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April 11, 2006, 05:26 PM
Bashar [ and Dav ] must not make the same mistake as Ponting when he gave us 30 odd runs in the beginning of the 2nd innings regardless.

We must start with 2 slips - and not too deep.

To encourage cross-batting - lethal on this surface - the mid wicket should be dispensed with. But a silly mid-on should be posted in the eye-line. This will also discourage the straight drive which Gilchrist so astutely used today with minimal risk.

Deepish mid-wicket can sweep up giving one or two's at most, if necessary.

A silly mid-off should also be posted in the eye-line.

When the spinners come on the straight boundaries need protecting. The straight drive remains the least risky shot on this surface.

So, we should attack with close in fielders and protect the straight boundaries.

roaring tigerz
April 11, 2006, 07:20 PM
In the recent past teams like New Zealand have put an extra man on the point region and snared up Martyn who loves to play the cut shot in the air.
For our first innings nemesisis Gilchrist, Mashrafee can do ala Flintoff and attack him from around the wicket. Gilchrist is decidedly uncomfortable when pressed for room.
Otherwise leaving long on vacant and alluring the batsmen to hit against the spin would be a good plan.
It would be important to set attacking fields and force the Aussies to take a few risks by minimizing the ones and twos.

April 11, 2006, 07:38 PM
Wickets are neccessary so we definitely need two slips maybe three and a gully.

Hayden is vulnerable early on so a fielder in close on the off-side could be effective as Michael Vaughan found out during the Ashes.

Hussey has a wide range of shots but loves the pull, might be difficult with the inconsistent bounce, leave the midwicket/square leg boundary vacant and hope for a top edge as he did against the West Indies. Left-arm spinners cause him some problem so we have a huge advantage there, spinning the ball into him a short leg is absolutely neccessary to Rafique and Enamul.

Ponting gets his head outside the line of the ball early in his innings. Like how Tapash got him in that famous game at Cardiff, bowling on middle and leg with a catching man in the midwicket region. You are likely to go for runs but his wicket is vital.

Martyn, loves the backfoot push through the covers, extra slips needed and if our seamers can keep plugging away an edge should come. Good player of spin. Second gully couldn't hurt

Clarke, another good player of spin. Quicks should have two gully's in place. Might be a bit nervous playing Enamul after the first innings. Likes to come down the track. Throws his wicket away on the odd occasion but very capable of coming up with a match-winning knock.

Gilchrist, well we've seen what he can do. Flintoff and Pollock both had great results bowling short of a length and around the wicket cramping him for room and he edged to slip. Bit dangerous to try that on this wicket with the inconsistent bounce. Neither bowlers are fast enough to hurry his shots so could well be dispatched over mid-wicket.

Warne, gutsy batsman with some shots. Horribly out of form and no match for the spinners, should be easy meat. Men all around the bat

Lee, improved out of sight in the last year by hitting the ball cleanly when needed but also hanging around as he did in the VB Series game in Brisbane and again yesterday. He will defend the spinners so need men all around the bat. Width outside off-stump though and you're going to conceed boundaries

Gillespie, the walking forward defense. I will never forget his innings with Martyn to resurrect a test in India. Will look to support the batsman at the other end and won't be bothered by scoring rates. Target the batsman he is supporting and keep on those stumps for an LBW.

Clark & MacGill will look to play shots but more often than not it won't work. Both have experience getting New South Wales home in close run chases. Mashrafe and Rafique should be good enough. Third man is neccessary for MacGill and he often loses his wicket pulling. Some short balls might be in order.

April 12, 2006, 07:21 AM
Well Hussey got out to a left-arm spinner and Clarke threw his wicket away. What were Bashar's fields like?

April 12, 2006, 07:27 AM
i'd go all-out-attack, seeing that either we bowl them out or we lose the match. remember that no matter how well ponting has set himself in, he will have to start all over again tomorrow. the sooner we take the attack to him and gilchrist, the greater chance we will have of getting them early. besides, the spinners will extract quite a bit of turn from the pitch tomorrow, which too warrants an attacking field.

oh and btw, i'd start off with the spinners.

April 12, 2006, 08:37 AM
only 1 thing!.. datz ATTACK...
whthr.. its RAFIQ/MURTOZA/ENAMUL or evan.. PILOT in bowling.. we hav 2 bowled AUS out.. in 90 runs!

April 12, 2006, 12:58 PM
Maybe it is not fair to criticise anyone for this test match - whatever the outcome - I feel we did not pay heed to the fieldsmen Ponting himself placed just either side of the pitch almost in line with the non-striker. This and bowling straight cut out easy singles for our batsmen.

Ponting and Hayden learnt from Gilchrist's innings that any ball pitched on the stumps should only be played straight on this wicket due to the variable bounce. We did not plug that gap - so that they would have to look elsewhere and play across the line for singles. I believe Aftab's downfall yesterday was brought about by this - he had simply become too frustrated - and realised that he had to release himself from the shackles which Warne and MacGill had created. I hope not - but probably we might look back and realise that that is when we lost the match. As a score of 200 from then on became increasingly less likely.

The same ploy was effectively used by England [ Fletcher ] against Australia last year. It also affects the batsman as these two fielders are always in the "eyeline".