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July 28, 2002, 12:19 PM
I think that Bangladesh batsman will score at best 180 to 220 tomorrow.

And the worst thing that can happen to us before SriLanka gets bowled out is Charita Buddhika scoring a fifty with the assistance from the other SL batsman - number 10 and 11 and SL getting past 400 Run Mark before being bowled out.

The pitch looks really greenish and damp. I would not be surprised if the Debutant SL pacer Th - something who got 3 or 4 Bangladeshi batsman out in the practice matches gets 3 or 4 Bangladeshi wickets this time in the test match as well.

By the way, did you notice that how the new ball bowlers - both Alamgir Kabir and now Tapash Baishya had cramps so easily? It only proves what is the average fitness level among the players generally.

At first I had not thought Tapash Kumar Baishya to be any sort of bowler to have played for Bangladesh in the test matches at all. Then later after watching him bowl in the next few overs, it struck to me that he had been maintaining a good line and length, in fact a better line and length than either Monju or Talha during the spells that he bowled. And the result is: he got the wicket of Jehan Mubarak - the very same batsman who had started hitting him for fours.

It was like a personal vendatta for both of them - it was Mubarak's batting at that stage that I had started to think that Tapash is not a pacer to bowl for Bangladesh test team at all, at best a pacer to bowl for Bangaldesh, the ICC team. Then at last, he got the wicket of the same batsman who had been hitting him for fours.

Also, Tapash's Cricinfo profile says that he is "very fast", which I had not thought so at first. Then again, he continued to beat the edges of even Michael Vandort, let alone Mubarak.

July 29, 2002, 04:43 AM
fwullah! how do you do it? your predictions about their tail order and our batting performance is pretty much whats happened?!?!? amazing

July 29, 2002, 12:23 PM
Sorry, I was 20 runs short of the prediction.

Yes, it is all called EXPERIENCE. All you have to do is look at the last test match scorecards in front of you - and you will be able to predict this as well.

There were other predictions which I didn't mention in this board but which I knew would happen and has happened too.

Like after Hannan scoring a fifty in the first test first innings, he will not be scoring much in the second innings of the first test.

Al Shahriar will not score much after his fifty in the second innings of the first test match. Although I was expecting Al Shahriar to do something again - at least 20 to 30 runs in the second test first innings even though I had the fear for this.

And neither Hannan nor Al Shahriar will score anything in the second test match after their fifty in the first test match.