View Full Version : that 'winning' feeling

al Furqaan
February 22, 2006, 09:08 PM
i have noticed countless BC members stating something along the lines of 'yes, beating Sri Lanka is great, but the feeling just doesn't seem that otherworldly anymore.'

throughout my time on this forum, i have always pointed out new and oft unnoticed signs of our improvement. the above sentiment by many of our esteemed members is yet another indisputable proof of the gradual, and sometimes deceptive, yet amazing improvement of Bangladesh cricket since 2003 world cup.

remember that feeling when we beat ZIM in 2004, bashar's first game as captain? that was such a great feeling, wasn't it?

then the india win was even bigger, and the aussie win was grander still. but now we have a drop off in post-victory hype.

this is not a sign that SL are a lesser team than the previously bangla-vanquished. not at all. its just that we are used to winning every other series, or every 6-7 matches, or every 6 months, rather than once in 5 years, 50 matches, or whenever a new US president is re-elected.