View Full Version : My dream batting style of Ashraful, Aftab & Bashar!

February 24, 2006, 04:00 AM
In the last test against SL, Ashraful played a very attacking first innings (40s) but a very very defensive 2nd innings (20s). During the match in commentary box Rameez Raza asked Atahar what is the batting strategy defined for this most talented batsman back in dressing room. Why is this contradiction in his batting style? I admired Rameez's this observation and thought about it, Atahar tackled the question saying we always inspired him to play his natural game.

Now the question what his natural game is. Is Ashraful matured enough to fix it by himself? or he needs suggestions and advices from coach, selectors or other cricket legends?

No matter how immature batting Ashraful bats, I still believe he is the backbone of our batting line. I always dream Ashraful should play like Inzy, play with confidence, go defensive or attacking according to the game's situation. Inzy, who almost successfully chased India's 347 (Pak ended up 342) or who won the Multan test against BD having almost 100 runs partnership with the last batsman, should be the most ideal idol for Ashraful>>>

Sameway I dream Aftab should bat like recent Dhoni or Yuvi as a fine match winner or finisher who can continue to bat rotating SR even under tremendous pressure.

For Bashar, I think he has his own limitations but capable of scoring keeping not much difference between balls and runs in any situation, more likely Mohammad Yousuf.

LOL...am i asking too much, I don't think so...what do u say:)


February 24, 2006, 04:32 AM
i agree with you. except for his 94 against england, all of ashraful's big scores came when he took his time settling in and played a well paced innings. i'd prefer him playing like inzy rather than like jayasuriya or afridi. aftab could take jayasuriya or afridi's role.