View Full Version : Pitch and Curator

April 19, 2006, 07:05 PM
Do you think we should have a good combination of batting and bowling pitch for domestic cricket? Also should the quality of those pitches be very close to the international quality? For most of you will surely say yes to latter question.

What I believe is that it will be good for our cricket to have good mix up of bowling and batting pitches as both side will have equal chance to prove their capabilites as well as both can be tested on rival conditions. Moreover it will encourage both the young bowlers and batsmen since they will see the success from bowlers and batsmen. Slow and low bounce wicket will discourage bowlers as well as bounce or turning wickets will discourage batsmen. Also this is a key factor why we do not have all rounders.

Lets look at curator. If I can recall properly, in the first test our curators could not tell what would be the nature of pitch on 5th day. They anticipated it would turn a lot. But from the evening of 4th day it suggested that it wont make the bowl to move as expected. It was completely unreadable by them. I think that our curators must need more expertise to build more quality wickets. Our success vastly depends on their expertise.