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July 26, 2002, 10:38 AM
After Bulbul's pair in test cricket, the first pair by any Bangladeshi in test match cricket I think (which is probably a record), I came to think of searching and looking for which batsman got the most number of ducks and so on.

I know it is not a very good thing, :) but I have discovered some INTERESTING THINGS.. Ofcourse, it was in my mind at the time that Marvan Atapattu of SriLanka was in my mind (It is always said by different TV commentators that he had scored 4 to 6 ducks in test match cricket in his first few innings of tests).

I must mention it here that I checked these things not too attentively and I may have missed some and there may have been some incorrect calculations somewhere, but this is what I did find out.

Test Match Cricket

Mohammad Sharif has the most number of ducks (6).

Monjurul Islam has the second most number of ducks (5).

Pilot and Bulbul has the third most number of ducks (3).

The following batsman has the fourth most number of ducks (2): Shanto, Kabir, Sumon, Moni, Opee, Javed.

Others are only 1 ducks (Bikash, Koushik, Sumit, Ashraful, Durjoy and Rokon).

One Day Cricket

The most number of ducks (5): Pilot & Bulbul

The second most number of ducks (4): Sumon

The third most number of ducks (3): Shanto, Akram, Bidyut, Nannu

The fourth most number of ducks (2): Sharif, Atahar, Durjoy, Shafiuddin Babu, Nurul Abedin Novel, Haroun-Er-Rashid Liton.

The following batsman has got only 1 duck: Opee, Shariful Haque Plabon, Sumit, Jakir Hasan, Sanwar, Rokon, Jahangir Alam the wicketkeeper, Sujon, Rafique, Moni, Faruk Ahmed, Gazi Ashraf Hussain Lipu, Samiur Rahman.

INTERESTING, EH? Who could ever have thought that Bulbul and Pilot are the recordholders among Bangladeshi players who have got the most number of ducks in One Day Internationals? And in both forms of the game, the following batsman have the tendency to get out after scoring ducks:

Bulbul, Pilot, Sumon, Sharif, Shanto, Monju, Nannu, Moni. It is easier to understand that batsman who are tailenders like Shanto and Sharif will get the highest number of ducks, but Bulbul, Pilot, Sumon, Nannu?

July 26, 2002, 03:42 PM
just what the good doctor ordered before the second test :)