View Full Version : U-19 Coach Ali de Winter's evaluation on BD's cricket prospect

April 16, 2006, 10:33 AM
For De Winter, who has been in Bangladesh for 10 months, it is about potential. "When I got here, I was surprised by the players," he said. "The players at the same age, the boys, here are more talented than Australian boys but they just don't have the systems in place to develop those skills. The talent pool here is quite large with the population and while their strength and fitness is not like boys in Australia, they can bowl, bat and field better."

De Winter arrived in Dhaka on the day of Bangladesh's victory over Australia in Cardiff to a country delirious with nationalistic fervour.

"Everyone was out on the streets, talking about the cricket," he said.

"People seemed to be putting aside their differences, religious and political, to celebrate. Everyone can talk about cricket here, from the youngest child to the oldest man.

"People are always playing it on the streets, and in the electrical stores, on match days, people are crowded in to watch the cricket. There are now 22,000 primary schools and 12,000 secondary schools involved in schools cricket and that's only the beginning.

"There has been no census done on how many people play cricket here, but it's a bloody lot."

Link: http://www.theage.com.au/news/cricket/australian-coaches-see-bright-future-in-bangladesh/2006/04/15/1144521546554.html