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April 16, 2006, 06:22 PM
<!--StartFragment --> After watching the Aussies perform in their glorious best on the green yesterday, I am just appaled by our sheer lack of cricket knowledge. The Aussies are by far the most informed in cricketing rules, regulations, behavior and temperaments in the field. I watched in admiration and awe at their judicious application of the rules, regulations, laws and bylaws in the field. At times, when no one else seems to know what to do, the Aussies came through, again and again, in sheding a light on the subject. They showed us how to play.

So, without further delay, here are my questions. I hope the ignorant cricket world is listening. To Mr. Ricky Thomas Ponting:

Regarding the treatment of umpires during a test match

1. Can you hit the umpire with the bat also, as well as with the ball?

2. Is there enough flexibility given in the present ICC Ruling on your rights of hitting an umpire during a test match,for the purpose of getting necessary intimidations into him/her?

3. What do you plan to do to make the ICC understand the value of this essential tool in a match?

4. How many times can you hit the umpire in an innings?

5. How many times can you hit the umpire in an over?

6. Can you also hit the leg umpire with the ball, or bat?

7. What can you use to hit the umpire with if you do not have a ball or bat in your possession?

Regarding the decision made by the umpire in the field

1. How many "Out" decision by the umpire can the bowling side (i.e. captain of the side") force to change in an innings?

2. Aside from intimidating an incompetant umpire in the field, can you also threaten him/her with physical punishment, to get these guys to have a decision go correctly in your favor?

3. Can you point to them why thier incompetent decision is being negated, while you do it?

4. Can you also point to them why your call is far supirior and must be forced on the opponent, in the field?

Regarding the inconvenience the umpires cause in the field

The venerable Aussie fast bowlers, for example, Brett Lee, has always been subject to the torment by the umpire while in bowling action. We, the spectators, were amazed at the candor with which, Mr. Lee finally pointed out, in yesterday's game that the umpire, Aleem Daar, was actually blocking Mr. Brett Lee's run up. We hail you and your pioneering teammates for finally breaking the shackl and making the playing field even between a fast bowler and an umpire.

1. Now, to the very important question, how far beyond the 30 yard circle, do you think this umpire should stand, so, Mr. Lee can exact his bowling rights on the helmet of the opponents?

2. Why have the umpire at the bowler's end, at all? specially if highly reputable team such as Australia is taking the field, what is the reason for having him there?

3. As we all know, Mr. Brett Lee and many more Australian pace bowlers, with their immense experience, do not deliver wides or noballs. Why then, does the Aussie team not protest against the umpire in the field, posted like an obstacle in the run-up of the bowlers? How long before the ICC will do something about this problem?

Regarding good code of conduct in the field

Yesterday, in that cricket ground in Chittagong, you and your brave teammates, have re-written cricket history, by pointing out so many fallacies of the rules and regulations of cricket. The world of cricket is ever greatful to these bold steps taken by your organization of civil, even-tempered individuals. In just one match, you have set the standard so high, it would be impossible for any other team in the world to live up to it. The spirit of sportsmanship is held high by your noble organization by yesterday's examples. We sincerely hope that, like the other cricket training facilities, the pace academies of Australia, you also create a training center on the finer details of the game. Along with bowling, batting and fielding, you should teach the young trainees the essential art of keeping a decision in your favor, the methods of keeping the officiating personnels in-line, the legal methods of physical neutralization of the threats posed by an umpire etc.

So, for the sake of the sanity of this great sports of cricket, how soon can we expect Australia to open such an academy?

Thank you Mr. Ponting.

April 16, 2006, 06:30 PM
just watched the skysports news and they covered the scores but surprised to see they haven't mentioned anything about these incidents.
btw, good stuffs billah bhai. i am going to award you 2 points for this.

BD Tigers
April 16, 2006, 07:12 PM
very good qs Billah bhai. I was astonished to see the way Bret Lee was arguing w/ Aleem Dar. Good to see that Dar didnt budge. Then Ponting asking for decision review..and actually getting the call was UNBELIEVABLE. How much longer ICC will let them do this?

April 16, 2006, 07:17 PM
How much longer ICC will let them do this?
As long as they are #1 and we are # 10.

April 16, 2006, 07:23 PM
I think nothing going to happen. Punishment happens only to Aisian players. Jones got away with no punishment and pilot was fined and rashed latif was banned....

Probably they will come with some reason and nothing going to happen....

And they say we have no right to play test its these people who has no right to play test...

April 16, 2006, 11:52 PM
As far as BD media is concerned. Here's something that was brought to my attention.

We were discussing that BC was mentioned in Amar Desh:
Thanks to Billah. He u2u'd me the link.

Ahmed_B made this observation:
Very interesting.
This report should have a separate thread of itself in the open forum. Tehsin bhai.. etake open forum e post kore den please.
Members deserve these compliments really..

BTW... for quite some time now, it appears to me that most of the BD newspapers now visit BC forum regularly and sometimes even find materials and ideas for articles in their dailies from this forum. Sometimes I have found exact same topics and materials from some BC threads published as articles in the newspapers within few days of a thread on same topic has been discussed in BC forum. While most of the newspapers mention their source as 'The Internet'.. this reporter in Amardesh was generous enough to mention the BC thread directly and even praise it's contents. All the credit goes to the members.

As an example.... compare:
With this Prothom-alo front page article published today:

The newspaper article even mentioned the exact two quotes that was in the BC thread.. and the tone of discussions almost match literally... Just a co-incidence?

Some of the 'sports reporters' obviously visit the site and (ahem) get their 'inspiration' from the fans comments. Hopefully they will pick up Billah's question and ask the Aussies to explain Ponting and Co's behavior in the next press conference.

By the way, Kudos to the AmarDesh sports reporter for showing some journalistic integrity.

April 17, 2006, 12:50 AM
I can not watch yesterday's match for a single second. from the post I understand that those things happend. So three cheers to Billah Bhai.

April 17, 2006, 01:00 AM
Very valid questions Billah!! I am afraid that none of them will be asked and even asked ICC will ignore everything as these were made by the aussies and ausie captain. If it was done by any Minnows ICC would act promptly & might even ban that minnow to prove the sanity of test cricket.

April 17, 2006, 01:00 AM
I think nothing going to happen. Punishment happens only to Aisian players. Jones got away with no punishment and pilot was fined and rashed latif was banned....

Probably they will come with some reason and nothing going to happen....

And they say we have no right to play test its these people who has no right to play test...

It was very harsh on pilot, but rashid latif deserved his punishment...

April 17, 2006, 01:07 AM
I can not watch yesterday's match for a single second. from the post I understand that those things happend. So three cheers to Billah Bhai.

thebest, fyi, yesterday:

Brett Lee ordered Aleem Dar to stand 10-15 feet behind his mark so he could bowl. Aleem missed no balls by Lee, since he could not see Lees feet crossing the line, again and again. Lee threatened Aleem with physically provoking gesture. Incredible scene.

Ponting and Lee ganged up on Aleem and company, trying to force them to stand back 15 extra feet, while they do their chucking..

Lee hit Saleh on the helmet 4 times in one over. Later, another hit damaged Rajin's helmet. Rajin is the sportsman of the year, for me.

Ponting overrode the umpire's decision, and forced Aftab out, although, Aftab was NOT out. Aleem and co stood powerless, at awe of the Aussie assault on the officials. This, after repeated video reviwes by the third umpire established that Aftab was indeed, NOT OUT. A historical event, unprecedented, probably in any form of sports.

A few false appeals for lbw by Mcgill were turned down by Aleem who, in the middle of the match, was trying to grow a spine in his limp back. Next, they hit him from behind with a ball. The ball nailed Aleem hard, in the middle of his back, on the left side. It left him with considerable amount of pain. I think the intentional, purposefully hostile blow was delivered by none other than Brett Lee.

April 17, 2006, 01:14 AM
Thanks. Now waiting for the action of spineless ICC. They probably do nothing. As I remember there was no punishment for slatter in the famous Cennai test when he almost physically abuse Dravid. They are aussie and a match referee is a Kiwi - thier cousin.

April 17, 2006, 01:17 AM
Wow I didn't know about Lee hitting the umpire! Honestly, did it look intentional? I saw how aggressively Lee was behaving when umpire said he couldn't stand any further back so I'm not surprised if he did that on purpose... I think both Ponting & Lee should be fined for disrespecting the umpire.. so unprofessional.

I wish both culprits would get struck by the lightening!

April 17, 2006, 01:24 AM
I didnt know it was so intentional. This is shocking. I saw Brett Lee throw the ball at Aleem Dhar's back and then just wave his hand in what seemed to be a gesture of "apology". But Aus' conduct against Umpires is a whole new low. If they want to be brutes they ought to limit it to their opposition. Going against match officials in such a condescending and brutish way needs to be addressed and dealt with forcefully!

April 17, 2006, 01:34 AM
Can anyone give me the link of the report saying Ponting is reported?? I am not finding any such report in cricinfo.

April 17, 2006, 01:40 AM
Wow I didn't know about Lee hitting the umpire! Honestly, did it look intentional?

it's on the CI verdict, and on the thread "Bechara Aleem Dar, and a growing respect for Rajin".

April 17, 2006, 01:43 AM
The commentators discussed Aftabs dismissal two separate times, and Harsha mentioned both times that the Match Referee has reported Ponting to the ICC and that Ponting will be under watch for a year

April 17, 2006, 01:48 AM



April 17, 2006, 02:21 AM
Quote from CI
"It was a communication problem really," said Crowe. "In fairness, what we had to say that with the referral upstairs, it should have been highlighted what they really wanted. Number three umpire ...... is not the most fluent in English, although he is a very good man and does communicate well, he wasn't sure really about what they wanted at that point.
"That's why after what was done, when the decision was first given, the umpire down below weren't sure he got the right information, or understood what was required. Once they found that information out, that the ball had hit the boot, that's all they needed to confirm what they thought. That's why it was reversed."

Even if Ponting had indeed asked for a referral, he was probably within the rules to do so. Law 27.5 states that:When a batsman has been given Not out, either umpire may, within his jurisdiction, answer a further appeal ... Considering the shades of grey involved in the whole matter, it will be interesting to see what decision is finally made.

So, every one done their job RIGHT but poor Mahbub! ( fell short in term of english ), although he is a very good man!. That will be the ONLY and FINAL outcome I am sure.

April 17, 2006, 02:33 AM
True, but isn't it a violation of that law if umpire was 'forced' into making a further appeal by a 'player', in that case Ricky Ponting? To me the umpire didn't seem to willingly refer back to the 3rd umpire. So if there was no problem why would there be a disciplinary hearing?

April 17, 2006, 04:00 AM
Aussies looked frustated. they thought they are going to pick up wickets and scroring boundaries in every ball. since bangladesh put them in to a embarrasing position in first test they became desparate.