View Full Version : 2nd Test: Bangladesh & Australia have switched their places already..

April 16, 2006, 09:35 AM
Yes, at the end of the 1st day’s play of the 2nd Test, it can be said comfortably that both the teams are in quite a reverse position in comparison to the first test match. But that is not just in terms of results or domination in match... it’s actually far deeper than that.

Even the mindset of these two teams at the beginning of the 2nd test was reversed compared to the Test-1 resulting in opposite conditions.

Before the first Test match, Aussies were practically flying high with the plan in their minds for total dominance and they went out in the field hoping to crush BD to the sand. On the other hand, BD knew it could be a very tough match for them and went out there with all the cautiousness possible. Australia was brought back to earth soon with BD completely dominating the first two days and the Aussies had to sweat till the last hour of the match.

Now just take a look at the second match. Situations reversed so fast and this time Aussies were prepared on the back of their minds that it might not be just a cakewalk for them anymore... but BD, on the other hand, had already been utterly pleased by their first match performance and this time they thought they could ‘Crush’ the mighty Aussies with their new-found confidence alone. After the first two days of play in first match, Aussies were totally frustrated because they failed to dominate BD as planned. And today, the BD bowlers (specially Mash & Rajib) looked frustrated because the BD batsmen failed to make any impression as they were expecting.

Result? Well, what else can complacency produce other than ugly downfalls? You can say it fairly enough, that the Aussies will completely dominate the match for atleast the first two days and maybe even the third day.

But just because the starting of the two matches are reverse in appearance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ultimate result will be reversed as well. Aussies are the top guns and by the fourth day of the match, they could get back in the game fairly enough and ultimately could take away the match.

The fact is that the Tigers neither have the experience nor the temperament to crawl back in the game and take control as the kangaroos did in the first test match. Where the Australians only became more stubborn on the 3rd and 4th day of fist match BD might just crumble under pressure.

Unfortunately enough, we might just end up struggling for another face-saving ‘respectable defeat’ this time around.

April 16, 2006, 09:52 AM
Nice observation and post.
I totally agree, before the start of the second test I predicted this upcoming change of positions of the two teams. Naturally, Aussies are one of the most professional team who takes less time to adjust, then gains confidence and also utilize the situation to take the match away from the opponent. It happend today the same way, Bd's vulnerable top order crushed and gave away their wickets and was able to stay their only 62 overs. This match is already a decider on favor of aussies. As Aussies won't make the same mistakes we did.
Whose fault is it, we can blame batsmen, but i will blame the whole team. But excuse is acceptable as we are facing the world champions of test cricket. But is it a crime to have litle bit of more expectations from our top orders to play sensible test cricket and stay at the crease. And where did that agression go for Mash,Rajib? Are they already gave up their hope. All we want is a fight, atleast for upcoming second and third day. Then we will know where the game will go.But as of first day the day is for the aussies :(

DJ Sahastra
April 16, 2006, 10:25 AM
but BD, on the other hand, had already been utterly pleased by their first match performance and this time they thought they could ‘Crush’ the mighty Aussies with their new-found confidence alone.

Sorry, but i doubt if that is true.

Confident yes. But don't think BD players were thinking that they are going to "crush" Australia. Most BD players are down to earth and realistic and would've anticipated a strong comeback by the Aussies in the second Test.