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March 3, 2006, 09:46 AM
FIRST OF ALL, and before you reach for the gun, this is in no way a critique of our present captain. It's hypothetical.:)

Some teams such as England have experimented with a change of captaincy in every series. Although there are many crictics of this idea there might be something in it for Bangladesh. Mainly because we have a dearth of top talent.

If we had a captain like Ranatunga, or someone who is way above others in terms of talent then it would make sense that the most capable and talented player is the natural leader. But in a team like Bangladesh where almost all are more or less of the same caliber then perhaps it may be prudent to look at possibly three names as potential captain. Or maybe trying to rotate captaincy with every series.

This would give Bashar time to concentrate on his batting. And on the other hand if we give the captaincy to Mashud it could help him bolster his sense of responsibility and place in the team. After all Mashud is still quite young and has years of cricket ahead of him. For all the talk of his imminent demise I still think he has a lot to contribute in years ahead.

My concern is that at the moment we have few at the 30+ age range that are ready to step up and take up the mantle of captaincy. This is going to be problematic if something happens to Bashar.

Right now, I can think of Bashar, Mashud, Rafique and Rajin as most likely. Then in a few years we could have Shahriar Nafees, Ashraful, Enamul and Mushfiqur Rahim. Is there others we should groom?

March 3, 2006, 09:57 AM
So it is important to chose the vice captains each series who should be given assignments of going over video sessions and learn how to set attacking or defensive fielding. Also he/they need to learn the bowlers capabilities in the team and try to improvise plans (fielding) that helps the team best.

I guess that's the way to groom new guys for captaincy. Definite quality they must have "hard work ethic".

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March 3, 2006, 10:35 AM
We do not have anyone at this point to replace bashar. Better yet, if we can send bashar to a 'cricket captency 101' course that would be better.

there are many things in captency that is not hard to learn. and he seems to be lacking in those as well.