View Full Version : They all wanna hit 4 & 6

February 21, 2006, 01:19 PM
this is the problem with our batsman..they are all natural stroke makesrs, or so called attacking batsman. they want to achieve everything in one shot. aftab, bashar, ash they all play the same way. this is why we need batsman like omar, rajin (both can be too slow though), pilot who can get a single or double, and then hit 4 when its appropriate. especially in the middle order, we need someone like yunus khan, or yusuf or dravid, someone who can calm things down a little bit. you can't rely on bashar to settle things down cause he would try to score a risky boundary everytime there is a short ball; ash is the most unpredictable batsman, aftab is pretty much the same. i guess in bangladeshi standard we need someone like nannu or bulbul to stablilize our middle order.