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March 4, 2006, 12:34 PM
Perspective: Test-1 vs. Sri Lanka
While watching Bangladesh batting in their second inning, something was bothering me a lot. No, it wasn’t they way they were throwing away their wickets... rather it was really something else. It was an irritation caused by the completely opposite emotions for the team we were forced to feel within a space of just 24 hours!

The way they batted in their first innings and fairly restricted the SL squad was brave. At the same time, their second innings batting looked disgraceful... which it has been like this on many many occasions before). While we could accept it as a pretty much typical of the BD squad until very recent times... I must say it was not so easy for me to take on this match.

Why? What’s so special about this Match/Series?
Well, I guess I can safely say that this home series against SL is probably the first ever for Bangladesh where they are being consistently taken as a serious opponent and they have already proven in this series (ODI win and Test batting on Innings-1) that they are worth the respect. For the first ever time, veterans like Wasim Akram could declare with full confidence that Bangladesh is capable of beating any side and also, reports like “they cannot be underestimated anymore” have started to surface in CricInfo and so on. I must say that beating India in ODI, finishing ZIM home series on a high note... even defeating the Aussies could only be taken as signs of ‘Future prospects’ for the team. But, in this SL-home series, I do feel the determination in the team for not letting those ‘prospects’ go down cheap. They have not just learnt to fight back on occasions, rather have learnt to keep on fighting consistently.

So what went wrong in the Second Inning?
It is this additional faith on their will to do better is what forces me to think beyond what we merely see with our eyes as to why they collapsed so miserably again in their 2nd inning... as well as why they have been doing that same thing over and over again for so long time.

It’s probably not just their stupidity... otherwise why would they fail so bad even after being in such better form as a unit? Probably the reason is that the nature of a Test Wicket is so very different in the first and the later part of the game. The pitch-behavior changes so drastically, that the approach towards batting must change with it. While it is fairly easy to build the first inning by stroke-playing and lesser singles/doubles... the scenario is almost completely opposite in the 2nd inning. The mindset has to change with days passing in test matches. Rotation of strike becomes more and more vital. Boundaries become difficult. Spinners start playing dominant role while pacers lose their teeth.

And for this reason I can think about not losing faith on the team. They have shown their good form and their will to continue the form... but they probably have not yet learnt to transform their batting style and mindset with the time-track of Test Matches. This is probably why we are still way better in ODI matches than Tests. We often do quite well on our first innings, as conditions are fairly similar to ODI. But fail to come even closer to it in the later part of the game. Here is a quote from Whatmore’s comments after the 1st Test (Prothom Alo report, March'3) that made me even more sure about this matter:


As the team has started to come out of the losing cycle, they have started to look into these details now which matter a lot. I hope they will come around with this one as well. Best of luck to them!

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