View Full Version : Ash's double figure on Cricinfo!!

March 3, 2006, 10:07 AM
Looks like Cricinfo is trying to compensate for their lack of recognition of Bangladesh and stipulated enough space for Ashriful in the cyber space.

The reports are written respectively by Rabeed Imam and S. Rajesh on Cricinfo.

While Rabeed Imam’s report is very good read and tells a lot about Ashraful the cricketer and Ashraful the simple 21 year old Bangladeshi kid who has a good heart. Reading the article I just realized that we fans would not react the way we do had we known these players personally and the situation they are in. It is one thing to feel the pressure of making cricket fans proud by justifying your talent but it’s another to know that cricket is your bread and butter and failure is not an option. Considering this factor, one might ask is that why BD players are not succeeding at the highest level? We all know that it takes a sound mind and a lot of concentration to be a sound batsman; do our players really posses those qualities because of the back ground they are from? Are their minds ever sound enough to just concentrate on each and every ball while they are at the crease? These are just some random questions and I am afraid I don’t know the answers.

Rabeed Imam’s Article can make Ash realize the need of his true performance and the weight it carries. I just hope Ash doesn’t succumb to the arrogant zone where one would consider himself invincible. And I think that’s where S. Rajesh’s article comes in very handy. It talks about Ash’s true potential and also analyzes his failures which are more frequent then his success at the highest level.

I pray both these articles work as an anecdotes for Ash before the 2nd test.

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