View Full Version : Lunch Day 3

April 11, 2006, 12:49 AM
It's lunch of day 3. Seven sessions have been played, and by my count, Bangladesh have won four, lost one, and two we even.

There are eight sessions to go, assuming the game goes it's full length.

It looks like Australia have avoided the follow-on, but Bangladesh still have the runs in the bank, and Australia have to bat last on a turning pitch, against spinners who ripped the guts out of their middle order.

Gilchrist is set, and Lee and then Gillespie have given him good support.

This is Test cricket, and Test cricket has shifts in momentum over minutes, hours and days.

If this was a one-dayer, it's over by now, and the magnificent batting of the first two hours, combined with the maginificent bowling of the first thirty overs against Australia would have had the game won.

But this is Test cricket, and Test cricket goes for five days.

The first day tested the eye and skill of the Bangladeshi batsmen.

The second day tested the guile and discipline of the Bangladeshi bowlers.

This third day will test their spirit and their heart.

Keep disciplined, keep bowling wicket to wicket, keep it in the groove at let the spin and the pitch do it's work.

Then it will come time to face Australia's bowlers again, knowing that more runs are needed.

This is a day to test the spirit, and the heart.

And thats the way it should be, because this is Test Cricket, and Test cricket was never, ever meant to be easy.

Win from here, and the world will know that the Tigers can win when the game is there to be won.

Ian Whitchurch