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April 6, 2003, 08:00 PM
How about sending an email to our prime minister and let her know about our dissatisfaction and frustration about current BCB committee?

I know that our politicians don’t care about our country. But our mail will at least give her a clear view of what people are thinking about these political appointee’s in BCB and how these incompetent folks are diminishing the popularity of the ruling party. For her party’s sake, she would then try to do something good for our cricket. And eventually our cricket will be benefited.

April 7, 2003, 10:37 PM
[I m in Virginia, :)]

Read this post by BD bhai and you will know how fruitless it will be to send that mail to the pm. By the way, this is from a prothom-alo report and we do not know if the news is validated. However, it's pretty much a given, knowing ho things work in BD.

Arafat Rahman:BCB General Secretary !??!!??

Just read this news on Prothom Alo.
ICC published a book named "playing condition" where it put the name and address of all the cricket boards. And it put Arafat Rahman's name for BCB GS. But none of the directors know about this. Arafat Rahman is one of the members of the advisors.
That is Bangladesh. AA Loby was not found for any comment on this.

Link: Prothom Alo: 3rd report on sport section

P.S. Sorry for this duplicate post. By mistake posted this news in "Forget Cricket" earlier.