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February 12, 2006, 03:14 AM
On U-19 WC Live coverage issues, I recently wrote the ICC Chief Executive Office Mr. Malcolm Speed. I received reply to my e-mail today.

I know we all are broken hearted now. With the departure of our team from the U-19 World Cup, most of us already lost interest on the ICC live online coverage issues. But since many of us had similar concerns, I thought you might want to know the detail contents of these e-mail correspondences.

ICC Media Manager Brian Murgatroyd wrote the e-mail on behalf of ICC Chief Executive Office Malcolm Speed. Please see below for the correspondences:

From: Malcolm Speed
To: Brian Murgatroyd

Please reply to Mr. Syed Kamal.


From: Brian Murgatroyd
To: Syed Kamal

Dear Syed
Many thanks for your note, which Malcolm Speed has forwarded to me for a reply on his behalf.

The reasons for the lack of ball by ball coverage of every match in the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup are several but are best summed up as logistical, financial and commercial.

Having live coverage of all four matches played every day, as opposed to the two we are offering in this tournament, would obviously mean a doubling of the required resources with twice as many people, ‘phone lines and technical support and the extra cost needed and, when explored, that cost was found to be prohibitive. Two matches was the most we could manage but we have done our best to ensure that in covering those two matches we have spread the coverage around as evenly as we can. That means in the group stages we are covering 13 of the 16 teams in this fashion although, sadly, the USA is one of the teams that is missing out on that style of coverage. It would have been great if we could have afforded to cover each match ball by ball but the budget simply would not allow it.

In terms of Cricinfo, they are our partner and administer the official site but we were not in a position to allow them to cover matches themselves as that could have brought us into conflict with our commercial partners. Cricinfo, as a business, would more than likely have gone out into the market place to get sponsors to help pay for their coverage and if that sponsorship had been from a rival to one of our supporters then that could have prompted some major unhappiness from them. Those supporters pump millions of dollars into cricket to help grow the game and we have a duty to look after them, something that is enshrined in the current commercial arrangements that are in place for all ICC events. In addition, Cricinfo were offered the opportunity to be the official tournament website (which would have provided them with an opportunity to have live scores) but they opted not to take up this option.

I obviously accept it is not ideal that we are not covering every single match in minute detail and can understand your frustrations but we are endeavoring to provide you and everyone else in the cricketing world with the best possible coverage given the commercial and logistical realities that are in play. We are providing toss and team information ahead of each match and comprehensive half-time and full-time match reports including quotes wherever possible that offer an insight into events that shaped proceedings. We believe this is the best coverage of the tournament to be found anywhere and is the best coverage that we have ever offered of junior cricket.

I guess you might not accept this as an explanation I do hope you can understand the situation a little better after this note.

Many thanks, once again, for your email and kind regards

Brian Murgatroyd
ICC media manager

Original E-mail
From: Syed Kamal
To: Malcolm Speed

Dear Mr. Speed,

In response to my inquiry, Cricnfo.com just informed me that that they are not providing live internet ball-by-ball coverage for the U-19 World Cup matches due to the restriction imposed by ICC.

ICC has capability to provide live coverage for only 2 matches per day. So everyday there will be no coverage for the other 2 matches. There is no other radio or TV coverage for the preliminary round. ICC themselves can not cover the remaining 2 matches of the day and still they are not allowing Cricinfo to cover those matches.

ICC's decision to restrict online coverage is clearly against the ICC's motto of globalization of cricket. Spirit of Cricket and Cricket Lovers are the only losers here.

Please think about the millions of young cricketers and cricket lovers before imposing any such restriction decision in future.

Syed Kamal

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February 12, 2006, 04:31 AM
You gotta respect the fact that in no other major sport, a C-level person will respond back to the common fan.

I guess like most things in life, money is the source and the solution :umm:

February 12, 2006, 10:14 AM
There should have television coverage for some of the matches. Atleast SetMax should show some of the matches as they are the official partners in showing the ICC matches.

I hope next time onwards there is coverage of television for the ICC under 19 World Cup.

By the way which channel is showing the finals of the match ?

February 12, 2006, 10:17 AM
ICC should form a cricket channel themself and it should full 24 hours of cricket. It should be available throughout the world.

It should cover different domestic cricket and club cricket throughout the world. Also, it should cover the under19 cricket especially the World Cup and also the international matches played by the associate members which are not shown by the other channels. Domestic cricket played in Australia, Southafrica, and England should be shown in this channel.

It should also include the development of cricket in different parts of the world.

Main idea of this channel is promoting cricket and globilizing cricket throughout the world.

With advertising revenues, the channel can be globilized throughout the world.

February 12, 2006, 10:56 AM
Thanks Babubangla for the effort. As Razab pointed out, a reply from such a level is still unexpected in other sports. So we should be grateful.

February 12, 2006, 11:58 AM
Thanks BabuBangla for taking the issue this far and inform us the outcome.

February 12, 2006, 01:48 PM
(quote from Mr. BabuBangla's email)
"ICC's decision to restrict online coverage is clearly against the ICC's motto of globalization of cricket. Spirit of Cricket and Cricket Lovers are the only losers here."

I especiall liked this comment.