View Full Version : ODI report card: sri lanka series

al Furqaan
February 26, 2006, 05:03 PM

Javed Omar: B-

In the 2 matches he played well enough...and his 40 in the 2nd ODI was instrumental is setting up the W for the team. Still scores a bit too slowly, but faster than his usual snail-paced batting.

Shahriar Nafees: D

17 was his highest score, and had a duck to end up averaging just 10 for the series.

Rajin Saleh: D

Did not score much in his 2 chances. Had an average of 6.5

Habibul Bashar: C

Seems like he and Ashraful are developing quite an affinity for each other in the middle order, as they had 2 more 50+ run parternerships. Could have batted faster overall, and scored more than just 2 in the 1st match.

Aftab Ahmed: B

Would have had a B+ through the first 2 matches, but a duck in ODI 3 brought his average down. Still his accelartion was supremely crucial to winning the 2nd ODI, and that combined with his unbeateness allows him to avoid the B-.

Mohammad Ashraful: A-

Is he finally maturing for real this time? We won't know until another 10 matches or so. But so far, so good. Back to back 50s are a rarity for Bangladesh, and he would have had an A if he scored some more runs in the first match. Averaged a team high 39.7 during the series.

Alok Kapali: C+

Kaps scored about as much as you can batting way down the order, but could have scored a little bit quicker. Nothing amazing from him, but at this point fans are happy that at least he didn't throw away the opportunity gifted to him so generously by the selectors.

Rana: B

Only one match, and he scored a fair shair of runs, at a good Strike Rate too. The most under rated player in the side.

Khaled Mashud: C-

A dissappointing series for him with bat (and he dropped a few catches too it seems). I could easily have given him a D+. He should be thankful i curved his grade.


Mashrafee bin Mortaza: B

What can be said about him that hasn't already been said? Bowled brilliantly during the first 23 overs of the series, and his A was ruined by the last 4 overs, tho it wasn't completely his fault. Took 4 wickets during the series @ 33 and had a 4.89 econ. Had he limited his losses in those last 4 overs, he would have had an A. Still a marvelous performance.

Syed Russel: A

Bowled economically and took Wickets as well. 5 wickets @ 21.8 and an econ of only 4.04 deserves nothing less than an A.

Tapash Baisya: F

5 overs, none for 43. You do the math.

Nazmul Hossain: D-

Would have the same grade as Tapash, but took 1 wicket

Rafique: B-

Took some wickets, bowled well but got hit for 60 runs in the last game.

Rana: C-

Bowled crap, but only had 3 overs to bowl the entire series.

Aftab: B-

Did what you can count on him to do...bowl pretty tight and take the odd wicket.

Alok Kapali: B-

Did well enough.

Razzaq: C-

Again he only bowled 3 ineffective overs.