View Full Version : Bangladesh will be lost !the 2nd text no matter what.

April 15, 2006, 01:58 AM
They Bd played 2nd inings against AUS. I think BD will lose the 2nd test. Please be honest and put your post. Thanks

April 15, 2006, 02:28 AM
First explain why you think we'll lose.. with correct grammer & spelling of course.

April 15, 2006, 02:34 AM
perfect opportunity to use that "thread rating" feature...*rubs palms together with evil grin on face*

April 15, 2006, 03:08 AM
What does a thread saying that we will lose to Australia in a test match hope to elicit ? That we will beat them ?

These threads are meaningless ! We all know that barring divine intervention through the weather, there can be only one result when Bangladesh is playing Australia now-a-days. But hundreds [ thousands ? ] log in to bangla.com because we like to dream. Our dream became almost a reality last week. Actually, I would celebrate a draw !

But on any measurement, objective or subjective, the improvement of the team is clearly evident. Right now, the team is better than Zimbabwe and probably even could beat the West Indies.

If only they believed in themselves when it matters !