShuKiya.....HoYa Gesee .....BELAYEEEEEEEEEE

Amit I hope You don't know Bangla


August 8, 2003, 02:06 PM
Hahahaha....tipsultan bhai...dats a very famous story...

August 8, 2003, 02:55 PM
ore kaise.....Amit khepse.....

Look amit.......
U r a die hard Indian Fan......and Habibul_fan is also a die hard Aussie Fan.

Did he ever post any post with a title "Aussies will eat you up " or anything like that ?

I didnt make fun of India and I dont care whether India wins or lose.

We all love bd cricket very much.

I will not stand any comments that is made against my country.

August 8, 2003, 02:57 PM
I have originally posted this in the Bangles thread, and looks like amit is not hitting that thread. So, I am copying it here.

Looks like H_fan is putting his money where his mouth is:

quote:The day I see a Tiger eat a Kangeroo i will support India!

Shabash (bravo) H_fan. How about you amit. What would you do if India does not win 4-0? Are you ready to accept the challange?

August 8, 2003, 03:03 PM
I have a feeling..James actually meant a real tiger eating a real kangaroo ...:D..but I can't be sure...

August 8, 2003, 03:51 PM
Why are we wasting our times to talk about INDIA?
Is there any sense debating on a topic like "The sun rises in the east or The earth moves round the sun."?
So do the topic that we are the TIGERS.
Amit if you know someone who has a little cricketing knowledge just ask him who is the TIGER? answer certainly Bangladesh:cool:
India is like a fish which when brought outside of water cannot live.
So u can beat anyone at home but think about abroad I think first try ZIMBABWE then u'll go for others.
Shafi (A fan of only TIGERS)

August 8, 2003, 05:08 PM
Why did you opened the PandorraaaaasssssssssssssBox

You love it don't you....You're now centre of ...........attraction

August 8, 2003, 09:17 PM
When i read it i thought how funny it was that a tiger would eat a kangeroo, that wouldn't happen because the kangeroo would use it's hind legs to dis-embowl it

And when i posted that i though, hey if India wins 4-0 i will support them because i know that won't happen and when Australia wins it ill add to his disappointment

August 9, 2003, 01:19 AM
U guys should know this, i never come here to talk about Indian cricket here. To do that, there are 2 other forums out there (http://indiancricket.proboards15.com) and Anils forum at (http://www.sportnetwork.net/boards/list/s119.htm?f=118) .

I have seen that many guys get into meaningless fights over here. I have to agree with what Fwullah has said.

WisdenVoice bhai, there is one thing. About the BD-Pak series and what it means, i will give u. (I dont fall in the group though) but it will be a bit sensible post. Also, about the Tigers thing, lets forget it for all. BANGLADESHIS ARE THE TIGERS. I dont call Indians tigers now, i call Indians as Indian Tigers. If u check out in the Indian Cricket Forum, there is a member called "Indiantiger" out there.


Why I started posting India will win 4-0 against Aus in Aus out here was due to the fact that u guys were making lots of fun of India during April due to just 2 losses against here. Nasifkhan was the main guy. He has made big-big fun of India always. Stop making fun of India. If u guys will stop making fun of India, i will stop posting India will win 4-0 against Aus in Aus out here. It will be posted in Indian forums only.

Ehsan, u once posted that Indians dont deserve to be called Tigers, that was when u made fun of India. I come here to support BD, not India. For supporting India, there r 2 forums out there.

Despite being regularly insulted by some guys, i was still here due to the fact that there are some nice people out here.

WisdenVoice, have u registered in Anils Indian Cricket Fever forum as Dileep ?

Also, Indian cricket fever run by Anil has far better guys than here. All Indians and some Australians as well appreciated my 3rd ODI article. The article was of Bangladesh, but still u guys didnt like it.

Also, lets end this tiger fight.

Zakir once made a great post. About BD beating India, BD will beat India one day within the next 3/4 years. Also BD will win the Asia Cup once. The football example was a great one.


If u guys stop making fun of India, i will stop posting India will win 4-0 against Aus in Aus out here. Also, another thing, once India wins 4-0 against Aus in Aus this year, all u guys would have to support India then.

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[Edited on 9-8-2003 by amit]

August 9, 2003, 01:38 AM

You have my solemn pledge. IF India best the Aussies 4-0, I will become the greatest non-Indian India fan. They will truly deserve to be called the best in the world if they manage to do that i.e. beat Australia 4-0!

there, you can quote me on that. Now lets drop this topic.

[Edited on 9-8-2003 by pompous]

August 9, 2003, 02:53 AM
Amit you said this
"All Indians and some Australians as well appreciated my 3rd ODI article. The article was of Bangladesh, but still u guys didnt like it."

So I went on that site to see who appreciated your article. I dont want to post them all but just one will suffice.


It's been a while since I posted last, but it's still nice to see you guys grasping at straws as usual.

Nice article, amits. That is, if you ignore the glaring factual errors. My personal favourite was:


Alok Kapali, was the hero of Bangladesh as he made 49 tuns off just 64 balls against an attack which comprised bowlers like McGrath, Gillespie and Lee.

Which indicates that not only did you not watch the game, but you didn't even look at the scorecard very carefully. McGrath and Lee weren't even in the starting eleven for this game! "

LOL Amit. What sort of a "match report" is it when you didnt even know that McGrath and Lee were not even playing? You are quite a cartoon.

August 9, 2003, 03:02 AM
Good point slayer

Amit bhai=Kutta pacha, khek

[Edited on 9-8-2003 by Habibul_fan]

August 9, 2003, 06:16 AM
Ok Amit...

Lets forget what has happened...

Every one here is the fan of Bd cricket team including you and from now on we will discuss only about Bangladesh Cricket.

August 9, 2003, 08:01 AM
Since Dileep's my name, I believe I'm allowed to register on message boards anywhere with that...:) We're generally discouraged from doing that, but if I don't come to places like that, I won't know the pulse of the fan.
As for Amit's article, give the kid a break. I think he was just trying to curry favour him, and win some friends.
Amit...next time, WATCH before you write...first rule when writing a match report, however biased...:)

August 9, 2003, 09:14 AM
I am thoroughly amused. The board has reached some new lows through threads like this. We should make a "teenie" forum for petty adolescent banters.

August 9, 2003, 11:22 AM
I think u dont know what is One day cricket.India lose again Zimbabwe and also kenya.But y u say that india never lose to bangladesh.One day cricket has its own style.The last ball sometimes may be dicided for a result.Although bangladesh is very underdog but U see the world cup 1999,where bangladesh difitet pakistan.So u can not say about anything about that.And i also says bangladesh difiate india if these player will not play against bd.

Bye and thxzzzzz:D

August 10, 2003, 10:47 AM
If SriLanka and NZ can win DOI tournaments, so can BD. Give them a few years. Perhaphs when Ashraful is the mature elder statesman of the team with 75 tests 7500 runs and 25 test centuries under his belt he will lift the world cup for BD. Along the way I'm sure he would have had to beaten India at least once...

August 12, 2003, 08:21 AM

Hmmmmm Indian Tiger.What is that.May be u forget that which tiger is Storng .I say about The great Royel Bengal Tiger.And Bangladesg team is like that.Someone will say that If tiger then y they can not prove it.Because this tiger is only grown up now.So be care ful.(To the other Nation)Future will say that.


August 12, 2003, 11:21 PM
Let's drop this issue.

Do not want to read any more negative remarks on this thread.

August 13, 2003, 05:29 AM
Hey lets talk about srategy of bd team