View Full Version : The utter lack of leadership in BD cricket

April 17, 2006, 08:44 AM
Should we now talk about the 1st inning batting collapse! We are behaving like the proverbial drowning man trying to hold on to anything that seems floating. For example, take case of the over-hyped talents of the likes of Ashraful and Aftab. We (coaches and selectors) should examine what they don't have: the utter lack of temperament for playing test cricket. Test cricket is not about hitting anything that leaves the bowler hand. This simple fact should have been drilled into their head the moment they were selected for the test team. It does not require years of maturity to appreciate this obvious fact. Why then they are not learning? There are just two simple reasons

1) Selectors keep on selecting them irrespective of the performances.
2) The captain himself demonstrates the art of slog shot irrespective of the gravity of the situation. When one comes on # 3 and immediately starts slogging the youngsters see nothing wrong in following the leader.

What we need is accountability. It starts with the selectors and follows down to coach and the captain. This utter lack of leadership has to end!

April 17, 2006, 09:04 AM
i wouldn't really blame the selectors here. i keep on saying this repeatedly and will say this again - ashraful scored a test century just two matches ago. now how can you actually expect the selectors to drop him based on his performance in just one or two matches after that century?

that is probably why he was selected for the eleven for these two tests against australia; however, he's shown how immature he is, and i am sure he will be asked to sit out if he fails in the second innning.

what i'm trying to say is let's not blame the selectors straightaway without observing what they do at the end of this series.

as for aftab - they just brought him back to test cricket after a long time. they needed to give him the time to settle down.

we have a good pool of reserves and i am sure someone who doesn't perform in the long run will be swapped. let's just wait and see.

April 17, 2006, 09:05 AM
LateCut speaks the truth. I would rate the #2 as of a serious problem than the #1 though. if you would have been a selector you wouldn't afford to drop Ash for the test series against australia pure and simple. Too much outside pressure.

April 17, 2006, 09:17 AM
Its just frustating to see ash finding new ways to get out everytime.... no coach can help him if he doens't help himself... in the first innings when he got out, I started laughing because i just couldn't believe my eyes...

April 17, 2006, 10:43 AM
Mark my words. A's will fail again and they will not be dropped in 1-dayers. There is no thoughtfullness at the top (selector), no motivator on the field (captain) and no disciplinarian at the locker room (coach).