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March 21, 2006, 03:04 AM
I think for the developement of the game it is necessary that each test team plays at least a series of 2 ODIs against one associate member each year and at the same time there A team plays 2 associate members each year in a 3 match One day series and 2match 3day series.

And the associate emmebrs should have their own tour program like the FTP. This is a rule that should be enforced from ICC. although it will not give much for the test sides to gain from in terms of money and exposure however it gives enevitable benefit to the associate members. it means each year you have 20 ODI games to be splited among associate members. That is not much. But however it is much better then what they are getting. If ICC can devise a plan with the existing ones to spread the game with these FTP for associate members of their own, they will have lots more matches to be played with each other and with test teams and their A teams. SO associate members are playing in total of 20 ODIs and 60 limited over matches and 40 firstclass 3 day maches to be shared among teams. initialy if we divide these games to the top 5 teams from associate teams and then run a ranking of their own with higher ranking team getting higher number of games we will surely end up with much more teams than sorrowingly sad 10 team sports. It will give exposure to Kenya, Ireland, Holland, Nepal and Scotland and for surely they will improve. if teams like india and australia and england doesnot want to commit their national side they may chose to send A teams and B team instead of A. Even in that case these countries will be benefited. All it needs it bit commitment. Surely in this way we easily can have at least 2-3 more test playing nation in 5 years including kenya.

Now in case bngladesh, I think we should be able to play bit more cricket. But certainly not as much as indians at this stage. However I will agree with spitfire that 8 test teams in a year is probably a good number. but unfortunately the current BCB officials are not very diplomatic with international contacts which was the case for Saber Hossain Boards. But untill these ppl or the future leaders or ICC becomes more committed whether by their own goodwill or due to pressure from everybody else I am afraid that we have to be contempt with whatever we have

South Asia should have their own first calss tournament outside of their own domestic league. kinda like NHL or NFL or NBA. We can have16-17 teams from 4 countries to take part in Asian Cricket League. That will give more exposure to bangladesh as well as srilanka and at the same time if marketed properly may bring lots more viewers to watch the game. and in that way Boards like BCCI doesnot need to worry too much about money. Just think Habib Bank playing Mumbai or Bengal and Dhaka playing delhi...... a gppd way to improve. We cna have one tem from nepal to join as well. They can pay their national team if they chose to. But certainly that will improve the face of the cricket

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March 22, 2006, 07:46 AM
Good job. hope someone will read it.. and some associate countries and will proceed according to the above plans