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April 14, 2003, 11:12 AM
good performance by the boys today, too bad mahmud did not get his 50. it seemed that we were taking the game to them in the first 15, but then slowed down too much. The only way to get better is to try to win every time you play, as was the case in the beginning of the Bangladesh innings.

Mahmud was dissatisfied with his pace bowlers, think Manju comes back for Tareq Aziz?

Since Ashraful is settling into an opener role, the Mehrab-Javed opening pair will not materialize. Can either Mehrab or Javed bat down the order in place of Sanwar?

April 14, 2003, 11:32 AM
The problem with replacing Sanwar with Mehrab is that we become a bowler short. Today once again the spinners pulled things back after the quickies got whacked around. From a batting point of view, I would love to see Mehrab back in place of Sanwar, but Sanwar does provide a bowling option, which makes things less clear cut.

April 14, 2003, 11:37 AM
Unfortunately for Tareq Aziz, he was playing after a fairly long break, and not on the Chtg. turf.

His only possibility to keep on playing would be at the expense of Tapash, and not the more experienced Manju, or the bettwe MASRI or Talha. But for now atleast, I would think that Tapash will be able to keep him out.

As for the batting, Ash definitely gets to stay. I only wish we had ample time to size up Opee & Javed after their long break.

As for the upper order, this will keep on remaining a problem - we'll either have to try and find a more consistent Bashar, or a better Sanwar. And what about Akram Khan ? Tushar is too brittle, but maybe will do in ODIs.

And I still believe that Mashud should come in at 7. Trying to make him succeed at 5 or above (which he will not), is only an attempt to kid ourselves into saying that we have an improving upper order.

If anything should drastically change, then its that dumb mutt - Lobi !!

April 14, 2003, 11:42 AM
I think we should replace Aziz with Monju and keep the rest of the team intact for the next game. Nothing is more damaging than all this changing around. Also, batsmen should be allowed the time to get used to batting at a certain position. I think we have toyed enough with the batting order.

April 14, 2003, 12:43 PM
I think with Monju having to bowl in the test matches a lot, we can keep Monju on the benches to rest him up for a while.

About the 1 change that needs to be done in the Bangladshi line up of today is for Javed Omar to bat at 4 and Mehrab to bat at the opening position.

Don't forget, Javed Omar has batted at number four for his club side in this season's premier league.

Also, we have a tough Australian tour ahead, where playing 3 specialist openers in the side would be much better than 2. Especially since Sanwar is not doing much with the bat. And since Sanwar is unable to do much with the bat against South Africa, then we can all be rest assured that Sanwar won't be able to do much with the bat against Australia in Australia.

But for the record, lets not drop Sanwar totally from the 15 man squad.

April 14, 2003, 01:14 PM
Right, all we need to change is Opee in place of Sanwar. Dont tell me we need his spin bowling, then we need to most definitly drop him and get Moni.

As for Monjur vs Tarek, doesnt matter. We wont win this thing. All we care right now is batting. Concentrate there.

April 15, 2003, 12:58 AM
We need Opee and Golla to open the innings. Sanwar should be dropped. We have better spinners than him.

April 15, 2003, 01:58 AM
Until yesterday's South Africa match, Sanwar seemed to be bowling well, but if he continues to be an off spinner like Durjoy used to be, then we would rather take an extra batsman in place of an off spinner who can't score much (at least not in the one dayers).

If Sanwar had shown some sort of stability like staying at the wicket like Sumon did, that would have been enough, but since Sanwar's technique is not as good as Sumon's (well Opee's technique might not be as we would like to be but), so why should Sanwar be getting more chances? Especially since he cannot produce the goods (remember Sanwar is over 30 and Opee is around 25).

Also we have to look at this fact that Sanwar had played in 20 ODIs before this TVS cup, and Opee had played in 15 ODIs. So Opee deserves to get more opportunities.

Also don't forget the fact that although Sanwar is needed for the turning tracks of Dhaka and Chittagong, our next tour is in Australia. So before that tough Australia tour, we should give Opee a few more chances than he has been given to get some sort of confidence back under his belt. Opee is not a great player like Ashraful has the potential to be, but at least Opee has some scores against sides like Zimbabwe and West Indies.

On the other hand, what can Sanwar do with the bat against Australia in Australia? The only thing that he can do is to take some Aussie wickets with his off spin. But not before Aussie batsman scoring some hundreds or double hundreds while our pacers are bowling.

I think we should take some opinion about James on this matter. He knows his team well, as we know our team well.

Also, I would like to tell all of you to take a notice on how Akram is doing. I haven't given up hope on Akram personally yet, but if he doesn't score a fifty or a 40 plus innings in the next 2 ODIs, what happens to him then? Will he go to Australia then?

It is true that neither Javed, Sumon, Sanwar, Opee, Pilot has scored runs on this tournament so far. But that does not mean that Akram can't too. After all, Akram is the most experienced batter in the side.

Sumon and Javed hasn't done much, but if both of them can stick around for a while like specially Sumon did yesterday, then it is worth keeping Javed and Sumon in the first eleven.

Well only 50% of the tournament has been finished, we will have to wait and see about what happens in the future.

After all, a good score on the turning tracks of Bangladesh will not mean anything when the batsman will go to Australia and play Australia.