View Full Version : Let's leave them to play their natural game

April 11, 2006, 06:48 PM
I was watching the BD second innings yesterday and was disappointed how some of our players change their natural batting style. I believe either the coaching and management staff put them too much pressure or constant criticism form the fans and the media make them to change the style.

Firstly, Javed Omar - He definitely is THE WALL in our batting line. But recently he had to face too much criticism (specially in the ODI's) for his style/low strike-rates. The way he got out in both innings might prove that he is trying to shackle free.

Secondly, Aftab Ahmed - completely opposite to JO. Naturally stroke maker, was out of the test team only for loosing temperaments in the longer versions. In this test match, I've a gut feeling that the management instructed him only to play defensively and play "sweep shots" randomly against the spinners - which causes his wicket. Everybody who watch the game yesterday definitely noticed the nervousness of Aftab while playing the two leggys. Probably he was again confused about his inclusion in the 2nd Test

Finally - Young Ashraful, he is our most talented player - no doubt. Though in both innings he was unfortunate but still I feel he is trying to change his style. It is a very good idea to watch the ball closely and play as late as possible but playing it too late is the also not a good idea

So, I wonder why management might give players pressure to change their style as we have a very good combination of batsman with Defense (JO, Rajin and Pilot) and Offence (SN, Ash, Bashar and Aftab). Hopefully great coach like Whatmore can notice this and correct it as soon as possible

April 11, 2006, 07:00 PM
maybe |I am in the wrong here but- I really don't see the brownie points in letting Aftab in the test team before the other stragglers. |Would it really make a difference whether it was Tushar , Kapali or Aftab at
this point in their careers?

April 11, 2006, 07:20 PM
Aftab was out in the first inning from whacking the ball to mid-on. Face it, he's not a good test batsman (by our standards).. let's not drag AshraFOOL or anyone else to stray away from Aftab's reality.. he struggled, played too many tentative shots and got lucky on more than once ocassion.

Don't forget that Ash played aggressively in 1st inning and still he got out, which repeated in the 2nd inning but trying to play more defensively this time.

It's great if they can play their natural game, Shahriar showed it can be done.. but it's also important that you can play to the situation and demand.. and we know that it clearly didn't happen with the duo we have so much faith on.