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July 27, 2005, 10:01 AM
It is nice to see BC added a "This Day in Bangladesh Cricket"-- a history section on BC web page. This is great, but if you guys want to add such a history section, please add it after thorough research and data collection. Since it is displayed in the BC home page, image of the website is also related to its content. Chacha/Pilot mistake was a simple mistake--we all understand that. But birth of Chacha is not the only thing happened in Bangladesh Cricket on July 27th.

On July 27th 2003, Bangladesh was playing test match against Australia in Cairns. July-27 was the 3rd day of that match. This was a glorious day for BD opening batsman Hannan Sarker. In the afternoon of July 27 2003, Hannan Sarkar scored brilliant half-century--- this was his back to back half century in the same test.

This is just one example. I know it's a huge job to research all those data for all 365 days. It may be too much to ask for from a single moderator--but you don't have to do everything by your own. If you just put a simple message on the forum--many members will be willing to contribute to enrich the database for this section. Considering the image of this web site to world media, you guys need to make sure when you do something--you do it right.

BD-AUS 27th July Scorecard (http://pluslive.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2003/BDESH_IN_AUS/SCORECARDS/BDESH_AUS_T2_25-29JUL2003.html)

Note: I posted it as a reply to a different thread. But I thought it should be in this section of the forum.

July 27, 2005, 10:19 AM
Thanks for the info, added to the main page.

If you can, post importent dates/events in Bangladesh Cricket here.

July 27, 2005, 10:31 AM
I sure will look for the staff for this section. I hope many others will also join to enrich this history section. Once the data collection done, it will be great to get glimpses of the history everyday of the year.

July 27, 2005, 02:31 PM
The following is the complete list of active days of Bangladesh Cricket Team in ODI and Test. Each of these active days could be used as an event in "This Day in History" section. Of course, the scorecards of these days will provide further details.

The data is sorted by Month. From this table, we can tell what happened in different days in a certain month in ODI & Test History of Bangladesh. For example, looking at the first number (month) in this list you can tell on July-28(tomorrow), Bangladesh Played Test Match against Sri Lanka in 2002 and against Australia in 2003. Then from scorecard, we can find out detail individual performances.

1-6-2005 Zimbabwe Day-1
1-7-2005 Zimbabwe Day-2
1-8-2005 Zimbabwe Day-3
1-9-2002 Pakistan Day-1
1-9-2005 Zimbabwe Day-4
1-10-2002 Pakistan Day-2
1-10-2005 Zimbabwe Day-5
1-11-2002 Pakistan Day-3
1-12-1998 Pakistan ODI
1-14-2005 Zimbabwe Day-1
1-15-2005 Zimbabwe Day-2
1-16-2002 Pakistan Day-1
1-16-2005 Zimbabwe Day-3
1-17-2002 Pakistan Day-2
1-17-2005 Zimbabwe Day-4
1-18-2002 Pakistan Day-3
1-18-2005 Zimbabwe Day-5
1-20-2005 Zimbabwe ODI
1-22-2002 Pakistan ODI
1-24-2002 Pakistan ODI
1-24-2005 Zimbabwe ODI
1-25-2002 Pakistan ODI
1-26-2005 Zimbabwe ODI
1-29-2005 Zimbabwe ODI
1-31-2005 Zimbabwe ODI
2-11-2003 Canada ODI
2-14-2003 Sri Lanka ODI
2-18-2003 West Indies ODI
2-19-2004 Zimbabwe Day-1
2-20-2004 Zimbabwe Day-2
2-21-2004 Zimbabwe Day-3
2-22-2003 South Africa ODI
2-22-2004 Zimbabwe Day-4
2-23-2004 Zimbabwe Day-5
2-26-2004 Zimbabwe Day-1
2-26-2003 New Zealand ODI
2-27-2004 Zimbabwe Day-2
2-28-2004 Zimbabwe Day-3
2-29-2004 Zimbabwe Day-4
3-1-2003 Kenya ODI
3-10-2004 Zimbabwe ODI
3-12-2004 Zimbabwe ODI
3-14-2004 Zimbabwe ODI
3-16-1999 Pakistan ODI
3-20-1999 Kenya ODI
3-21-1999 Zimbabwe ODI
3-24-1999 Kenya ODI
3-25-1999 Zimbabwe ODI
3-31-1986 Pakistan ODI
4-2-1986 Sri Lanka ODI
4-5-1995 India ODI
4-6-1995 Sri Lanka ODI
4-7-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
4-8-1995 Pakistan ODI
4-8-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
4-11-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
4-11-2003 India ODI
4-14-2003 South Africa ODI
4-16-2003 India ODI
4-17-2003 South Africa ODI
4-19-2001 Zimbabwe Day-1
4-20-2001 Zimbabwe Day-2
4-21-2001 Zimbabwe Day-3
4-22-2001 Zimbabwe Day-4
4-24-2003 South Africa Day-1
4-25-2003 South Africa Day-2
4-26-2001 Zimbabwe Day-1
4-26-2003 South Africa Day-3
4-27-2001 Zimbabwe Day-2
4-27-2003 South Africa Day-4
4-28-1990 New Zealand ODI
4-28-2001 Zimbabwe Day-3
4-29-2001 Zimbabwe Day-4
4-30-1990 Australia ODI
4-30-2001 Zimbabwe Day-5
5-1-2003 South Africa Day-1
5-2-2003 South Africa Day-2
5-3-2003 South Africa Day-3
5-4-2003 South Africa Day-4
5-14-1998 India ODI
5-15-2004 West Indies ODI
5-16-2004 West Indies ODI
5-17-1998 Kenya ODI
5-17-1999 New Zealand ODI
5-19-2004 West Indies ODI
5-21-1999 West Indies ODI
5-23-1998 Kenya ODI
5-24-1999 Scotland ODI
5-25-1998 India ODI
5-26-2005 England Day-1
5-27-1999 Australia ODI
5-27-2005 England Day-2
5-28-2004 West Indies Day-1
5-28-2005 England Day-3
5-29-2000 Sri Lanka ODI
5-29-2004 West Indies Day-2
5-30-2000 India ODI
5-30-2004 West Indies Day-3
5-31-1999 Pakistan ODI
5-31-2004 West Indies Day-4
6-1-2004 West Indies Day-5
6-2-2000 Pakistan ODI
6-3-2005 England Day-1
6-4-2004 West Indies Day-1
6-4-2005 England Day-2
6-5-2004 West Indies Day-2
6-5-2005 England Day-3
6-6-2004 West Indies Day-3
6-7-2004 West Indies Day-4
6-16-2005 England ODI
6-18-2005 Australia ODI
6-21-2005 England ODI
6-25-2005 Australia ODI
6-26-2005 England ODI
6-30-2005 Australia ODI
7-16-1997 Pakistan ODI
7-16-2004 Hong Kong ODI
7-17-2004 Pakistan ODI
7-18-2003 Australia Day-1
7-19-2003 Australia Day-2
7-20-2003 Australia Day-3
7-21-2002 Sri Lanka Day-1
7-21-2004 India ODI
7-22-1997 Sri Lanka ODI
7-22-2002 Sri Lanka Day-2
7-23-2002 Sri Lanka Day-3
7-23-2004 Sri Lanka ODI
7-24-1997 India ODI
7-25-2003 Australia Day-1
7-26-2003 Australia Day-2
7-27-2003 Australia Day-3
7-28-2002 Sri Lanka Day-1
7-28-2003 Australia Day-4
7-29-2002 Sri Lanka Day-2
7-29-2004 Pakistan ODI
7-30-2002 Sri Lanka Day-3
7-31-2002 Sri Lanka Day-4
8-2-2003 Australia ODI
8-3-2003 Australia ODI
8-4-2002 Sri Lanka ODI
8-5-2002 Sri Lanka ODI
8-6-2003 Australia ODI
8-7-2002 Sri Lanka ODI
8-20-2003 Pakistan Day-1
8-21-2003 Pakistan Day-2
8-22-2003 Pakistan Day-3
8-23-2003 Pakistan Day-4
8-24-2003 Pakistan Day-5
8-27-2003 Pakistan Day-1
8-28-2003 Pakistan Day-2
8-29-2001 Pakistan Day-1
8-29-2003 Pakistan Day-3
8-30-2001 Pakistan Day-2
8-30-2003 Pakistan Day-4
8-31-2001 Pakistan Day-3
9-3-2003 Pakistan Day-1
9-4-2003 Pakistan Day-2
9-5-2003 Pakistan Day-3
9-6-2001 Sri Lanka Day-1
9-6-2003 Pakistan Day-4
9-7-2001 Sri Lanka Day-2
9-8-2001 Sri Lanka Day-3
9-9-2003 Pakistan ODI
9-12-2003 Pakistan ODI
9-12-2004 South Africa ODI
9-15-2003 Pakistan ODI
9-15-2004 West Indies ODI
9-18-2003 Pakistan ODI
9-19-2002 Australia ODI
9-21-2003 Pakistan ODI
9-23-2002 New Zealand ODI
10-3-2002 South Africa ODI
10-5-2000 England ODI
10-6-2002 South Africa ODI
10-8-1999 West Indies ODI
10-9-1999 West Indies ODI
10-9-2002 South Africa ODI
10-10-1997 Kenya ODI
10-11-1997 Zimbabwe ODI
10-14-1997 Zimbabwe ODI
10-15-1997 Kenya ODI
10-18-2002 South Africa Day-1
10-19-2002 South Africa Day-2
10-19-2004 New Zealand Day-1
10-20-2002 South Africa Day-3
10-20-2004 New Zealand Day-2
10-21-2002 South Africa Day-4
10-21-2003 England Day-1
10-21-2003 England Day-3
10-21-2004 New Zealand Day-3
10-22-2003 England Day-2
10-22-2004 New Zealand Day-4
10-23-2003 England Day-3
10-24-2003 England Day-4
10-25-2002 South Africa Day-1
10-25-2003 England Day-5
10-26-2002 South Africa Day-2
10-26-2004 New Zealand Day-1
10-27-1988 India ODI
10-27-2002 South Africa Day-3
10-27-2004 New Zealand Day-2
10-28-2004 New Zealand Day-3
10-29-1988 Pakistan ODI
10-29-2003 England Day-1
10-29-2004 New Zealand Day-4
10-30-2003 England Day-2
11-2-1988 Sri Lanka ODI
11-2-2004 New Zealand ODI
11-5-2004 New Zealand ODI
11-7-2003 England ODI
11-7-2004 New Zealand ODI
11-8-2001 Zimbabwe Day-1
11-9-2001 Zimbabwe Day-2
11-10-2000 India Day-1
11-10-2001 Zimbabwe Day-3
11-10-2003 England ODI
11-11-2000 India Day-2
11-11-2001 Zimbabwe Day-4
11-12-2000 India Day-3
11-12-2001 Zimbabwe Day-5
11-12-2003 England ODI
11-13-2000 India Day-4
11-15-2001 Zimbabwe Day-1
11-16-2001 Zimbabwe Day-2
11-17-2001 Zimbabwe Day-3
11-18-2001 Zimbabwe Day-4
11-19-2001 Zimbabwe Day-5
11-23-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
11-25-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
11-26-2001 Zimbabwe ODI
11-29-2002 West Indies ODI
12-2-2002 West Indies ODI
12-3-2002 West Indies ODI
12-8-2002 West Indies Day-1
12-8-2002 West Indies Day-2
12-8-2002 West Indies Day-3
12-10-2004 India Day-1
12-11-2004 India Day-2
12-12-2004 India Day-3
12-13-2004 India Day-4
12-16-2002 West Indies Day-1
12-17-2002 West Indies Day-2
12-17-2004 India Day-1
12-18-2001 New Zealand Day-1
12-18-2002 West Indies Day-3
12-18-2004 India Day-2
12-19-2001 New Zealand Day-2
12-19-2004 India Day-3
12-20-2001 New Zealand Day-3
12-20-2004 India Day-4
12-21-2001 New Zealand Day-4
12-22-2001 New Zealand Day-5
12-23-2004 India ODI
12-25-1990 India ODI
12-26-2001 New Zealand Day-1
12-26-2004 India ODI
12-27-2001 New Zealand Day-2
12-27-2004 India ODI
12-28-2001 New Zealand Day-3
12-29-2001 New Zealand Day-4
12-31-1990 Sri Lanka ODI

July 27, 2005, 06:44 PM
I'd like to add all these dates but that be embarrasing! Those aere alot of loses and bad performances. I've got all MOM and some of our better day is Cricket heres my list so far. (It's a work in Progress ):-/

thats about 100 days. Bangladesh Cricket is young and eventually it'll fill up to 365

1st ODI played
31 March 1986 (45-overs match) Bangladesh v Pakistan - Pakistan won by 7 wickets
Wasim Akram took Man of the Match as he took 4 wickets only allowing 19 runs. //

Asia XI vs BCB XI

27 March 2001 (50-over match) Javed Omar's 102 of 130 led Bangldesh to a score of 275 vs the Asia XI.
However Aravinda de Silva 78 off of 48 deliveries ensured the Asia XI the Win.//

Notable dates

//8 Sept 2001 - Teenage Phenom! Mohammad Ashraful becomes the youngest player ever to score a Test century with his score of 114. Ashraful and Muralitharan who took 10 wickets shared the Man of the Match.

//25 July 2003 - Hannan Sarkar shows Fight. Hannan Sarkar's gritty 76 on the first day vs Australia led Bangladesh ending the day on 289/8.

//26 May 2005 - Bangladesh Play their First Test a Lords

//26 June 2000 - Bangladesh is recognized as a Test Playing Nation by the ICC.

//25 March 1999 (50-over match)- Mehrab Hossain (101) scored Bangladesh's maiden ODI century vs Zimbabwe. However Zimbabwe chased Bangladesh's total of 257 with 3 balls to spare.

//1st Test Played

10 Nov 2000 - Day 1 239/6 (Aminul Islam 70*, Khaled Mashud 3*, 90 overs)
11 Nov 2000 - Day 2 - BulBul gets His TON! Aminul Islam scores 145 as Bangladesh score 400 on Day 2 of there first Test vs India & Naimur Rahman takes the first dimissal
in Bangladesh test History.
12 Nov 2000 - Naimur Rahman Takes 5 wickets as he was responibile for the dissmals of Sourav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar.
13 Nov 2000 - Bangladesh loses it's first test by 9 Wickets.

Pakistan Test Series

1st Test//

20 August 2003 - Bangladesh end day 1 with a score of 278/9 with Habibul Bashar leading the way with a score of 71
21 August 2003 - Bangladesh end day 2 with a score of 288 as they hold Pakistan to a score of 301/5
22 August 2003 - Bangladesh Get the 5 remaing pakistani wickets for only 45 runs as they restrict pakistan to 346 Bangladesh end the day in total control as the end up with a score of 163/3
23 August 2003 - Bashar leads the Way! Habibul Bashar scores 108 as Bangladesh score 274
24 August 2003 - Pakistan reach Bangladesh's Target of 217 as they win by 7 wickets

2nd Test // last one left

27 August 2003 - Total Domination! Bangladesh end Day 1 of the second test vs Pakistan with a score
of 240/2 as Habibul bashar scores 97 and Javed Omar 96*, Mohammad Ashraful 34*still going strong.
28 August 2003 - Javed Omar gets his Maiden Ton with a score of 119 as Bangladesh score an impressive
361. Pakistan stood with a score of 134/2
29 August 2003 - Alok secures First innings lead! Alok kapali ended pakistan's innings with Bangladesh's First Test Hat-trick. this was Bangladesh's first first innings lead.
30 August 2003 - Agony! Bangladesh crumble to a score of 96 as Pakistan won the second test by 9 wickets.

3rd Test

3 Sept 2003 - Bangladesh end Day 1 of there 3rd test Vs Pakistan with a repespectable 248/6 Habibul Bashar
led the way with a score 72.
4 Sept 2003 - Chacha and Rafique lead the Charge! Bangladesh ended the day with a score of 281 but with
Mohammed rafique's 5/36 and Khaled Mahmud's 4/37 pakistan was all out for 175! In BD's second innings
they were 77/4
5 Sept 2003 - Bangladesh Stumble to a score of 154 but Manjural Islam and Khaled Mahmud Held Pakistan to 148/6
6 Sept 2003 - 1 wicket Short! Bangladesh are unable to get the wicket of Inzamam-ul-Haq who score an unbeaten
138 as Pakistan wins by 1 wicket.

1st White Wash

19 Dec 1993 - Akram Khan's 43 leads to Bangladesh's 3-0 whitewash ODI series vs HongKong. //


Mashrafe Mortaza - Oct 5 1983
Naimur Rahman - Sept 19 1974
Aminul Islam - Feb 2 1968
Aftab Ahmed - Nov 10 1985
Akram Khan - Nov 1 1968
Athar Ali Khan - Feb 10 1962
Alok Kapali -Jan 1 1984
Enamul Haque sr - Feb 27 1966
Enamul Haque jr - Dec 5 1986
Habibul Bashar - Aug 17 1972
Hannan Sarkar - Dec 1 1982
Javed Omar - Nov 25 1976
Khaled Mahmud - July 26 1971//
Khaled Mashud - Feb 8 1976
Mehrab Hossain - Sept 22 1978

Wins- Icc Trophy

24 May 1979 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Fiji - Bangladesh won by 22 runs
31 May 1979 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Malaysia - Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
16 June 1982 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v West Africa - Bangladesh won by 76 runs
21 June 1982 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v East Africa - Bangladesh won by 26 runs
2 July 1982 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Netherlands - Bangladesh won by 6 wickets
11 June 1986(60-overs match) Bangladesh v Kenya - Bangladesh won by 9 runs
25 June 1986 (60-overs match) Argentina v Bangladesh - Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
4 June 1990 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Kenya - Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
6 June 1990 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Bermuda - Bangladesh won by 36 runs
10 June 1990 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Fiji - Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
14 June 1990 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Denmark - Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
18 June 1990 (60-overs match) Bangladesh v Canada - Bangladesh won by 117 runs
13 Feb 1994 (50-overs match) Argentina v Bangladesh - Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
15 Feb 1994 (50-overs match) Bangladesh v East and Central Africa - Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
19 Feb 1994 (50-overs match) Bangladesh v United States of America - Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
27 Feb 1994 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v Hong Kong - Bangladesh won by 57 runs
24 March 1997 (50 overs match) Argentina v Bangladesh - Bangladesh won by 5 wickets
25 March 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v West Africa - Bangladesh won by 9 wickets
27 March 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v Denmark - Bangladesh won by 5 wickets
29 March 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v United Arab Emirates - Bangladesh won by 110 runs
30 March 1997 (50 overs match) Malaysia v Bangladesh - Bangladesh won by 59 runs
1 April 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v Hong Kong - Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
4 April 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v Netherlands - Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
8 April 1997 (50 overs match) Bangladesh v Scotland - Bangladesh won by 72 runs
12 April 1997(50 overs match) Bangladesh v Kenya - Bangladesh won by 2 wickets

MOM's + wins
// 3 dn
31 Dec 1990 (50-overs match) - Athar steals the show, despite SL win: Athar Ali Khan's 77 wins him the Man of the Match vs SriLanka - Sri Lanka won by 71 runs
17 May 1998 (50-overs match) - Rafique the all rounder - SLA Mohammed Rafique's 3/56 & 77 helped Bangladesh beat kenya 6 wickets.
24 May 1999 (50-over match) - Minhajul saves the day - Minhajul Abedin's 68* set the way for Bangladesh score of 185 as Bangladesh defeat scotland by 22 runs to win there first World cup match.
31 May 1999 (50-over match) - Chacha leaves his Mark - Bangladesh beat Pakistan in the biggest WorldCup upset in History. Khaled Mahmud takes a 3 wickets for 31 as Bangladesh beat Pakistan by
14 April 2003 (50-over match) - Ashraful Half- century in vain. Mohammed Ashraful scores 52 and wins
Man of the Match despite losing to South Africa by 83 runs at BNS.
10 March 2004 (50-over match) - Ashraful & Aziz Power BD to Victory! Bangladesh Win there first ODI since being
named a Test Nation. Mohammed Ashraful with his 51* from only 32 deliveries. Aziz sealed the victory when he bowled
Matsikenyeri and Hondo on consecutive deliveries in the final over. Bangladesh defeat Zimbabwe by 8 runs.
14 March 2004 (50-over match) - Chacha falls short. Man of the Match Khaled Mahmud's sensational 4/19 was not enough
as Zimbabwe won by 3 wickets.
16 July 2004 (50-over match) - Bangladesh dominate Hong Kong! Man of the Match Javed Omar's opening 68 was more than
enough for Bangladesh who cruise to victory by 116 runs.

July 28, 2005, 08:28 AM
Originally posted by cricman
I'd like to add all these dates but that be embarrasing! Those aere alot of loses and bad performances

Great Collection of events, Cricman.
By the way, if you would like to ignore the loses, you can easily do that just by saying what was taking place on that day and overlooking the outcome. For example, you could say—“Bangladesh Played Natwest Series ODI against England in Brit Oval on this day” instead of mentioning the fact that we lost the match by 10 wickets.

On the contrary, we are looking back at our history. It might be full of embarrassment, but it certainly is part of our making as a future power in world cricket. Someday we will be a strong side in world cricket, but these loses will still be part of our proud history. We will consider them as the hard and painful way we came across to become the Bangladesh of that future day.

July 28, 2005, 08:51 AM
You might want to add the following in your list:

22 February 1998: Raman Lamba Died due to a head injurry he suffered on Feb-20. He was fielding at shortleg and the ballhit on his skull off the bat of Mehrab Hossain. Newspapers in Bangladesh called it Bangladesh cricket's saddest day.

July 28, 2005, 09:00 AM
My suggestion: not all day will be found that way, and us avid fans will remember most of the glorious events of bangladesh cricket. not date but events. so lets make a list of events first, and then do the research and find the dates. here is some important events, i can think of, on top of my head:

<li>Ataher ali win MoM in ODI
<li>We beat Holand using akram khan's innnings in ICC trophy.
<li>We beat scotland to win a place in WC.
<li>we beat kenya to win ICC trophy.
<li>We beat scotland from one of the worst position is odi (is it 26/6?)
<li>Nannu scores 2 centuries in WC99.
<li>We beat pakistan.
<li>We beat kenya in odi in india (add rafique's innings)
<li>Mehrab hossian scores first century
<li>that remainds me, opee's uncle scored the first 50 for the country (whats his name?)
<li>We get ODI status.
<li>we get test status
<li>we play frist test and score 400.
<li>all the test centuries.
<li>ash's century record
<li>JO carries the bat on debut.
<li>alok's hattrick.
<li>birth day of all cricketers (from cricinfo)
<li>dav joins bangladesh
<li>we get first innings lead twice in pakistan.
<li>JO wins man of the series in srilanka.
<li>ash wins MoM against SA.
<li>All the ODI MoM, i already composed the complete list, i'll dig it up.
<li>all the big things starting india beating. we all remember the events.

Edited on, July 28, 2005, 2:02 PM GMT, by Rubu.

July 28, 2005, 09:03 AM
Check this out (http://www.banglacricket.com/alochona/viewthread.php?tid=13039#pid212640)

July 28, 2005, 10:04 AM
We dont have to put every match we played on this day. We just need memorable, mentionable events. Keep in mind.. as time passes, there will be more and more matches played on the same date and we can not display all on the main page.

Keep it reasonable.

July 28, 2005, 11:42 AM
Originally posted by Mahmood
We dont have to put every match we played on this day. We just need memorable, mentionable events. Keep in mind.. as time passes, there will be more and more matches played on the same date and we can not display all on the main page.
Keep it reasonable.

As time passes and more things happen, we can then ignore insignificant things and consider only the memorable, mentionable events. Until then, we might have to consider the matches played to put something for everyday. Test and ODI gives us data for 199 days and we have 169 empty days. ICC Matches, Domestic Matches, Other Tours and Birthdays and other off the field events----hopefully they will fill up the other 169.

July 28, 2005, 12:33 PM
Quality or quantity?

We dont really have to put something there just so there is something to show for today. Its built dynamically, if there is none for today, it will simply disappear.

I prefer quality over quantity. Let us concentratre on memorable/importent dates.

July 28, 2005, 01:34 PM
Originally posted by Mahmood
Quality or quantity?

We dont really have to put something there just so there is something to show for today. Its built dynamically, if there is none for today, it will simply disappear.

I prefer quality over quantity. Let us concentratre on memorable/importent dates.

Good Point !!