View Full Version : Ashraful should be dropped and Tushar Imran should come in !

April 16, 2006, 10:40 PM
Ashraful has so much talent, no doubt. But look at his performance.

Just 50 runs more from Bangladesh in the first test could have made things very much different. And in this regard, look at Ashraful's contribution. And if it were a rare failure from him, he could have been excused. But his failure in this match and now in the first ininngs of the second test too is quite the norm for him. One good knock and a string of low scores !

On the other hand, Tushar Imran is quite a good batsman. He definitely has to be in the team.

I think Aftab Ahmed is another player like Ashraful. I don't think he could justify his place either. He too will have to be replaced. Nafees Iqbal is a low profile player who is quite capable. He will be a better inclusion in place of Aftab.